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Morgana Build Guide by Vannish

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vannish

Morgana - The Angel from the Hell

Vannish Last updated on June 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
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Utility: 21

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Hello everyone this is my first build. Why Morgana? This have been my first character in all game, I've back play with her some time ago and I made good scores! Here is some examples:

In the 5 vs 5 game I've goed Solo Mid, and believe me she is a great midler.
Morgana is not seen a lot of times but if u know how to play with her u will be OP.

ALWAYS REMEMBER! Guide, is just to Guide u getting better with Morgana, use it just as a reference and make something at ur own style. Thanks for read, I hope u like it.

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Changes that Riot Games made to Morgana:

Black Shield magic damage absorbed adjusted to 95/160/225/290/355 from 100/150/200/250/300 (Not a big change but now it helps more againist Spell Casters)
Hextech Revolver spell vamp reduced to 15% from 20% (Bad News to Early Game :/)

Changes that I've made to my Guide/Build:

- Some error corrections. (2011/06/20)
- Add Changes Title. (2011/06/21)
- Itens changed (2011/06/21) (Recommended by: Chaotic Bliss)
- Add Tips & Tricks Title. (2011/06/21)
- Add Abyssal Scepter & Haunting Guise to Alternative itens. (2011/06/21)

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Pros / Cons


- High Skill Damage Rates
- SSS (Snare, Slow & Stun)
- Anti CC Shield
- Good Farmer
- Good for First Blood
- Can use Ulti on stealthed units
- Good All Lanes


- A Bit Squishy
- High Cooldowns
- Easy to Counter her ulti stun, with and using skills like disable imunes(Ex: , Teleports [Ex:) and Itens like

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Greater Seal of Vitality

These are my main runes:

Mark of Insight - Is Essencial to use that Runes, Magic Penetration in Mark is the only Mark that u must use.

Seal of Vitality - Almost Essencial, is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to use that, helps ur Squishiness go away =D

Glyph of Force
- There are many choices to Glyph but I think that's the best choice because more AP = More Damage ^^

Quintessence of Potency - Don't need to use it, that are other runes that are good too


- I don't recommend it but if u have a lot of Mana Problems, its OK.
- Cdr is good too here because of the High CoolDown of the skils
- Is good too if u don't have any problems with AP early game
- If u feel squishy, use it.

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Obviously is 9-0-21, just don't move it, All the Spell Casters may have this, this give u Magic Penetration, AP per Level, Cooldown reduction, MP5 and even more exprience when kill.


Why dont u use Greed?

Morgana is a hard Farmer so she don't need greed, 30 minutes of greed = Kill 7 minions, that is really easy to Morgana to do.

Why use Utility Masterie?

I've to choose between Greed, Utility Mastery and Expanded Mind. I've explained why not greed, Expanded Mind is just good with High Mana characters, not the case of Morgana, so Utility Mastery can be great, when get Baron ou Blue Buff. The blue buff will help u a lot in the game. If u have farming problems (Strange! Oo) u can use greed instead of 2 points in Utility Mastery.

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Summoner Spells

Recommended Spells:

- The base Spell for almost everyone, good to run and to catch, save us and destroy the others a lot of times, in my opinion the best Spell on game.

- In Early game a lot of People will escape with 50- HP if u dont have it, in mid/late game will counter HP Regen Tanks (Ex: ) and Healers [Ex: )

Usable Spells:

- Can use instead of Ignite, but it cannot counter HP Regen Tanks neither Healers, the less recomended of the 3 spells.

- Good Farm tool and to control the Lanes. it will help u get money faster , and help u protect more ur turrets

- Good to run away and to catch enemies, not the better spell to Morgana.

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Early GameStart with , it will give u the AP, HP and MP5 u need to survive and kill, u will just get 300 MS, but is better than buy shoes.

First "B" - Buy , finally u get the speed u need and some potions to help u

In ur second B buy to have more MS and Magic Penetration, and to give u some Spell Vamp early game.

Mid Game

Now we will start with to give us an AP boost and after that Great! It will help ur team because of Aura and will make u have 60% Spell Vamp! Really Great, some AD characters just get 25%/50% lifesteal! It makes Morgana and allies absorb a lot of life.

Late Game

100 AP + 50 Armor + God Active! When to use it?

- Do u know when u get ganked and ur TeamMates are going to u but not at time? Shield + Flash and when they catch u again use Zhonya's!
- Do u know when u are with Low-Life (and ur enemy too) in a 1 vs 1, AoE, Ultimate and Zhonya!

, why Rylai's CS? It will make a perfect combination with ur ultimate, double slow will give no time to the enemies to escape

Alternative Itens:

Hp, Mana and AP, what do u need more?
If there is a feed tank in the enemy team, that's great to counter his Magic Resist!
Just in rare cases, like if 4 of ur 5 enemies run like the hell
Good Item too! U have a little Mana Problems? SOLVED! Do u need AP? SOLVED!
AP, Magic Resist and Aura Magic Penetration, can be a good item, but a bit expensive.
Really Cheap and gives Some HP, AP and give 20 Magic Penetration! Can be good, if u are in a Long Game and need to sell Doran's Ring, buy it!

The alternative itens can be good, but believe that the other are better ...

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Skill Sequence

Why to use first? Believe me, if u play good, and got a not tank/healer enemy u certainly make the First Blood, why shield lvl 3? That's when the most champions win Crowd Control Effects, u have to try have a god start, if u have it u will get feed faster than the other, so u will help more the team, and have a better score, Morgana is good ganker so gank with her as soon as possible to get more kills, at lvl 12 get the bluebuff.

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Tips & Tricks

In that part of the Guide I'll tell u about some Tricks to use and some Tips to help u kill.

- Try to make ur enemy go away from minions, that u help u Snare them.
- Use ur AoE to restore HP when u have a lot of Mana but not so great quantity of HP (Just work when u have a great quantity of SpellVamp)
- Don't start team fights, u too squishy for that
- If no tank in team u can start a team fight when have Zhonya HourGlass, just need to: Activate Shield on u -> Flash to Enemies -> Activate Ultimate -> Use Zhonya HourGlass