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Master Yi Build Guide by HDawgBeest

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HDawgBeest

Master Yi: Speed is Key

HDawgBeest Last updated on September 27, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Master Yi with this build

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Garen Any champion that is melee will get eaten by you.
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In this guide (my first by the way), I'm going to walk you through my style of playing Master Yi. Warning! You will die, that's how Master Yi plays. So if you're going for a perfect 0 death game, you shouldn't use this guide or be playing Yi anyways. That being said, this guide will decimate every player on the map and get you more kills than any other guide if used right. So now that you know the consequences and the rewards of this guide you haven't even seen yet, enjoy! :D

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Pros / Cons

-You will kill anyone
-Run faster than anyone on the map
-Kill minion waves with ease
-Life steal back to full hp

-You will die
-Takes tons of damage

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Q&A (Will update if I get questions in comments)

Why should I get boots of swiftness?
This item is a great way to get close enough to enemies to auto or Q them, since it has high movement speed but does not fade when in battle. I personally enchant Swiftness Boots with furor so I can stay in range no matter what after I get off that first hit.

Why does attack speed have priority over attack damage?
Master Yi's Q, which is his main damaging ability, has its cooldown reduced by 1 second per autoattack landed. With attack speed as high as it with these items, you should be able to get a Q off every 2-4 seconds.

What happens if I'm up against a ranged?
Poke them early game and focus on CSing until you feel confident you can take them with a Q E (maybe even R) combo.

I'm not getting fed, what should I do?
Start roaming and gank other lanes. You should be able to rack up both assists and kills doing this.

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This ability, this beautiful ability, is Yi's offense, invisibility, gap closer, and wave clearer. It has so many applications I can't list them all. Here are some of the best uses of Master Yi's Q, Alpha Strike:

Clear minion waves- Alpha Strike hits up to 4 minions at a time, and with one use, your melee minions are already at their casters.

Gap Closer- That champion is just out of reach of your autattacks, what do you do? You Alpha Strike! Instantly you take a nice chunk of health from the enemy and are right on their tail.

Protection- You see that global ultimate coming and you can't escape. When it's right there, Q an enemy or minion to make yourself untargetable while it flies right past you.

Ahh... Meditate. You have two uses that save Yi's life constantly.
The first one is a fairly simple idea. Healing when low on health. Genius!
The second use is one that's going to take some practicing before you know when to use.
Along with healing, when you are Meditating you receive 50-70% damage reduction. When you get a feel for your opponent and know when a painful combo is coming, Meditate through it and you'll take about half of what you would've without and leaving them with all their abilities on cooldown.

When chasing an enemy and need a bit more damage per hit, Wuju Style is there for you. Aside from passively increasing damage, you can activate for a ton more damage per hit for a short while. This is great for a burst combo.

Highlander is the reason that Master Yi can 1v5 and come out on top. You get a kill, every cooldown is now 70% reduced. Activate this ability when you want to chase an enemy, escape a nasty situation, or just get that extra attack speed so you can demolish Baron or a group of champions. Always use this when expecting something big to happen, as the cooldown is quite long.

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Stay bottom lane until 6, getting all the minions and maybe a couple kills. If you are getting wrecked bottom and need to catch up, roam and look for an easy kill. Make sure the champion in that lane knows you're targeting the enemy so there are no miscommunications. What is important is to be on par or above you're opponent in gold so you can snowball and roll farther and farther ahead.

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This guide will help teach you how to be a true Assassin Master Yi and utterly defeat the other team. I hope you guys enjoyed my first ever guide and I would love to hear your guys' feedback! :D