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Morgana Build Guide by tristanbob

Support Morgana: Support with Tank (stop laughing)

By tristanbob | Updated on December 20, 2012

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Cooldown reduction = Shield your team more often, and trap their team more often.

Auras = Help your team passively just by being near them (and near enemies)

Tanky support = Get in the middle of fights to ensure auras are reaching targets.

You will be targeted early because most enemies will be used to squishing Morgana, and they get excited if she gets too close. Always be ready for a quick black shield on yourself.

This build has more armor than magic resist, but if you consider that the Black Shield only blocks magic damage, then this build is actually quite balanced defensively.

Team fight = Stay behind the leading champ, but don't get to far away. Your auras will help your team and hurt the enemy team, as long as you are close enough. Once you see that the main action has started, place tormented soil under the enemy team. Now walk in the middle of the fight and launch your ultimate. Use your black shield on yourself if you get targeted, but if not, then use it on the teammate that does the most damage. If the enemy team splits up to avoid your ultimate, follow the enemy champion that does the most damage. If the enemy champ is likely to escape your ultimate, use the Bind to keep them in range.

Solo kill = My favorite time to kill people is by acting like you are scared and running away. Once they start attacking you, fire up Black Shield, immediately follow with Tormented Soil, then Bind them, then use your Ultimate while walking towards their escape path. They may try to flash out of range, so if necessary use Ignite and auto-attacks to finish them off.

Always try to buy 1 sight ward after every visit to the store. If you are playing against Teemo, then instead purchase invisible sight wards so you can destroy his mushrooms hiding in the brush.
League of Legends Build Guide Author tristanbob
tristanbob Morgana Guide

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