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Mordekaiser Build Guide by CatGopher98

Jungle Mordekaiser Jungle: Mungle

Jungle Mordekaiser Jungle: Mungle

Updated on June 24, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CatGopher98 Build Guide By CatGopher98 92 4 157,635 Views 8 Comments
92 4 157,635 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CatGopher98 Mordekaiser Build Guide By CatGopher98 Updated on June 24, 2022
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Runes: "Power eternal."

1 2 3 4
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Champion Build Guide

Mordekaiser Jungle: Mungle

By CatGopher98
Players will flame you, enemies and teammates alike. However if you play this build right, they will regret it.
Welcome to oblivion. Welcome to Mungle.

Be sure to check out my other guides!
This is a Mungle guide, not a general Mordekaiser guide. Though you should be familiar with Mordekaiser's abilities by now, I'll give you a rundown of them and some tips on how to utilize them to their full potential.

Passive Ability
When activated, Darkness Rise creates an area around Mungle that deals damage to enemies who are in them. It is activated by damage champions and monsters 3 times with Mungle's auto attacks and abilities. You also get a tiny bit of movement speed, allowing you to kite better.
Tips: You want to keep your passive up by using all your abilities and attacks constantly. Over time, the damage dealt by your passive will be a lot, so don't underestimate it. Hitting different champions/monsters with the same ability will count as different stacks. You can use this to your advantage while engaging multiple enemy champions or monsters to activate your passive earlier.
How to Activate Passive Instantly
Q Ability
When using Obliterate, Mungle bonks everything in an area in front of him. This is your main source of damage, and it deals a lot. A simple ability, it's crucial to dueling and clearing camps. One very important part of this ability is that it deals more damage if it only lands on one enemy.
Tips: If you're clearing a camp with multiple monsters, try to focus on and only hit the biggest one. The smaller monsters will likely be killed off by your passive in the time it takes to kill the biggest one. When fighting champions, avoid hitting monsters or minions so that you can maximize Obliterate's damage. Flashing brings the Q hitbox with you, so preemptively casting Q then Flashing to a champion will still hit them.
Isolation Q Damage Demonstration How to Q + Flash
W Ability
When Indestructible is learned, the more you damage enemies, the more the bar below your health bar will be filled. This bar will decay over time, though. When casting Indestructible, you convert the bar into a decaying shield. Recasting it will heal for a decent percentage of what's left of your shield.
Tips: Early on, when you're still taking a noticeable amount of damage from camps, you can use this to alleviate the damage taken by them. This allows you to be more prepared for an invasion or to be ready for a gank or contesting a Scuttle. I would only cast this at this point when your bar is filled to maximize the shield you get from it. Since you are in the jungle all the time, you bar will likely be filled all the time. When getting into fights, you can use this right before to soak in some damage. This is great for ganking right after killing some monsters since your bar will be fresh so you can have a sizeable shield.
E Ability
Death's Grasp is your primary form of CC. You reaches out and pulls everything back in its area a certain distance. It also does a little AP.
Tips: This is primarily a ganking tool, as you can catch champion running away with this to close the distance. It's helpful in activating your passive, too. While fighting champions, you can E > Q > auto attack to use your passive extremely quicky. In the jungle, if you pull at least 3 monsters at once, it allows you to use your passive as well, making your clear a bit faster. The range of your E will always be the same. The end of your E will also always be where your mouse is. It's effectively a line segment that always intersects with yourself and ends on your mouse. Therefore, you can cast this with your mouse very close to you and your E will actually push enemies away from you if they are behind you. If you're being chased, this is a good way of stalling and escaping.
Backwards E Demonstration
Ultimate Ability
Your ultimate lets you send a champion of your choice to the Realm of Death. There, nothing can affect you from the normal realm except for turrets. You reduce your enemy's core stats and gain them yourself. If you kill your target within the duration of this ability, you even get to keep these stats as long as the enemy is dead. Keep in mind that this ability counts as CC can be blocked by spell shields and unstoppable abilities and casting it will still count as it being used. While in the realm, it can be stopped by things like Quicksilver Sash and Gangplank's orange.
Tips: Learning this ability increases your gank potential 10 fold. Not only are you able to effectively win most 1v1s, but you keep your target in a confined area, allowing your teammates to catch up to you in the case that your target doesn't die and escapes the realm. During teamfights, you can use this ult to peel for your team by sending a problematic enemy to the shadow realm. This allows your team to fight the rest of the enemies without a certain fed champ in the way. The stat stealing also gives you a fighting chance against your target. When contesting for objectives, you can target the enemy jungler if you're ahead of confident. If you kill the jungler, you can smite the objective with no problem.
Recommended Spells
If you're gonna jungle, it's out of the question not to take Smite. But you might be asking why I prefer Challenging Smite over Chilling Smite. Chilling Smite does less true damage in the beginning but eventually it will deal more as you level up. It also puts a slow on the targeted champion. Challenging Smite provides a good balance of true damage and damage reduction. For this reason, it compliments the stat steal that comes from your ult very well. Rylai's also can replace the Chilling Smite's passive with its 30% slow.
I mean, it's Flash. What else are you gonna take? Flash teleports you a short distance in the direction of your cursor. You can use this to get up close to enemies or to run away. Bear in mind that you can do this over obstacles. It's pretty much the standard "other" spell, though it's not mandatory. You can take other spells like Teleport and Ghost depending on how confident or aggressive you feel. However, you need more game sense to do so and it's not in my place to tell you to take those spells.

Alternative Spells
Teleport lets you, well, teleport to a friendly structure or minion. Though it takes time to channel, it's a global spell that even gives you some movement speed after your reach your destination. You can already guess that I'm gonna say that it's great for ganks and objective control, which is correct. This spell allows you to catch enemies by surprise or to come contest objectives in the blink of an eye. Although it's convenient to have, it has an extremely long cooldown and is not a great escape option. Therefore, it's a risky option to take this over Flash.
Similar to Flash, Ghost gives you a burst of mobility that allows you to escape from or chase down enemies. This mobility comes in the form a significant movement speed increase. It's a viable thing to take as Mungle as its effectiveness lasts longer than Flash, 10 seconds to be exact. It also extends if you get a kill or assist when it's active. This will mostly be useful if you want mobility in the long run instead of an instant teleport.
Primary Path: Precision
I'm gonna be mentioning sustain a lot this guide. Conqueror is the start of it all. For each attack or ability, Conqueror gives Mungle 2 stacks. Each stack gives bonus AP for 6 seconds. Conqueror can be stacked up to 12 times, and when you reach that point, you get healed for 9% of the damage you did to enemy champions. Basically, keep attacking and you get bonus damage and even a heal.
The more healing, the better. With Triumph, you heal for 12% of your missing health each time you get a kill or assist. You even get 20 gold.
Mungle is a very clunky and immobile champion. Therefore, getting caught in CC can be your worst nightmare. Luckily, Legend: Tenacity can help reduce the effects of CC. You start off with 5% tenacity, and very 100 points, you get an additional 2.5% up to 10 times.
Here are the point values for various actions:
    100 - Kill/assist
    100 - Epic monster kill/assist
    25 - Large monster kill
    4 - Minion kill
Last Stand gives you that 1v5 potential when you're at low health. When you're under 60% HP, you gain 5-11% increased damage depending on how low you are. You gain the maximum 11% increased damage when you are at 30% or below. Last Stand has the potential to increase your damage more than Coup de Grace, though you have to be pretty low for that to come in effect.
Secondary Path: Domination
Back to the healing. Taste of Blood is pretty straightforward. Every time you damage a champion, you heal based on your AD and AP. The healing done increases as you level up. It's basically omnivamp that scales according to your level.
Ravenous Hunter does what Legend: Bloodline couldn't: include abilities. Instead of offering lifesteal, Ravenous Hunter gives you omnivamp, which lets you heal from both auto attacks and abilities. Each time you get a kill or an assist, you get a stack that gives you 1.5% more omnivamp. Ravenous Hunter can be stacked up to 5 times. Get kills, get omnivamp.

Attack Speed gives you 10% bonus attack speed. Great for those auto attacks after your abilities, which synergizes well with Legend: Alacrity and Nashor's Tooth.
Adaptive Force gives you 9 more ability power, which is the obvious choice since Mungle goes AP.
Armor 6 more armor, which scales better than health. Good against champions that do physical damage.

Alternative Runes
Note: This isn't its own rune page, just several options that you can swap with from the original one above. You should always follow the original closely, unless you want all 3 minor Domination runes.
I know you want to go Domination just for the Eyeball Collection. Regardless, Electrocute is one of the best options to take. Hitting an enemy with 3 different auto attacks/abilities in 3 seconds deals bonus damage. Not only can you combo 3 attacks/abilities extremely quickly as Mungle, but your passive also activates after 3 attacks/abilities. The downside is that you need to be consistent in hitting your Q and E, which can be quite hard since they are clunky. If you aren't confident in your ability to do so or are facing particularly mobile champions, you should forgo going Domination as your primary path.
Eyeball Collection gives you 2 extra AP every time you score a kill or assist. You can do this up to 10 times, where you will be rewarded with a bonus 10 AP upon completing it. Replacing one of the two Domination runes sacrifices healing for more damage, unless you decide to take Domination as a primary path.
Taking Legend: Alacrity was a hard choice since Bloodline offers lifesteal. However, lifesteal only works with auto attacks, so it's not as valuable as omnivamp or general healing. You can stack Alacrity once every 100 points. The points you earn are the same for all Legend runes. You start with a flat amount of 3% more attack speed, and increase by 1.5% for each additional stack. You can stack Alacrity up to 10 times. This is really good for following up with auto attacks after using your abilities. If you want to use this effectively, do stuff to gain more attack speed.
Coup de Grace (pronounced "Coo de Grah," not "Coop de Grace," you idiot) lets you deal 8% more damage to champions with less than 40% health. It's as simple as that. This is good for Mungle since he is naturally a bruiser that has a bigger health pool than many other champions. His damage output lets him gain an upper hand once the conditions for Coup de Grace are met.
Adaptive Force in your Offense shard slot gives you 9 AP. Combined with the Adaptive Force in your Flex slot, which you should always take, you gain 18 extra AP. Keep in mind that you sacrifice the 10% extra attack speed.
Early Items
The Emberknife is one of the two jungle starter items. After 5 Smites, it upgrades the spell into a Challenging Smite, dealing true damage to champions and reducing damage taken from your target. This is recommended over Hailblade/Chilling Smite not only because of this, but because it also synergizes really well with the stat steal that comes from your ult.
Another typical jungle item, the Refillable Potion is an item that helps with early-game sustain. Though you take less damage than some junglers when clearing camps, having this will give you an edge when looking for early ganks, contesting a Scuttle, or getting invaded.
This isn't necessary, though there's no drawback to it. Grabbing a Stealth Ward, leaving spawn as soon as possible, and warding the lone bush in the middle of the bot river allows you see an invade coming through that direction in advance. If your bot laners watch the other side of the river, you will probably not be caught off-guard before your first camps spawn. As soon as you place the ward, find a safe place to back and buy an Oracle Lens.
Essential to a jungler's kit, the Oracle Lens allows you to reveal a variety of hidden things, most importantly, wards or traps. In general, this should be used while ganking or checking an objective like the dragon pit. It can also be used to sweep areas with known wards or traps.
You should be buying Control Wards often for vision control around objectives. After your first clear, you need to buy one as dragon will likely be up soon. A Control Ward provides vision and disables other wards. Not only does it reveal wards, but it also reveals traps as well. Having Control Wards is crucial for contesting for objectives.

Main Build
Riftmaker is hands down the best mythic item for Mungle. It most notably provides a high amount of AP and omnivamp. It also gives all other items bonus AP and omnivamp. This is great for sustain, which other aspects of this build complement.
Sorcerer's Shoes give you an edge over your enemies in the form of magic penetration. This counters champions' built in MR and is especially handy when they build MR items.
Mungle might be primarily AP, but his auto attacks are also effective. Nashor's Tooth only increases their effectiveness by ramping up Mungle's attack speed and enhancing each auto with bonus AP damage. It also gives a ton of raw AP for you to play with. An overall good item, this should be bought first if you're facing a squishy team due to its raw AP and fast, empowered auto attacks.
Zhonya's Hourglass is an extremely useful tool for overall survivability while still giving you some AP. If you're getting one-shot or bursted to death, Zhonya's can stall for time and ultimately prevent that from happening. While in stasis, your passive can still work as well.
Mungle is an AP bruiser, so he needs some defense. Demonic Embrace gives you a good health bonus of 350 while also providing a decent amount of AP. Its passive as also very effective, as it burns enemies for percent max HP. Depending on the enemy team comp, Demonic Embrace and Nashor's Tooth are interchangeable. If the enemy team is particularly squishy, buy Nashor's first. If they are more tanky, buy Demonic Embrace first for the percent-health burn.
Just like the previous item, Rylai's Crystal Scepter also gives you the same amount of HP. It also comes with a good amount of AP. The passive of this item is very useful for catching enemies since it gives them a slow. Mungle is a very clunky champion so this helps him increase his chances of landing his abilities with no real downsides.
The Elixir of Sorcery is something you should buy only if you are full-build. Although the mana regeneration is useless, it gives 50 extra AP. It also deals 25 true damage each time you simply effect an enemy champion. Who doesn't like a little damage?

Alternative Items
Riftmaker will always be the best mythic for Mungle due to its sustain. However, the Hextech Rocketbelt can be a close second if used correctly. Not only does it give more raw AP, but it also lets you dash forward since it's an active item. This is useful as a jungler since you could use the dash to gain an upper hand while ganking. However, you must keep in mind that you ultimately lose all of that sweet omnivamp, which is arguably more effective in the long run.
Sometimes, the game doesn't go your way. If you're behind or you're getting beat up by a fed champion, defensive boots would be helpful. Plated Steelcaps are good against champions who deal physical damage because of its armor and passive, which reduces damage from auto attacks.
Fed mages can also be a pain in the *** because of their AP and sometimes, seemingly infinite chains of CC. Mercury's Treads can help remedy that. As a defensive item, it gives you more magic resist to deal with the AP and tenacity so that you aren't disabled for too long.
Cosmic Drive offers many things that Mungle needs. It has AP for that sweet Q damage, health to embrace your inner bruiser, and even movement speed so that you can keep your enemies in your passive and auto attack them, which works well with Nashor's Tooth's attack speed buff and Rylai's Crystal Scepter's slow.
If you're doing well, enemies might react by building items with magic resist. To break them, you'll need some more magic penetration. The Sorcerer's Shoes you likely bought will help, but the Void Staff will increase the effectiveness of your AP damage against these items by a lot.
Rabadon's Deathcap gives you a truckload of raw AP, 120 to be exact. It also increases your total AP by 35%. If you're really fed or ahead, this is a fun item to play around with. Your Q will be doing a massive amount of damage, and you'll definitely notice it. However, keep in mind that it offers nothing else, so you would be giving up the defense and utility that other items could provide.
Going back to crutch items, if you're facing champions who heal a bit too much for your taste, you can buy the item that nobody can pronounce, the Morellonomicon. First of all, you should never immediately full-buy this. You can rush the Oblivion Orb, but its healing reduction is all you would need at the moment. Save the full item at the end, since you could be building more useful items in the meantime.
If you want to go more defensive, Thornmail is an alternative to the Morellonomicon. It gives you 60 armor and 350 health, which is a good amount of both stats. More notably, it also lets you curse your enemies with healing reduction. Although it's a different item, the same rule about full-buying applies to Thornmail, but with Bramble Vest instead of Oblivion Orb.
Another defensive item you can buy is the Spirit Visage. It gives you a huge amount of health, some MR and CDR, and 100% base health regeneration. I've talked a lot about different forms of healing, but this allows you to leave a fight and come back with full HP. However, besides the slight ability haste, this gives no offensive application. More health also scales more poorly when compared to armor.
If you're full-build but still have no self-confidence, you can consume the Elixir of Iron. It gives you an extra 300 health, 25% tenacity, and a path of iron that gives your teammates 15% more movement speed. However, it makes your hitbox 15% bigger, making your fat-*** easier to hit. I don't blame you for buying this though. After all, Mungle is the Iron Revenant. I just hope you're not stuck in Iron, too.
You can start either side, though I generally prefer blue. This is because the Blue Buff works better with your kit and it takes less time to clear.

If you're starting blue, follow this path:
Blue Buff, Gromp, Wolves, Raptors, Red Buff, Look to gank/invade, Scuttle, Look to gank/invade, Krugs

If you're starting red, do this:
Red Buff, Krugs, Raptors, Wolves, Blue Buff, Look to gank/invade, Scuttle, Look to gank/invade, Gromp

If you kite your camps out well, you can reach the Scuttle before it spawns if you start blue. You should save a Smite for the Scuttle to secure it.

After you clear your camps, back and buy a Control Ward. Do your camps and ward the dragon pit if you're close to it.

Generally, your clear is pretty good. It's not the fastest at first, but you take minimal damage. As the game progresses, your clear will become much faster due to your AoE abilities.

How to Clear Blue and Gromp at the Same Time
You won't be a very gank-heavy jungler due to your clear not being as fast as other champions. However, your ganks themselves are strong due to your R. Pre-6, you have to use your E to pull the enemy champion(s) in. Although the area of your E is sizeable, it's slow and easily dodged. You also have no other means of CC so you have to rely on your team's utility and damage. You can also use Rocketbelt's active dash if you bought it.

Your ultimate is an incredibly powerful ganking tool. If you have it learned and you are ganking, you should ult on the enemy as soon as possible. If you are ganking bot, you should generally ult the adc first. If your target is kind of far, you can use your E to bring them closer to you, then ult. Unless someone is particularly fed, you should be able to kill them or at the very least get them low. If your target survives, you or your laner should be able to finish them off unless the enemy has a lot of mobility. Since your ult keeps the enemy champion in a confined space, this gives your teammates time to catch up if they are straggling behind so that they can assist you in the case that you can't get a kill.
League of Legends Build Guide Author CatGopher98
CatGopher98 Mordekaiser Guide
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Mordekaiser Jungle: Mungle

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