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Zed Build Guide by rserin

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rserin

Mid Zed- The unseen blade

rserin Last updated on July 21, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, and welcome to my Zed guide. If you are reading my guide, I am assuming that you may not know much about Zed, his capabilities, or what to build on him. I hope that this guide answers your questions, and if you are a strong zed player I hope that this guide satisfies whatever reasons you may have for reading it. So without further ado, I present to you my Zed Guide.

(Edit: If you guys like this guide and would like me to further elaborate on it, please tell me in the discussion. If enough people are interested I could go into more detail about itemization, lane match ups, and more combo's)

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4.10 Patch thoughts on Zed

So with the 4.10 patch Zed has indirectly been nerfed...again. Following the changes to exhaust(It now reduces damage dealt by 50%), Zed already became a lot less viable. With 4.10, Botrk, Zed's main item has now been nerfed (Active weaker) and mercurial scimitar, an item that completely counters Zed's ult, has been buffed. Adc's are now more encouraged to build Scimitar, and as an addition, they gain movespeed for one second after using it. 4.10 Patch notes if you want to read them yourself. It's true that Scimitar is now a viable item on Zed himself (to cleanse out exhaust) the nerfs to blade are pretty hard. The old zed build is less strong imo and it's time to update the guide. I'll be adding changes periodically so stay tuned and bear with me. Till then, peace :).

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I like to take armor pen marks because they stack really well with my "pen" build. At full build, you'll have 40 armor pen. You can easily swap these out for regular ad marks, the same is true with the life steal quints. The scaling+flat mr glphs are just my preference.

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I like to take points into cool down reduction because it allows me to have 40% cdr with my Ionians, Youmuu's and Cleaver. I take executioner to help me assassinate my targets, and so do the rest of my offensive masteries(with the exception of feast, which purpose is for lane sustain). The defensive masteries I take are general defensive stuff for a heavily damage build champ.

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Why pick Zed?

Zed is a true assassin. The one target he ults, he will chase them down to the ends of the world, and they WILL die (unless they have quicksilver sash, LOL). He also has a great amount of mobility that allows for sick mechanical plays that will leave you feeling great, and everyone wants to feel good :D. Also, cus Zed looks cool.

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This spell is, in my opinion, the best passive in the game. The execute damage is magic damage, making it hard to counter you, and it all comes back when your death mark blows.
This is your main damage skill. Make sure you land it for optimal burst.
This is your main escape/gap closer spell. You are extremely vulnerable when it is on cd. Use it wisely.
This spell does NOT cancel your auto attacks! Use it whenever you can in a fight, beware however, that spamming will cause you to lose a ton of energy. This spell also deals a ton of unexpected damage.
This ultimate is what defines Zed as a champion. There are so many cool things you can do with it that I explain in the skill combos section. Please note that this ultimate deals damage based on the amount of damage you do to a target before it blows off.

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Early Game

When the game starts out and no one is super strong yet, it is actually, believe it or not, REALLY hard to die. If you're smart, don't play too aggressively, and sit back and farm you will pass this phase of the game without even knowing it. Early game is usually about the laning phase, but that is a subject that I would like to elaborate on a different chapter. Farming and building up your strength helps to transition to...

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Mid Game

At this point you should have a few items (Blade and brutilizer usually) and should be ready to kill things. Mid game is usually about grouping up with your team, taking objectives, or maybe just going 5v2 on the bot lane to make them rq. Since every game is different, instead of telling you what you should do, I'm going to put out some guidelines as what you SHOULDN'T do, as well as some tips.


    Gank lanes that are losing super hard- This will just result in a double for that happy enemy laner (unless you are super fed and confident you can kill)
    Overextend too long while pushing- I know it's really tempting to just "get another wave then b", but more often than not, it gets you killed. Avoid this.
    Engage team fights- If it's up to you to engage, don't, as it usually results in you getting cc locked after you cast ultimate. There's no worse feeling than that.

    Take dragons whenever you can- Free gold=free items=free gold= freelo
    Look around the map to check out which lanes you can gank- As an assassin, Zed carries a strong ganking potential. Use this to find and kill all who oppose you.
    Farm- You did this early game, you're going to do it now, and even when you hit max build you're probably still gonna do it. The reasoning behind this is similar with getting dragons. Free cs= Free Gold.

The state of the game usually takes shape after mid game. Whether or not it was your team who won that team fight or the others, it is now...

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Late Game

This is the moment where Zed, when fed/full build, becomes a true monster. His ability to pick off any single target and escape with his ultimate shadow is immense! Use this to pick off adc's/enemy mid's with bad postioning to make the teamfight a 5v4. IF YOU GET CAUGHT AFTER YOU ULT, DON'T BE GREEDY. Instead, just press r again and w away. It's better to have a teammate without an ultimate, rather than no teammate. This is also the time where Baron becomes the main objective of the game. Something you should keep in your mind is that you shouldn't feel as though Baron is a must. When you are ahead/even, don't engage in a Baron fight. If you play correctly, you won't need that Baron to win the team fights. The enemy team, however, does. Wait until they try to take it and force a fight against their already Baron damage team, turning an easy win to an even easier one! Make sure Baron is always warded.

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Laning Phase Tips

The laning phase is a very crucial moment in the game. Falling behind in the laning phase can cost you, and your team the game. When laning, PLAY SAFE. I can't stress that enough. Playing safe will win you more games than going for first blood ever will. Please note, however, that playing safe does not mean to refuse to follow up on a friendly gank, or to refuse to kill someone you know you can. Those two instances are exceptions to the play safe rule, but please understand your limitations or you might find yourself on the other end of that first blood. Another important thing to do is cs. Farm, farm, farm, farm. I know csing isn't fun, believe me, I know that, but csing is the sole thing that will carry the game for you. Getting farmed and being able to solo kill anyone on the enemy team is a very scary thought for your enemies. A tip for last gitting is to keep it at the back of your head. Keep repeating the words "lasthit, lasthit, lasthit) and you will. If you manage to do these two things without trouble, you will have a much smoother mid and late game.

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Zed's Ultimate

Zed's ult is, as I said, what defines Zed as a champion. Casting his ultimate allows him to become untargetable for roughly 0.5 seconds. Using it will spawn a shadow at the location you were when you casted it. Take note of where you are before you cast your ult, and evaluate if you want to teleport there or not. You will not perfect teleporting to your ult shadow in your first few games. At max rank, Zed's ult will deal 50$ of all magic/physical damage that he has done to a target. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TRUE DAMAGE. This means that red lizard, red buff, and ignite don't work with his ult.

This is an example of dodging something with your ultimate. I know that this clip wasn't exactly a 1v5, but whatevs, who cares :P.

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Ability Combo's

->->-> This is the standard harass combo in lane. YOU CAN E TWICE (it might require a bit of cdr to do it tho :P).
->->Standard kill combo. W to catch up if needed.

->->->The "old school Zed." This is the one combo I will be featuring from Redmercy's Zed tip's vid. The point is to w behind the opponent as soon as your ult is done casting. This causing a great amount of confusion as well as helps dodge instinctive skill shots by the enemy.
->->->A quick double tap of w to catch up to your opponents into an instant ult. Add flash and you can cover a great distance.


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So that concludes my Zed guide. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed making it. This is my first mobafire guide so it may not look the best. Tips and suggestions are welcome! I really hoped that you learnt something from this video and that you can take it into your next Zed game. So until next time, thanks for reading.