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Morgana Build Guide by flametrover

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League of Legends Build Guide Author flametrover

morgana- the queen of 3v3 supporting

flametrover Last updated on April 6, 2012
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Hello guys. I'm Flametrover and I'm a (hopefully) skilled Morgana player on the EU West server. This guide is going to be about my MOST FAVOURITE LoL champion - MORGANA . Even though I mostly play 5v5's this guide is oriented around the not so popular Twisted Tree line.
Oh and pls don’t get angry about my grammar I don’t live in a English-speaking country nor did I ever go to any :P. I will try to make this guide as best as i can ( well I'll try anyway) because this is my first one.

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Pros / Cons

+ Good farmer
+ Excellent support
+ Remarkable damager

- Mana-hungry (that is why the Greater Seal of Clarity )
- Vulnerable when shield is on CD
- Enemies can escape her ultimate easily when not timed right

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Marks: These are the only marks for Morgana or any other mage char. If you don’t own these then BUY THESE!

Seals: The best seals for mages in my opinion. I generally use these.
Flat armor seals are good on Morgana only on 3v3 because more that 50% Twisted Tree line picks are AD.

Glyphs: The BEST glyphs for Morgana nuf said.

Quintessences: I prefer these but you can go with too.
If you feel like you're too squishy or just want to have 72 HP more then be my quest.

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Summoner Spells

My choice:

- The BEST, MOST USEFULL, and MOST OP spell in the game. You have to pick it.

- This spell is not so good for 5v5 but it is really good in 3v3 most teams have at least 1 in they’re team composition. You are the support so you should pick it.

- If you didn’t pick then pick ignite it helps you get off that last 100 DMG to get that first blood and late game its use to counter champs like , or life stealers like , or

Other useful spell on Morgana:

- It is a must for Twisted tree line and if no one in you’re team wants to pick it then you can.

- Good when you have mana problems

- I don’t like it but maybe you doo

- Good if you know how to use it good

- This is a personal reference but i don’t think you need it thx to

Bad spells(on morgana):

- Not on 3v3!

- Why would you pick this?

- Jungle morgana is not really that good you know....

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-- One of the best passives in the game and it fits Morgana perfectly it allows you to stay in lane as long as you want along with

-- This is you’re main spell. The ability to land this skill-shot separates the bad and good Morgana’s. The projectile speed is slow so you have to fire it in the direction you think the opponent will go. Oh and it has really good AP ratings (90%) so this spell will do really good DMG mid and late game.

-- You’re farming spell. You max this spell first because it lets you farm freely ( on rank 3 it can kill the caster minions all by itself). It also works great together with you’re passive . Try to place it under the caster minions at lower levels, on larger levels or when trying to heal with spellwamp try to place in under the whole minion wave. This spell together with you’re Dark Binding is you’re main combo. Land Dark Binding and place under you’re victim ( try to land it a little behind theme because they will go backwards 85% of the time)

-- OP, nuf said.

-- The reason why you’ll will almost every team fight in the game, the only problem is that the enemy can run or flash out of range before you can land the stun so its good to combine it with skill like , or .

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The reason why you’ll will almost every team fight in the game, the only problem is that the enemy can run or flash out of range before you can land the stun so its good to combine it with skill like

If you’re a skilled LoL layer then you should know that you can newer buy the same items but you should build according to the enemy team ( example the enemy buys you should buy or )

You’re solid build should be Kage’s Lucky Pick for the gold income, , + or .


Magic resist-