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Master Yi Build Guide by Barman5000

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Barman5000

Master Yi- Wuju play Hybrid??

Barman5000 Last updated on September 16, 2011
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Hello Mobafire this guide has been long overdue. After my moderate success of my Nasus guide I really felt compelled to give you guys another guide to try. It's weird but not as weird as my other builds.

The reason I make guides is because I enjoy connecting with the community and I like giving back to them. Mobafire has always been kind to me; yes their are trolls and overall greifers but its not something to keep me away from Mobafire.

I give you Hybrid Master Yi!!!!

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Update Log

-Fixed some spelling errors
-Re did the Masteries and Intro page
-Added some new items in the items section
-Updated the description for Rabadon's and Black Cleaver.
-Updated The Rune section and added the pictures for them
-Completely re did the Ranked section
-Updated the Summoner Spells section adding Teleport,Smite and Fortify.
-Fixed various grammar errors
-Fixed up the items section

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Master Yi's SKILLZ

- Master Yi strikes twice every 7th attack.
Pretty straight forward and you should not over look it...seriously
-Master Yi leaps across the battlefield striking up to 4 enemies, dealing magic damage to each enemy with a chance to deal 400 bonus magic damage to minions.
This is your best skill as it provides you your burst damage and your nuke. BUT dont spam it because the mana cost is hefty.
- Master Yi channels, restoring health over 5 seconds. While channeling, Master Yi gains armor and magic resistance.
Pretty awesome it gives you some staying power in your lane what more can you ask
-(Passive): Increases attack damage.
(Active): Master Yi can activate this ability to double its effectiveness for 10 seconds, but this removes the passive bonus until Wuju Style becomes available again.
Its pretty awesome it makes Hybrid yi that much better it gives you some nice attack damage and using its active comes in handy
-Increases Master Yi's movement speed by 40% and attack speed for a few seconds, as well as making him immune to any slow effects. Additionally, killing a champion during the duration will refresh all of Master Yi's ability cooldowns, while assists will refresh them by half.
Its a great steroid for master yi use it to drop towers, escape or chase. It's just that good

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For Masteries I go full in offence skipping everything that gives you crit chance; and 9 in utility for that little extra mana regain and experiance.

I chose this path because I think the crit chance is a waste. As a hybrid Yi player you dont need to crit to do loads of damage your not or . You have which has a great AP ratio and gives you BURST

The other WAY!!

The other way you can set up your masteries is going 9 in offence and 21 in Utility(9/0/21). This provides alot of utility that comes in handy like movement speed and longer Buff duration; feel free to switch between them both depending on your team comp.

What not to do( well you could but I'm not a fan of it)

Don't go 9/21/0 or even 21/9/0 I don't really like these I just think Utility is the better area to invest in. The defensive tree is for Tank Yi(shoot me a line if you want a guide) not for Hybrid to me it just doesn't work.

Feel free to try what you like and make sure to post it in the comment section.

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So about Runes for Hybrid Yi I generally like using:
- For the added burst on
Greater Seal of Replenishment - For the mana regain because Yi has a horrible Mana pool and the extra regain really helps.
- I use these for obvious reasons Master Yi can never get enough Attack speed. In my opinion the more the better :D
Greater Quintessence of Desolation - I use these because you need some Armor pen for your basic attacks also helps alot early game in terms of damage and farming.

Other then that I would say use what you want; what ever fits your play style because there's tons of ways of playing a champ so experiment

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells the things that really make champions well.....champions.. What should you get? There's a lot to choose from but in my opinion only a few are viable on Master Yi

- This is what I use since you wont be getting frozen mallet the CC is needed. Also it shuts downs DPS's so all in all a great spell.
- This in conjunction with your ult= " YOU WILL NEVER CATCH/ESCAPE ME MUAHHAHHAHAH" No seriously the synergy is just too good to pass up.

Other Notables
- This is a great option instead of but I only use this instead of in ranked matches.
- This is a great skill but I just like better
- This is a viable skill and use it if you think you need it but in all honesty just buy and your set.
- I've seen some pretty awesome things happen when a skilled Yi uses it. Take it if you think your skilled enough.
- Jungle Master Yi works great I haven't had enough to really try it myself but I know its viable. I don't know how viable a Hybrid version of it is though. I would try it myself but I suck at jungling. SO if you want try it and post your feedback.
- Man....the other teams turrets will be hurting a lot when you take this it's a viable option for sure.
- This can work but usually Tanks get this

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+ Great burst
+ Amazing staying power
+ True Carry
+ Easy to get a handle of
+Hhe has some serious WuJu style

- Mana Hungry
- Can be out burst from a full AP Yi
- Can be out DPSED against a full DPS Yi
- Extremely vulnerable to CC mainly stuns

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SO why Hybrid??

I chose Hybrid Yi because its the best of both worlds in my opinion you get some DPS and some AP. Instead of doing one thing you can do two thing's. It's really preference and it all derives on your play style I like play DPS Yi just as much as the next guy; but being different never hurt anyone....or has it

I feel Master Yi has a lot of potential has a Hybrid champ if you can utilize both sides of Master Yi why not?

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Items for Hybrid your fairly limited but you still have options.

- This is a great starting item but can be replaced with a but I think the AP and the mana regan serves a greater purpose.

- A great item on Hybrid Yi it provides everything you need. Its a must buy!

- Another must buy in my opinion it gives some great cooldown reduction and mana regain. Oh ya did I mention some AP

- A hybrid item that works very well it has a great active that comes in handy. If you can get past the hefty price by all means buy it. I know I always do

- It gives a huge amount of AP which just adds to your burst from . Oh ya it makes you heal more with

- The Armor pen and attack speed are everything you need. Along with the damage it gives it makes Hybrid Yi into a wrecking ball wielding a sword wearing some way over done night vision goggles.

Other Notables

- A good item if your faced with a team thats shutting you down with CC. Its cheap and very effective.
- Another good item gives you health,Mana and some CC protection.
- This item is great and all for the Attack damage but it lacks on the passive side. It doesn't provide you with anything useful; Hybrid Yi doesn't crit a lot so to me this item is just a waste :'(
- Another item that makes out of B.F Sword I like the item a lot but it falls short of the mark because you aren't getting attack speed or Armor shred. It does come in handy though so keep your options open
- OK this item fits prefect with Hybrid Yi and is a great substitute for if you don't feel like wasting the money. I like this item a lot and was really close to adding it in due to the low cost but provides so much more. Feel free to try it though

*More to come when I do some more testing*

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Ranked Play and The 5 Keys you need to get out of ELO Hell

First things first sorry if this section gets a tad long my apologies :D Ranked play is a completely different ball game compared to normal games. There's 5 keys to focus on that will overall help you fair off in the world of ranked matches; and if you find yourself in ELO hell and don't know how to get out this may help you.

For me my mistake was going into Ranked play to early I was switching between champs just playing who ever. That quickly threw me down to the bottom of the ELO ladder(400ish). I soon realized that I was going about ranked matches the wrong way; so I applied what I learned to my games and NOW I'm starting to climb back out(895). By no means is that impressive but my goal is to reach 1400 by then end of August.

So heres 5 things that might change your game

1.Map Awareness- In ranked matches you need as much map awarness as possible the more the better. Things like or Sight Ward give you this. Also if you have a support on your team they should be picking up this just adds to it. Constanly knowing where your opponent is really helps with ganking and the game overall. If your really lucky you may get on your team.

2.Communication- Always talk to your team whether it be in champion select or even in the game. Always say MIA because it just sucks when mid gets ganked from someone from bottom lane with no MIA call.

3.Know your role- You must know your role in a game and always Itemize towards that role. Say if your Master Yi hes a carry and depending on what your team needs you can choose what your team needs the most. Wheather it be AP,DPS or Jungle you got them covered; and yes even Hybrid. Another Thing is know what your good at; know who you can play the best and know your limitations. The better you can understand your game the better you will perform.

4.Be a team player- Always have a positive attitude even if you loose no one likes a soar loser. It's all about the team effort and that means always helping your team out no matter what. It all goes towards the final result and that's a win.

5.Last Hitting- This really helps a lot you gotta learn to last hit because it keeps you from pushing your lane to far. Honestly if you don't last hit you leave yourself open to being ganked by the enemy jungler and that's never a good sign. Another thing is last hitting you can farm twice as many minions as you would auto-attacking. Mind you stealing all the minions if you have a lane partner isn't a good idea; learn to share unless you have a support on your team then by all means take as much as you can.

I hope this helps your overall performance in Ranked matches I know it did for me. I'll post my Hybrid Yi scores eventually :D

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Thanks for reading make sure to give your feedback and try the guide out. If you have some cool ideas be sure to post them and i'll add them to the guide and even credit you for it.

This is for the Mobafire community for supporting me with my guides. Have fun with it and always try out new things regardless of who you play. If you wanna play with me add me on LoL-OpticZeRo oh ya don't forget to Up-vote and rep me :)

Thanks again and I hope this guide can be just as good if not better then my AP Nasus guide.
* Oh ya feel free to point out any errors in spelling and such*

In the words of Master Yi " My Blade is Yours"