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League of Legends Build Guide Author yozogundam

Mat (How to guide)

yozogundam Last updated on August 1, 2012
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Table of Contents
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Right Mat i am making this for you. This guide will have the know how you will need to start becoming better at the game. With things such as your rune pages, masteries, item builds etc... But! You cant take what I put and say here word for word, rune for rune, you get the point. Every game of lol is going to be different from the last game you played. May it be a new team compastion on your side or your foes side. Maybe a new jungler, new builds, anything can change and with this you just change what you do, build and so on. I will be going over how to change and what to change in this guild but I cant tell you when to change in every game thats something you will learn with time however. I have not been able to do every champion you like but if you really desire me to do one for you comment below and I shall work on a build for that champion. Lastly im not all that good at this game so take that in to consideration if something I do or say here doesnt work.

Has seen above you hopefuly have seen the champions I have fitted in for you them being:





Master Yi

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These are the items in order of what i would buy them in a genral and normal game of lol in the role of solo top tank. I will know go through each of the items i pick and why starting from the first items, into core and finally the late game items.

Starting items

I choose to start with these items due to the fact of Chp'Gath is hard enough to push out of a whatever lane he might be in because of his passive giving you that extra health and mana you need to stay in lane, thats only if your last hitting is up to par. I chose these because i wanted to strenthen the fact of you cant push this guy out of lane earily game and with your and your its going to become even harder. Not to mention these starting items will allow to rush to that all important Philosopher's Stone but within there pros there are cons. Like with this start you will be so very slow due to the lack of boots. Allowing for easyer ganks and making your life harder to get to them low health caster minions to get the all important last hit. This is a big factor consider while playing Cho'Gath a last hit means, Gold, Health and Mana. So a champion who want get pushed out of lane can turn into a flop if your last hitting isnt up to par.

Alternative Starting items

Boots And Three Pots


  • Speed
  • Ganks arnt as easy againist you
  • Easier time with last hitting
  • Easier time harrsing

Pros and Cons



  • After potions easyier to push out of lane
  • Slower Stone meaning less money all game
  • Harder to get your core items out
  • Less tanky earily game
Doran's Ring


  • AP meaning better harras with more damage
  • Mana regen, you can use your spells more
  • 80 health making you have bit more tanky
  • You can get free farm if you can push them out lane

Pros and Cons



  • Very slow start, harder time getting big items
  • Slower Stone meaning less money all game
  • Slower Boots meaning less speed earily game
  • Have to sell it off lossing you money in the long run
Doran's Shield


  • Armor making it easyier to lane against AD
  • Health regan nearly as good as
  • 120 health making you quite bit tanker
  • Hard to push out of lane, more so againist AD

Pros and Cons



  • Very slow start, harder time getting big items
  • Slower Stone meaning less money all game
  • Slower Boots meaning less speed earily game
  • Have to sell it off lossing you money in the long run
  • Lest mana out all the starting items


  • A lot more health or mana depending what you pick
  • Allows you to rush
  • Will give you health, mana, AP and a nice regan passive
  • Makes you very strong eaily game with this item

Pros and Cons



  • The crystals them self dont help much
  • You will probly end up skiping and Philosopher's Stone
  • This will hurt your gold income A LOT! earily game
  • It does take some time in its self to turn these into

Next I will talk about core items which i feel as though you should always build into first, this can change but in most games these are the items you want to be getting first giving you can easy eaily game and mid game. Also allowing to quite easyily get them late games item out.
Core Items
Philosopher's Stone

Philosopher's Stone

Right these are the first core items I will talk about. These two items are used quite often by two roles from what I see in games. Them roles are Support, Junglers and Solo Top. Support is something your not. You shouldnt ever really going bot lane doing what every support does best, beging the AD carrys *****. Its a very important role within a game but it isnt where you belong but if no one else will you might have to. But I will go more into that in the Laning Chapter. I also did some research and I found out that cho'gath can also jungle the link to the guide will also be in the Laning Chapter. But back to the items. These items are both Gold per 10 items. This means alone they will give you 5 gold every 10 seconds. Thats one top of your kills, last hits and ***its. With the fact you have two of these this means you will be getting 10 gold every 10 seconds. Its NOT 10 gold every 20 seconds because you have two of them because thats the same as just having one. But this might not sound like much but considering every minute you will be getting 60 gold which is a lot when you think how long a game of lol can be lets say you keep thems items for 30 minutes. By that time they will have genarated '1800' gold thats a lot. You need this gold because as this build is a very tanky one you will not deal much damage mid-late game so you wont really be getting kills, so getting that eaily farm is good. These items will also make you tankier that you think they would eairly game with the health regan from Philosopher's Stone and the flat health from . Of course you also have the mana regan but thats just utility it doesnt effect your tankyness. So with these and your boots 2 you will be well on your way to being a tank with some gold in his moster like back pockets. Whats that boots 2 ? you dont know what ones you should get ? Well i guess i will be going over them next then.

Boots 2? Which Ones?

Ability Sequence
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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Health Regeneration


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