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Yorick Build Guide by ZomB2446

Top Mathematical Correct Yorick - The power Riot never realize /

Top Mathematical Correct Yorick - The power Riot never realize /

Updated on February 3, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZomB2446 Build Guide By ZomB2446 12 0 12,103 Views 2 Comments
12 0 12,103 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ZomB2446 Yorick Build Guide By ZomB2446 Updated on February 3, 2022
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Runes: Standard

1 2 3
Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace


+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

Mathematical Correct Yorick - The power Riot never realize /

By ZomB2446
You may wondered who am I. I am Preverted Zombie, just a merely 2m mastery Yorick and on my way to find the fobidden build that gonna drive all yorick mains to master. Maybe you have heard of me. I am aslo one of the guy who theory crafting, testing and climb with one of these fobidden build in the long past: the old Liandry Yorick build back in earlier season (when Liandry still give hp and buffed burn damage with Fronzen heart slow)
What make this build better?
So, this is Mathematical correct Yorick build, that mean you will only focus on certain stats to be able to maximize your strength and combat prowless, without changing your playing style too much. There are 2 variant for each style of player

Okay, so what stats did Yorick really need? Damage? everyone need damage. Health? sound good to have. Lethality? definitely. But the real deal is actually Haste. The ideal is to stack just enough lethality while stacking **** ton of Haste to abuse Divine Sunderer proc while still beefy enough to fight the frontline. With this build you can get your Q to a 2s cd and your E to a 3.6s cd. That mean more Divine Sunderer proc, more flat healing from our Q, more dps and more ghoul attack buff, sound good to me

The Eclipse variant, however, aim to maximize Yorick ghoul damage rather than himself. The build have no sheen item, but replace it's with a the E debuff uptime (enemy take 40% more damage from ghoul for 8 attack). Lethality is actually one of Yorick best stats for pets, each ghoul's attack will gain the full amount of lethality Yorick have, and there are 4 of them, attacking each second till die, pair with 40% more damage for 8 attack with each Mourning Mist you hits, which increase with the amouth of Haste you have, that a lot of value. Lethality also work on Turret, so you only lose out about 3 or 4s each turret compare to a standard Divine Sunderer split push. And to add the final taste, the heal/shield from Eclipse Fimbulwinter and reduction from Death's Dance actually can top Lethal Tempo output, making you a true Bruiser Assassin that can out damage even a fed Yi
Rune Analytics
: The reason I favor this more than the standard Conqueror and Grasp of the Undying is because of it's effective and requirement. With your auto reset you already nearly proc it's, and all of your damage instance is short cd and not load into 1 giant burst, so you can make use of the bonus shred.
12% extra danage from Ghoul, Divine Sunderer and Eulogy of the Isles is no joke, with multiple proc in 6s window
is a fair and square rune, with only 1 problem: it's took too long to stack up, even with the bug (ghoul spawn from maiden count as seperate stack). Often you already get dangerously low or already killed the enemy, making Conqueror value drop a bit. If you don't familiar with Press the Attack, this is still the 2nd best choice for overall effectiveness. You can alway use more ad
a solid choice, big bonk damage short trade, but not scale very well. It's okay on Yorick, but not the best rune choice in this season
Build Analytics

The Divine Variant

Your main goal is to have high amount of haste, which mean you gonna avoid item without haste unless you really need the passive. More haste mean more Sheen proc, more flat Q healing, and more E debuff. For a champ with little to no stats scaling beside ad in his kits, this to the go to stats
- Interm of how much Lethality is enough, you would want only 2 lethality items, any less will affect your damage, any more will hurt your beefiness. Though you can get away with 1 lethailty item only by building defensive item that have ad.
- Interm of beefiness, after Divine Sunderer and Axiom Arc you would want to follow the golden rule: 1 defensive (with hp, armor,... ) , then 1 offensive (with damage, lethality) , repeat. If you are fed, or the enemy can't burst you down then you can swap offensive item 3rd

Starting items

: Why Tear start over other? Because despite what people say, i find Yorick pretty mana hungry early on. For a full combo you will need 25x4 mana for 4 graves, 50 for the E and 70 for the wall, that 220 mana already, half of your lv3 mana pool . You can play passive and preserve your mana, but you will have less lane priority as a trade off. With tear start, I can freely use my E to farm from range, my Q off cd to sustain early on, and does't need to be that mindful about short trade mana cost. You will be suprise with how much trade you can do with Tear of the Goddess start before your first back. Later just sell it's or upgrade it's into Fimbulwinter if needed. Compare to Corrupting Potion, which also give next to no attack stats, it's about the same in term of power

: a good start for poke/ ranged top laner, pair with Biscuit Delivery and it's offer you insane amount of sustain and also solve your mana problem early on.

: Overall standard start, give you a good mix between damage and sustain, but you will run out of mana pretty fast and have to proc it early at some point, wasting it's effect.

Laning items

: Core of this build, without it there is no reason to go high haste. The faster you can proc it, the more damage you deal. You can say if you use your Q W and E along you can proc it off cd, sure, but you will mess up your combo. Beside, more Q also mean more healing since Yorick Q also heal as well. After the nerf you may want to switch to Trinity Force if no tank is present, it's have the same hp value, minus the heal

: Now this is where we separate a Yorick main from the rest. Only Yorick main know that this items work with Eulogy of the Isles. The reason is that Riot have to make it work with recast Ultimate such as Pyke and Talon, which also make it's work on Summon: Tibbers Daisy! and Eulogy of the Isles. For short, if you get 5 assist while Maiden is active, you will get her back as soon as she die with only 0.5s cd. Solve your "not a champ without Maiden" problem. And if you ever decided to release the Maiden, when the enemy team send 1 to defend the lane and kill her, Axiom Arc enable you to instantly summon her again in teamfight
This item also give lethality, 25 Haste, which compliment our build

: Our first "tank" items, offer an immerse amount of hp, as well as damage and most importantly: Haste. An answer to early tank items as well, so you got nothing to lose. Replace with Hullbreaker if needed

: Offer you the highest Lethality out of any non mythic items, also give good haste . With this item you will hit the needed lethality to be able to melt non-tank bruiser/carry faster than they can hurt you. Truely what make you ghoul, your Divine Sunderer hits like a truck. Can be rush 3rd if you feel confident, after that build defensive items. Can be swap with Serylda's Grudge if you go Hullbreaker earlier. Noted that you don't really need this to kill off squishy target, this is purely snowball item, and not meant to build if you're behind.

: After the change, now this is our must buy answer to everything in term of damage reduction. Offer a great stats, damage, haste and a juicy passive that works wonder on all non-tank melee champ. With just this items you can forgo most of other armor/reist items and go straight to damage+health items. Can be swap at 4th replace Youmuu's Ghostblade

: Featuring a new star to replace Sterak's Gage. Health and lethality, and a spell block sound better than the nerfed Sterak's Gage. That's it, ... if you don't chose the Hullbreaker first

: Bad items to build early, should only being build in later stage when you are somewhat tanky, and yet the damage and healing lost still hurt. Meant to be combine with Death's Dance passive, as they both remove the other gimmick... well not anymore

: Good defensive option, provide tons of haste and reist. Remember bois, the longer it take for you go down, the more damage you deliver

: another good damage option, give you the sustain you desire, and the ability to shove wave super fast. All with 20 Haste and 70 damage as a bonus

: You thought it was troll to build 2 armor pen items, But it's actually not, at least on Yorick. You see, every stats this item give, Yorick make a good use of it. Damage, haste, the perma slow on ghoul... all is useful. But what about the pen? Turn out 70% armor pen make champ like Cho'Gath Tahm Kench or Shen learn how to fear Lethality. And carries these day also build 1 or 2 tank items at the end of day. So in the end, you don't miss out too much, and now have the slow to compensate

The Eclipse Variant

Unlike the Divine Sunderer build, this build focus more on rushing Lethality while keeping a good balance between Haste and Survivability, making it's as strong as the previous buid, and truely shine when the enemy is having multiple glass canon/ lifesteal tank squishy type carry. You still only build 2 Lethality items, but the twist is that you also build Death's Dance for the reducetion and Fimbulwinter for the shield. Along with Eclipse shield and spell vamp to tank the stored true damage, you actually very hard to kill, even when building like an assassin.
Your Mourning Mist give your Ghoul 40% bonus damage for 8 attack, pair with Lethality and Press the Attack, they can take 70% of your target health in an instant. All of that can be repeat every 3.6s since you have a good amount Haste to spam E and tons of ghoul supplies via 1s cd Ultimate thank to Axiom Arc. It's just massive laning advandtage

Starting items

: same thing as before, allow you to freely use your mana for poke, trade and farm without any restraint.

: Rush this after first back, and enjoy the damage 4 ghoul can dish out during any following trade. With just 1 component, you can already feel like you can end the lane with just 2 E (full 4 graves) thrown

: After first back, buy this if the enemy top lane is a heavy poke type of champ, or just buy it if you are behind. The lifesteal is alway a good traits to have in laning phase.

Laning items

: Actually one of Yorick best Mythic, every stats is use and nothing is wasted. The lethaility enable both your ghoul and your Q to do extra damage, while also work on tower.The passive deal a very good %hp damage, easy to proc and giving you a shield for blocking damage. But the real MVP is spell vamp, it's offer Yorick the 1 thing he lacking: sustain, and he love it's

: If you confident you can try to build this over Eclipse. Offer insane amount of lethality even with 2 tank items, a gap closer active, and a good damage focus. If only it's give anything defensivly like a shield or spell vamp... Building this speed up your damage, but making you more squishy even with 2 tank items later. Your choice, i guess

: Rush this item 2nd or 3rd, and you officially a monster without any champion design demerit. The lethality for damage, the big Haste for spaming, and enable you to alway have your Maiden ready even when she die.

: Lots of hp, lots of haste, especially after the change.
Your defensive item so that you don't blow up, while aslo giving you damage and shred. build as 2nd or 3rd items, depend on how you doing

: our best in slots, hand down item for staying alive. The passive stored damage, which now work on ap damage, pair with our Eclipse and Fimbulwinter shield, making our true effective hp value inflat in an invisible way that they never expected. We go in, taking damage, proc the shield so it's not burn into our real hp. Boom, we doing it again after 6~8s, all while life steal it back up

: Eclipse shield pair with this offer you a **** load of shielding power, like having a mini Karma. Beware of enemy that can switch to counter shield items like Shadowflame or Serpent's Fang in their build, if that the case you can skip this items and go for other items. If you wish to build Frozen Heart for any reason, then with this item you can build multiple non-hp damage items later on since this items give you nearly enough hp and shield to cover 2 hp items. Also works wonder to negate Death's Dance burn in Sterak's Gage place

: this 2 items offer you something similar, Bulk and Blade, Health and Damage, Juggernault style. Both offer insane amount of damage, unity shield and reist, and truely making the enemy wonder why they are seeing an Assassin Bruiser again

: 650 hp, 20 haste, and a free middle finger to the only one who can be a threat to you. What more do you want. You build this when there is a hypercarrier that melt everything, give you just enough time to melt them back

: If you think 2 tank items is enough, time for me to go even more Lethality, well, you know what to do. But be warn, due to dismissing return, you might be better off with actually damage items like Ravenous Hydra Serylda's Grudge or mixed defendsive item like Death's Dance

: When the enemy starting to sacrifice their damage for survivability item like Randuin's Omen, or if they just too slick, etc, this item will be the best answer. It's also give a slow bonus, which proc Fimbulwinter and perma slow your enemy with each ghoul hits. Scale extremly well into Tank team (team that have 3 or more tank that build Bami's Cinder , Demonic Embrace and stacking reist). This item on top of Black Cleaver make these tank look like a joke. 70% armor pen vs multiple full tank build while still have good amount of stats, you don't really sacrifice a things here. You still kill squishy as fast, while also able to kill tank using Lethality

: If the enemy team somehow notice how broken you are and decide to 5 man focus you down, this will prevent them from doing anything funny. Frozen Heart Sterak's Gage or Spirit Visage can also work if the enemy focus heavily on some form of damage, either it be attack speed, burst or ap

: It's actually viable as an answer to those perky AP assassin/bruiser now? Well, we alway need more magic reist items in the game. May work vs Gwen or something. Stats wise, it's not bad, but i just feel like the passive isn't quite enough
Closing thoughts
Well, that it's for this guide. I know this build might not be perfect, but fear not, Me, you and every Grave digger on Runeterra will, in time, with this build, remind them why they should remmeber who is Yorick Mori

Happy Split pushing !
My take on patch 12.3 items change

Sadly, now Divine Sunderer once again fall into the weaker side. I mean the damage that scale base on you enemy is not the main reason you buy it, you buy it because it's make you TANKY AF and have a damage scale off your enemy. With the hp nerf and the fact that buffed Blade of the Ruined King now deal 12% current hp per an attack, drop this Mythic value off a lot in term of competition, aslo BOTRK have lifesteal as well.
Now even tank with Demonic Embrace can out damage a Divine Sunderer user since they still tanky af, and have no cd on the %hp burn while you don't have either. -100 hp may sound not much, but as a first item on melee champ it's could cost you the lane. As a Melee Immobile Top laner you actually need the hp more than the rest who abuse it.
Now i swear this items will be come a thing for ranged champ thank to the fact that you might just get blow off before you even land your 2nd Sheen proc

Because Irelia Fiora Camille build it, now we all suffer because of it. No more heal, no more flat ad, a shield that doesn't kick in till some tank items, it's really a bad purchase early now. Not much till later stage of the game where it's start to gain back some of it's former glory. You need to wait 18 level just to get back 58 ad, and the shield now need you to build for it

Give less health, but the extra damage and haste make it worth to build it early now in place of Sterak's Gage

But not all is lost, now we have an answer to what we struggle in the past, a fed ap bruiser/assassin. The ap damage reduction help us survive the initiate burst so we can retaliate when they at their weakest , which is almost impossible in the past since the full combo took all our hp bar despite hp stacking. This and Maw of Malmortius buff open up an opportunity for AD Bruiser to counter AP assassin/bruiser, which normally we have to sacrifice our build path to build some Magic Reist


Divine Sunderer is weaker now that it's might be worth to switch to Trinity Force again, now that they both offer the same health. Or, you can even build 2 Ruby Crystal and Blade of the Ruined King or Demonic Embrace if you want, at least it give a whooping 450 hp

Black Cleaver also get nerf, but is still worth building. You build it's for the haste anyway. Like how many items have ad, haste and hp at the same time?

Sterak's Gage got f*** , don't ever rush this item. It's still okay at tanking burst, but i think Fimbulwinter or Gargoyle Stoneplate is better on those term now. Now it's offer so little and also need other items to actually get a proper shield.
Hullbreaker on the other end, doesn't get nerf, so if you are wondering what is better, now Hullbreaker is the winner. Even Edge of Night now sound better the Sterak's Gage stats and unity wise

Death's Dance is now our go to main source of defend now, a must buy at some point of the game. Though sad part is that now everyone would build it, including those who guts our Sterak's Gage

With these change, our Divine Sunderer build is now much weaker, especially vs someone build BOTRK, but our Eclipse build is not affected, if not stronger due to Death's Dance change.
Sad thing to say, but it's true that these guts hurt Juggernaut more than it's hurt Duelist, meanwhile Duelist items got buff to compensate...
Well, It's just Riot trying to shake the meta again
League of Legends Build Guide Author ZomB2446
ZomB2446 Yorick Guide
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Mathematical Correct Yorick - The power Riot never realize /

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