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Gangplank Build Guide by TrazeNA

Other Maximum Booty Critplank

Other Maximum Booty Critplank

Updated on July 1, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TrazeNA Build Guide By TrazeNA 1,620 Views 0 Comments
1,620 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TrazeNA Gangplank Build Guide By TrazeNA Updated on July 1, 2014
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Hey guys! I decided to make a brief guide for Gangplank because he's my favorite champion :D

About Me

I'm silver 3 and GP is one of my mains; it's really frustrating to see people not build or play him correctly and then claim he is weak... But anyway, I don't play ranked much (only like 68 games so far at the time of this guide) but I have about 800 normal wins last time I noticed and I've been playing for almost 2 years so hopefully I know what I'm saying in this guide XD
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Pros / Cons

Safe laning phase
Late game monster
Global ult

Relatively weak early game
No mobility other than the little Morale boost and Trinity proc
NEEDS items
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I haven't found anything more optimal than the two full builds that I posted above. To my knowledge anything else will just waste GP's potential. Feel free to leave a comment below if you think you have another viable build.

Common item mistakes (Things NOT to get):

Phantom Dancer: Get Shiv instead, it provides similar stats as well as boosting damage on your Q. You do not need both, that would take away needed damage or defense. Trinity Force and Shiv give you all the attack speed you need.

Blade of the Ruined King: Shiv and Trinity Force are core and give you all the attack speed you need. You get your damage and life steal from Hydra. This item should not be bought unless you play Tankplank (Which isn't that good IMO)

Iceborn Gauntlet: Trinity Force is a much better option on Gangplank. Important stats on Trinity Force that Gauntlet does not have include move speed, health, crits, attack speed, and a more damaging damage bonus proc. What Gauntlet gives that Trinity Force does not have (more mana, armor, CDR and a slow) you already sufficiently get from other items in my build, or do not need.
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Laning Phase

Early game you are going to want to focus on farming because you are weak without items. You simply cannot out damage FOTM picks like Riven or Renekton in the early game. Be patient, for your power will grow in time. Meanwhile, play defensively. Max Q for extra gold and 360noscope out of reach minions with it. Eat oranges for health and to escape crowd control if they try to fight you.

Remember to be aware of what is happening on the map so that you can assist your team with your ultimates, you normally don't want to use your ultimate in your lane unless your jungler is ganking for you or your enemy is low health, and maybe not even then. Your ultimate should primarily be used for peeling for your teammates, helping them chase, or tipping a fight in your team's favor.

This should not happen 99% of the time but if you find that the enemy laner is able to dive your tower, fight and kill you, and live, while you both had full HP, the best action to take is to just let them have the tower. Don't try to defend against that and end up feeding. Laning phase is over/almost over by the time this can happen, and your opponent will be roaming so you need to shove lane and be there for your team. I've only had this happen once vs a Riven, her stun doesn't exist for you because oranges, but everything else she has is enough.
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Team Fights

Your role in team fights is to be a beefy DPS, soft/follow up initiator, who can assassinate squishies with your Q. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Come late game your Q melts roughly 40% of a carry's HP if it crits (Crit chance is going to be 55% or 50% depending on which build you use), which is IMO the funnest part of GP. In standoffs, poke with Q, sustain with W, but be sure your oranges are resupplied before you go up to poke so that you don't get caught with a crowd control.
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Final Words

This is my first guide and I am a new member of this site so I apologize if there is a lack of pretty visuals and whatnot, feel free to leave a comment with constructive criticism if you so desire.
League of Legends Build Guide Author TrazeNA
TrazeNA Gangplank Guide
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Maximum Booty Critplank

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