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Zed Build Guide by iOne MM Masters

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iOne MM Masters

MM Masters : Zed tutorial from plat & diam elo.

iOne MM Masters Last updated on March 2, 2014
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Zed tutorial combo

FR ZED : Ce sont des combos ***ez basiques que vous devriez savoir pour ***ez bien gérer le champion! A vous d'improviser pour la suite :D

I : Combo 1V1

1 : R > Z ( dans la direction de l'ennemi ) > Z > A + E + Botrk + AA > R + ( et + E ) = Move basique, dans un match up ***ez bon.
2 : R > Z ( diagonale de l'ennemi ) A + E > Flash paralèlle gauche droit de l'ombre Z > R + Botrk + A & E = Move hard, à faire seulement dans les match up difficiles pour prendre l'avantage
3 : R > Botrk > Z ( à l'opposé de l'ombre R ) > wait 2-3sec en courant à l'opposé > R + E = Sert à s'escape
4 : R > Z ( derrière l'ennemi à porté de 2 flash ( position ennemi ) ) > A + Bortk + E + AA 1 > R position paralèlle gauche ou droit du Z ( et si besoin ) E + A = Pour tower dive, basique, classique, op
5 : R > Z ( derrière l'ennemi ) > R + E & A > Z ( + botrk direct si l'ennemi flash ( essayé de prévoir ) ) > Full AA + sorts si up. = Move pour dodge des sorts & move brain, prendre un kill sans trop de risque, sans usé trop de summoners. Bon move à faire en early, mais pas trop viable en late.

II : Combo 2V1

1 : Si vous êtes fed, faite le combo en entier, si vous ne l'êtes pas forcément, essayé de prendre l'avantage selon les différents champions et ensuite courir si besoin > Attendre que les 2 ennemis soient au corps à corps > R ( sur le plus squishy + en essayant de cancel leurs sorts si possible ) > Z ( de façons à touché les 2 ) > Z + A & E ( + Botrk si acquis ) > temporiser de façon triangulaire > R > E + A ( si A en cd ) + full AA. ( N'oubliez pas que si vous tuez votre ennemi de lane mais que vous mourrez en le tuant, c'est worth car c'est son jungler qui prend le kill ! )
2 : Focus hard le premier > R > Z + E A + AA + Botrk > R flash in pour récupérer 1-2s cd et la distance du Z > Z go in. = Tué le premier, temporiser, et go sur le 2e en utilisant vos spells réfléchis.

EN : ZED : Basics combos who you need to know , you need to improvise for the rest :).

I: Combo 1V1

1: R > W (in the direction of the enemy ) > W > Q + E + AA + Botrk > R + ( and + E) = Basic Move in a match up pretty good.
2: R > W ( diagonal of the enemy ) Q + E> Flash paralell left right shade W > R + + Botrk A & E = Move hard , to only in the difficult match up to take advantage
3: R > Botrk > W ( opposite the shadow R) > wait 2 - 3s running away > R + E = Used to escape
4: R > W (behind the enemy increased from 2 flash ( enemy position ) ) > Q + Botrk+ E + AA 1 > R paralell position left or right Z (and if required) E + A = To dive tower , basic , classic, op
5: Q > W (behind enemy ) > R + E & A > W (+ live botrk if flash enemy ( tried to predict ) ) > Full AA + spells if up . = Move to dodge spells & move brain, make a kill without too much risk , not worn too summoners . Good move to make in early , but not too late viable .

II: Combo 2V1

1: If you are fed , made ​​the whole combo if you 're not necessarily trying to take the lead for different champions and then run if need > Wait until the 2 enemies are melee > R ( more on the squishy + trying to cancel their spells if possible) > W ( ways to hit 2 ) > W + Q & E ( + Botrk if acquired ) > procrastinate so triangular > R > E + Q ( if A cd ) + full AA . ( Remember that if you kill your enemy lane but you will die in the killing , it is worth because it is his jungler who takes the kill! )
2: Focus the first hard > R > W + E Q + AA + Botrk > R to recover flash in 1 -2s cd and distance Z > Z go in. = Kill first, procrastinating , and go to the second using your spells reflected .

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Zed in lane : Match up, counter...


Zed really has no counters, expect this one. (In my opinion counters do not exist, it's all about the plays).
Well my biggest fear is to lane against

Kayle : She has crazy pokes, heals and she also counters your ultimate.
Against her you should call for help from your jungler to destroy her in early game so you can help the others, for example if you know that you can't win your lane, you should roam to win the late game.

Lulu : A good Lulu is able to wreck Zed the reason of it are slows, and crazy pokes..

Xerath : Skilled Match-Up this is depended on the player's skill, a better Player will win the lane, or in some cases a better jungler.

Katarina : Easy Match-Up Why is it easy? At the early game you can poke her and out-damage, but make sure always to follow her she'll try to get the kills from other lanes because she will fail against Zed

Riven : This is a skilled match up depended on the player's skill.

Talon: Medium match up his silence is sometimes annoying, but you should be able to win against him.

Akali : Skilled match-Up depended on the players skill and sometimes luck.

Kassadin : Make sure to punish him before he reaches level 6.

Pantheon : He will poke you and annoy you a lot but you can do the same, skilled Match-Up

Gragas : Skilled match up

Ziggs : This is a skilled Match-Up sometimes it is easy.

Diana : Sometimes she is problematic, make sure to tell your jungler to gank early.

Ahri : She is not a problem at all.

Kha'zix: Skilled Match-Up.

Nidalee : You will be able to win against her, most of them are passive.

Yasuo : Skilled Match-Up, where a smarter player wins.

Syndra : Most of the time Syndra is a problem.

Fizz : You should be able to defeat Fizz Easily

Anivia : A good Anivia will play passive and keep farming, this can end bad for you, you'll keep getting ganked.