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Miss Fortune General Guide by Chrisloud1

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chrisloud1

Miss Fortune Preseason(6) Guide/build

Chrisloud1 Last updated on November 15, 2015
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Hello this is my miss fortune guide for 2016 preseason. Miss Fortune is an unique adc with amaizing cc that no other adc have, used well it's a teamfight secure. My summoner name is Elitedemolisher7 and I'm a LAN platinum player who's best adc is this pretty lady. I really like miss fortune because, as said before, it's an unique adc that provides a nice wombocombo to the team.

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Team Composition

What Miss Fortune needs on a team is peel and teammates with cc like her. Jarvan IV is a nice choice as a partner since his ultimate puts enemys for perfect range for her ult and they cant escape either. Other choices with hard cc are ok since Miss Fortune's ult provide extremely high damage in teamfights so what you are looking for is for you enemys not moving so they can eat your ult. A bad team composition for her are no tanks or champs that lack cc and peeling attributes. Miss is incredibly squishy you will need peel the whole tf.

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Do I need to explain this? anyway you are an adc damage is your job and this gives you a huge amount of damage. Also don't forget your ult Bullet Time can CRIT now :)

This is basically your choice to pick this or either Statikk Shiv. Phantom Dancer's passive cause (to the eemy you are basic-attacking) to do less 12% damage, that is actually good since Miss Fortune is incredible squishy so this can buy time for a teammate to save you or just to 1 vs 1 the other adc. And the other passive which increases 12% speed and movement through units which is nice since with your W Strut you will be sanic :v

This is an amazing item and could work same with Phantom Dancer and Miss Fortune passive Love Tap increases damage for every different target you basic attack so the heal you will get is going to be pretty nice.

I think it's obvious

This is an awesome item to buy on Miss Fortune. Works really well Bullet Time since it decreases enemy's defense. You can buy this in all games if you want but why?, most people say that you buy this on Miss Fortune when you have hard ad team composition but you can buy it even if you are the only ad on the team since the damage decrease debuff last long enough for you to basic hit them which its pretty nice.

this is a viable option when there are lot's of tanks in the other team.

Miss Fortune's Q Double Up apply hit on-hit effect's so works well with Sheen. Also it applies passive Love Tap so it's a HUGE damage boost.

Works well with Miss Fortune especially if you are going full ad build.

Miss Fortune is really mana hungry so this works nice also Miss Fortune use's her abilities a lot so CDR it's pretty good.

You buy these when the enemy team has hard cc or ults like malz.

pretty obvious too I think.

For heavy ap enemy team.

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Miss Fortune's new and amazing passive. You will probably think that it's not too good because you need to keep changing targets but her W Strut increases duration for every Love Tap hit so changing targets will keep that 120% attack speed buff active which means you will hit more the same target if you change objectives.

Miss Fortune's Q. Always max this first(apart from Bullet Time). This is your main skill works really well in lane. Also keep in mind that Double Up applies her passive on both shots so hitting the second shot on a champ killing a minion will make pretty nice damage to that champ. Also Double Up can work as an basic attack so if you don't have Strut feel free to use it next to a basic attack. Also in has more range than your basic attack so use it to hit a Love Tap on enemy's out of your range

Miss Fortune's W. Max this with 3rd priority from Bullet Time and Double Up. as a passive it gives 60/70/80/90/100 additional speed which makes her the fastest adc!!. As an active it gives 60/75/90/105/120 attack speed which is amazing! Having 60% attack speed early level's is insane and the duration depends on you so in lane remember to hit different targets( Love Tap) so the duration increases!. I said it before but I will say it again, you will probably think its better to hit only the adc but that's not true. whitout the attack speed buff on early level's you hit pretty slow since you don't have attack speed runes, so increasing the duration of the buff provides even more damage to the enemy's adc.

Miss Fortune's E. Max this last. This skill is pretty useful to kiting, running, slowing opponents to reach them faster with Strut, poking, vision so you don't get ambushed and much more!

Miss Fortune's R. Max this with first priority. This is what makes Miss Fortune an unique adc. This skill got extremely buffed in this patch(5.22) now it can hit crits, and 16 waves in lvl 3. that is the double of waves before. Using this skill well can secure tf's. Try to use it behind walls or I save positions so it don't get cancel. Also don't be afraid of cancelling it if an enemy like Fiora, Renekton or Jax etc, Is approaching.

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so this was my guide(and first) I'm planning to put more things when I have the time but I'm not sure. I will appreciated your opinions since its my first guide. Or comment what things should I add to increase the quality of this guide, thanks. Also remember to read the notes.


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