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Maokai Build Guide by StriderPL

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League of Legends Build Guide Author StriderPL

Mojito (L)MAOguy [Tank+AP]

StriderPL Last updated on July 30, 2011
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Welcome, Summoners!
Lemme welcome You with a pedo smile of LMaoGuy 8D

The goal of this guide is to fill the gap on *MobaFire for detailed, competitive LMaoGuy and his place among other tanks.

The name StriderPL from EU North/East and with no unnecessary ******** I'm proud to present Mojito Maokay guide.
Lets do it!

size=64 - RMB

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[ALT+TAB] section here.

Ignore this section if You have time and need to LEARN how to Mao

Spoiler: Click to view

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Pros / Cons

* Xtremely FUN to play!"Eat my Cone!" *
* Tanky if built right *
* Big impact on the gameplay *
* Great lane control/awareness =sight ward*
* Good Initiator *
* Good Solo Laner (no ****, sherlock!) *
* Channeling spells canceler arcane smash*
* Good Pusher/Turret Smasher *
* AOE black hole for incoming DMG *
* From lvl 3-4 FAST jungler +arcane smash *
* Long time not nerfed *

* Team Dependent *
* Stuck with Clarity to be effective early *
* Need big mana pool *
* Blue buff is recommended to soak long teamfights with ulti on *
* "Unhasty" slow Ent ! *
* No natural demaciaaa/escape skill *
* " DONT PICK MAO HE'S USELESS !" :S Yeaaa, right *
* Bad fame "of 0:10 feeder, *****in' around in da jungle throwing potatos"*
* He's not a hot (.)(.) chick to be popular and get perv skins *

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Let's take a look to the primary and alternative choices about runes for LMaoGuy :


Full House of GM of Insight is my recommended choice, adding some punch to all LMaoGuy skillz. We won't go for full or even semi AP items just because his AP ratio's are not the top notch to invest all Your farm into.
, the GM of Resilience is a secondary, good choice for heavy AD oponents. It may be compared with GS of Resilience but I assure You that itemization provideas enough of armor.
, the GM of Warding is equaly good as GM of Resilience as a mark choice but seems to be more effective jus because ppl on EU just seems to fall more into the casters.


greater seal of replenishment set of GS of Replenishment compared with makes LMaoGuy happy all the early game. This runes literaly heal You by Fap Fap Magic. Moar spam = moar stacks of = moar heal. I'll explain later how to do Fap Fap urself properly.

bunch of GS of Resilience is Your top choice when You don't need extra mana regen from seals.
It's my pick when I'm babysitting a carry with me or playing ranked ahainst heavy AD.


I use specific setup on glyphs of 3 x GG of Focus and 6 x GG of Potency customized to my own needs and I recommend to You mix of those with any proporions You may want.

classic, GG of Potency is the raw AP, source of Your dmg among with Marks . I go for AP because I want to ensure that the enemy notice me as a threat and source of damage. It's necessary for me to get focused and fulfill the role of tank.

GG of Focus fills the 3 free spots in glyps because 20 AP from Quints+Glyphs
is all I need early game as a tank.

GQ of Potency is my punch source of DMG I need to control my lane. It's my fav choice for Quints. Q's are always personal choice, because they not so cheap to buy so You can fill the gap with any other You like.

the classy HP alternative that is never a bad choice, and often the factor why You hear on ALL CAPS RAGE "OMFG LUCKER 10 hp" instead of "PWND NOOB!! XAXAXA!"... *sigh*, they never learn.


8,55 Magic Penetration + 3,69 Mana regen or 12,69 Armor + 20,55 Ability Power + 2% CDR

This is my corrent mix of runes for a perfect Mojito


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These are pretty self-explanatory. The setup is standard for a tank.

*The BBCode here is involved but somehow the Materies Icons are NOT displayed.*

The reason we don't go for Nimbleness and Evasion is simple. We don't want any luck % factor to screw our ELO , because The Luck is NO EXCUSE !.

Both strenght of spirit and Expanded Mind compliment our poor (but not for long) mana pool.

The reason we skip very popular Awareness is that we start at the little golems in the jungle so we'll be half lvl ahead. More at this later on.

It's also fine to swap Insight with Meditation as You please. Whenever You solo or not.

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Items, gadgets, and all the stuff those greedy tower-divers are all about.

*sigh* I'm not a fan of item builds at all, because they're always situational.
The key is geting counter-items, not following the scheme.

Keep in mind, that beging succesful at Maokai is not about items. It's about practice and awareness. No item nor buff will be helpful until You'll learn Your skillz and limits.

Maokai is very item independet hero. I found myself still laning with with 3k gold and no deaths or recalls which is a mistake because I'm nerfing myselfwith non spent 3k gold and being vulunreable to ganks.

Don't get over excited about the items i'll recomend below. They're not buy-to-win, one and only choice. I expect You to use Your own invention and analize Your enemies.

Balanced chunk of every stat You need early. I keep it all the game because of it's benefits.


Pitstop to get these : 1345 gold
If You farmed rly well add: sight ward + = 325 gold

1* U didn't farmed that much : only 995 gold
2* Thing's went really bad - outharassed too fast : + + sight ward of total 825 gold

What's in the Core and why:
You need boots, dear Watson... otherways You'll start to put down roots with Your outstanding 310 move"speed".
Bought early keeps You in the game. This is Ammumu's tear, because after this guide he'll be unemployed since You'll realize that Maokai >> ammummu. More on this specific item later on.