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Master Yi Build Guide by derykasd

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League of Legends Build Guide Author derykasd

Master Yi Mini-Guide for Jungle

derykasd Last updated on April 7, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello Guys i'm coming here with a Master Yi guide,after my piece'o **** Ashe guide i decided to make something that i think it's...good?
So stop with that i will try to make a good guide that time.

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Master Yi is a Carry,Melee and Recommended champion.He has a great attack damage and a normal defense(82 armor and 52 magis resist).
He can be used as a AD,AP or Jungle.

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I focus in Alpha Strike and Wuju Style for kill the jungle monsters more speedly and also the minions and champions.

Double Strike is Master Yi passive,he strike two times every 7th attack.

Alpha Strike is Master Yi Q skill,he blinks to a target enemy, dealing magic damage to it and up to three other enemies within a small range of the target, with a 50% chance to deal additional damage to minions and monsters. Master Yi is untargetable for Alpha Strike's duration, appearing at the initial target's location after the effect ends. If the initial target dies before Alpha Strike ends, Master Yi reappears at his original location instead.

Meditate is Master Yi W skill,he channels for 5 seconds, gaining increased armor, health regeneration, and magic resistance while channeling. Master Yi also heals at the beginning and end (if it lasts for the full 5 seconds) of the channel.

Wuju Style is Master Yi E skill,at passive he has increased attack damage while Wuju Style is off cooldown.If you active it for 10 seconds, Master Yi has increased attack damage equal to double the passive bonus

Highlander is Master Yi Ultimate.for several seconds, Master Yi gains 40% increased movement speed, increased attack speed, and immunity to movement speed slows (but remains vulnerable to other forms of crowd control). Killing a champion during Highlander will restore all of Master Yi's cooldowns, and each assist during Highlander will restore half of his base cooldowns.

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My masteries are 4/5/21,puting damage,some defense and utility,

Grants me 2% more attack speed.

Grants me more damage againts jungle and minions.

When i use the Smite i will get +10 gold.

Gives to me +108 life at champion lvl 18.

Gives to me some more movement speed when not fighting.

Makes me cast Recall more speedly

Grants to me more Colddown Reduction in Sumoner's Spells.

Grants to my more vision range fore a few seconds.

Grant's to me more Lifesteal and more Magic Vampirisim.

Make the monster buffs of the jungle have 20% more duration.

Make you have more experience during the game.

Grants more Colddown Reduction.

Give 5 gold every basic attack against a enemye champion

Grants 3% more movement speed.

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Pros / Cons

At mid game-late game has great mobility and a lot of attack
Has great Lifesteal to full your life from jungle monsters or minions
Statikk Shivmake you completely destroy minions and jungle monsters and can also be used against champions.
Great attack speed and a lot of Critical Chance.
If you kill someone with Highlander all your coolddown get's down to 0.
At first levels jungle i'snt very good and walk slow.
Pretty squishy.
If the enemye has a jungle you need to be careful.
If the enemye team is with angry of you they're will try to kill you at the jungle,so you need to use your Wriggle's Lantern unique active with some strategy like the brush around the jungle monsters.

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Summoner Spells

Smite is extremely important in jungle,you deal 490~1000 damage on minions or jungle monsters,and if you are with the you gain +10 gold when activated.

Deal 70~410 true damage for 5 seconds against the enemye champion.

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Here is the jungle map.
Begin killing the Big Golem,try to evitate the use of Smite in that monster.
After that go for Wraiths,then for Wolves,remake this route 2 times to get level 6,or help top/mid.
When get level 6 kill the Ancient Golem,remake te route of Big Golem,Wraiths,Wolves.
and gank or help top.
When changing of the lane if you pass trought a Jungle Monster if the lanes don't need your help at the moment kill it,you will have more gold or buff and will regenerate your life.
Jungle can also be a extremely powerful killer,but if you will gank your team need's to know whem go or when stay at the same place.
At level 11+ you can go for the Dragon solo or with another playerdepending of the situation,if you are dying use Recall and get the Anciemt Golem and Elder Lizard buffs,but there are some players that will try to kill you to get the buffs.
When you get level 18 call your team to make Baron Nashor if you need it,if the enemye team has already taked it or you don't need you can play defensive or agressevy depending of the game situation.
When you get a high level you will need to stay more in the lanes then in Jungle.