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Miss Fortune Build Guide by TinyStar

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TinyStar

Miss Fortune Guide (Twisted Treeline Edition)

TinyStar Last updated on April 9, 2013
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Hello MobaFire, my name is Laci. This is my first champion guide, so it’s not perfect, and I don't expect it to be either. This isn't a "pro" guide, just as simple one. Miss Fortune is my favorite champion to play. She is quick, strong, and extremely fun to play. I do play ranked on Twisted Treeline, but I do use this build for both ranked and normal TT. I hope it all makes sense for a lot of you, and feel free to leave suggestions. Remember, if this guide doesn't work for you it’s okay! We may just have different play styles. Anyways, please enjoy it! Remember to stay strong. Please excuse any typo's I think I've caught them all,but I'm not sure. Please leave any comments on how I can improve this guide!

With Much Love,
TinyStar <3

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Pros / Cons

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: 1/1 Since I use Ignite, I put a point there. It gives me 5 attack damage when it’s on cool down.

: I gave 3 out of 4 points for this because it gives me 3% attack speed.

: 4/4 points because at level 18 I have +12 attack damage.

: 3/3 points because I like the increase of 2% attack damage.

: This one gets a point because of the +8% Armor Penetration.

: Two points for Lethality because of +2.5 / 5% Critical Strike Damage. This is important for an ADC.

: This mastery gets the full points because of the +1.5 / 3 Attack Damage.

: Grants 10% attack speed for 2 seconds after landing a critical hit

: because MF is squishy she’ll need that extra 5 armor penetration.
Executioner: Increases damage dealt by 5% to targets below 50% Health

: 4/4 This is a no brainier, but I max this out because I am squishy and need all the health I can get.

: 3/3 I need some armor with a little bit health to help me with stand blows.

: 1/3 Helps against AP champs.

: 1/1 Because I use flash this will reduce the cooldown by 15 seconds.

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My runes are normal. These work fine for me, but if you find something better than use that!

Greater Mark of Attack Damage
These will give a nice burst of damage in the beginning of the game. I’ve noticed my “Double-Up” is a bit stronger, which always helps my team get FB.

Greater Seal of Armor
Like I said in my Pro’s and Con’s section, Miss Fortune is very weak(Squishy) so you’re going to need to build some armor in your runes to help her stand a chance in the beginning.

Greater Seal of Scaling Health
Now, I’m still testing this out, feel free to make it. So far, it’s helped me.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
I think this is very self-explanatory, but if the enemy has an AP champion you’re going to need some defense against magic.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
This will give you flat AD(Instant Attack Damage). This helps with last hitting on an enemy, towers, or harass.

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Summoner's Spells

Flash is a great for escapes if you’re about to get ganked

When I know I’m getting close killing him/her while in a fight with an enemy I use ignite to finish them off.

Now, so many people have given me **** about using Ghost. Frankly, I prefer it because when I need to escape I can run fast. Now, remember Miss Fortune has high speed, but if she is hit 25% is reduce, so ghost helps you get your speed back.

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Champion Skills

When Miss Fortune isn't attacked for five seconds,she gains 25% movement speed.
This passive to me can be a give and take. Yes,you get a nice boost of movement speed when
you're not hit,but if you're hit and trying to run,well you're kinda screwed unless someone comes and saves you. Make sure you don't get yourself in a pickle.

Double Up(Q):
Miss Fortune fires a bullet at an enemy, damaging them and a target behind them.
Miss Fortune fires a shot at an enemy target, dealing 25/60/95/130/165 (+0.75) physical damage and 120% of that damage to another enemy target behind the first. Applies on-hit effects. Double Up is a great way to harass the enemy when they are standing behind minions. Just hit the minion they are standing behind,it'll bounce off the minion and hit the enemy doing 120% of damage.

Impure Shots(W):
Miss Fortune passively increases damage dealt to a target with each strike. This ability can be activated to increase Miss Fortune's attack speed and cause her attacks to lower healing received by the target.

Passive: Miss Fortune deals 6/8/10/12/14 (+0.05) magic damage to her target with each attack, cumulatively stacking up to 4 times on the same target.

Active: Miss Fortune's attack speed is increased by 30/35/40/45/50% for 6 seconds and causes her attacks to lower healing received and health regeneration by the target by 50% for 3 seconds.

This is an interesting ability for six seconds your attack speed is increased by 50% and then who ever you hit their healing ability is decreased by 30%. That's when I like to use Make it Rain to slow them and use Blade of the Ruined Kingto finish them off.

Make It Rain (E):
Miss Fortune unleashes a flurry of bullets at a location, dealing waves of damage to opponents and slowing them. Some players think this ability is useless, I think other wise. This is a great ability to slow the enemy, great for farming, and checking bushes. Even though you can't really build AP for it, it's still a nice ability.

Bullet Time(R):
Miss Fortune channels a barrage of bullets into a cone in front of her for 2 seconds, dealing 65/95/125 (+0.45) (+0.2) physical damage per bullet. I've realized [bullet time]] is a strong ult, maybe a little OP (just kidding), but her ult is pretty strong. You can easily turn your game around with Bullet Time. If enemy team is on their death bed, you can finish them off with her ult and easily get an ACE to so you can push.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Double Up As I said before, double up has a great harass and damage out put, so this is always my first. I try to max this out first because of the damage and harass.

Impure Shots I like to get this second because my attack speed is boosted up when I use it,and I usually can get First Blood because when they try to heal it reduces their healing ability. I try to bounce back between maxing out Double Up and Impure Shots because it's my job to pour out damage as fast as I can.

Make it Rain This is third because I believe it's good to get all three of your abilities within levels 1-3. After that, you can wait until levels 14,15,17, and 18 to get last because it can only slow and since you're not building any AP it's only useful slowing and checking bushes.

Bullet Time It's always great to take you're ult when given to you. This can change your game around and help score you an ace. Just remember to stay behind your team so you don't get interrupted.

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Please Read: My games can be quite lengthy so if you notice this build quite ‘big’ this is why. I’m going to explain all the items I get in a 40 minute game. I know TT games are 15-30 minutes, but most of my games are longer. If you’re dominating, then it won’t be hard to achieve this build. Again, this is MY build and how I play. This is all about preferences of your play-style. Thank you

I'm going to give you four options. You can pick any option that you feel will suit you best. If you feel any other starting items are better or just as good feel free to drop a comment stating why.

I start out with Boots of Speed because it helps me get around the map more and I can't always rely on that I won't get hit. Remember how her passive is. Always keep that in mind with speed. Don't reply on that passive to be in effect. Here are some options to pair with your Boots of Speed. Me personally, I like to pair it a Ruby Crystal it gives me an extra bit of health to withstand team fights in the very beginning. I'm not always running back to heal while farming. Lastly, it helps me build up for my Phage early on for when I’m ready to get Frozen Mallet, or I sell it when I'm slightly behind on getting Bilgewater Cutlass. I sell it so I can buy Vampiric Scepter, Long Sword or so I can buy my Bilgewater Cutlass. If you're feeling like that is questionable you can never go wrong three Health Potions or
two Health Potions and a Mana Potion. Lasty you could get a Doran's Blade. This is not a bad choice because you get an additional 10 attack damage, +80 health, and your basic attacks restores +5 of your health.

Next is Bilgewater Cutlass ,if you don’t have enough money for this start building the items for it. If you do have enough then go ahead and buy it. Getting this right off the bat not only helps with boosting your attack damage ,but it’s active can help score you a kill until you fully build Blade of the Ruined King. Also go ahead and finish off building your boots.

These are always a must for Miss Fortune or any ADC for that matter. Boosts movement speed and gives you 20 attack speed.

Blade of the Ruined King: This is my number one item for Miss Fortune. This item is extremely awesome, from its attack damage to its passive and active. This should always be your #1. With Twisted Treeline being a small map it’s easy for people to escape and get to safety, its active slows them and deals damage to them. This can come in handy when some tries to escape and they are on their last leg. In addition to that, if you use Make it Rain to slow them so you can get in and use Double Up or Impure Shots or Bullet Time to take them down. Show no mercy.

Statikk Shiv: I like Statikk Shiv a lot, maybe more than I should, I like the attack speed, Critical Strike Chance, and the movement speed. Its passive is interesting. Moving and attacking will build a “charge” once this charge hits a 100 it’ll burst AP damage up to four targets and this damage can critically strike. I’ve noticed it helps my teammates in a fight and when I need to farm real quick. If you don’t like this item you can always get Phantom Dancer. It’s really up to you,but with Phantom Dancer you get 50 Attack Speed,30 Critical Chance, and 5 movement speed, and with its passive you ignore unit collision. Great for when minions are getting in the way when you need to escape.

: This little guy is an alternative to The Bloodthirster. With 65 Attack Damage, 15 Life Steal. Passive: On hit, you gain +6 attack damage and +1% life steal for 4 seconds. This is good for Miss Fortune's Double Up and with Impure Shots it'll double when used.

: Frozen Mallet is a great choice because of the +700 and +30 attack damage, but I love its passive. For basic attacks, you’ll slow your enemy by 30% then with it paired with Make it Rain you’ll be able to run up behind them and take them down.

If my games are going over 45+ minutes I will get Infinity Edge, so if your games are getting lengthy then feel free to grab Infinity Edge I would recommend it so you can push even harder and win your game.

If you’d like to swap some of these here are my suggestions. I mentioned previously that you can replace Statikk Shiv with Phantom Dancer.

: This gives a nice little burst of damage, and with 35% Armor Pen is never a bad thing. I know it's in my core items,but if I'm having a long game, I ended up with Last Whisper last or an Infinity Edge.

If you'd like to switch out Frozen Mallet for The Black Cleaver by all means do so, or you could use it as your last building item instead of Last Whisper or Infinity Edge. The Black Cleaver is a good choice because of the extra +200 health,+50 attack damage,+10% cooldown reduction, and +10 armor penetration. It's passive is impressive Dealing physical damage to an enemy champion reduces their armor by 5% for 4 seconds. This effect stacks up to 5 times.Not bad right? Now, if you've kept your Ruby Crystal The Black Cleaver you can choose to build Frozen Mallet or The Black Cleaver.

At times I find myself a little scared if the other team is tanky or is all AP,then I have switch it up a little, so I’m able to help my team out to the best of ability.

: This is my favorite item when playing up against an AP enemy. It gives you 45 magic resist, 400 health,and gives you a spell shield so when you get hit you don’t take damage from that one hit. If you don’t get hit again for another 45 seconds you regain the shield.

: Frozen Heart is a great defense item against tanky people. 95 Armor and 400 mana, plus a 20% cool down reduction. Is pretty sweet, but it’s passive is what really makes it worthy of getting, it reduces the enemy’s attack speed.

: Another great items for defense provides 200 health, 50 magic resist, and 20% cool down reduction. The passive is what makes this item it increases your health regain and drain effects on yourself by 20%.

If you really need some health to off set being squishy then Overlord's Bloodmail is a great choice. This item offers 850 Health and on kill or assist, heal 200 HP over 5 seconds.

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Tips and Tricks

-Always stand behind your team when using your ult. If you get hit, you’ll get stopped.
-Use your W when hitting the turrets. Trust me,it makes a world a difference taking down turrets.
-Just have fun!

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These are MY victories with this build. Please feel free to send me yours. I will add more here soon.

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I know a lot of us listen to music while playing LoL. This is mine for Miss Fortune. Please enjoy!

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Ending Note

Well,this is my guide. I hope it helps you. If you have any good TT games with this build, send them to me and I’ll add them. If you’ve experienced a bad game with this build, well tell me. Never give up is my biggest advice, and find your way.