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Kha'Zix Build Guide by ObsidianLazarus

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ObsidianLazarus

Mr. Locust~ The people's assassin.

ObsidianLazarus Last updated on October 2, 2012
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Kha'Zix Build

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Minor Introduction

This is my first ever entry onto Mobafire. Feel free to pick it apart, but do please give advice when you do so. I'm quite a low level, only 13 I believe, so this guide will only show what I know. Due to my level, jungling is extremely difficult for me and laning has given much better results. I will attempt to explain as much as I can about this build as I go along. Honestly, the only reason I decided to make this is because I'm not too good, and I usually go to Mobafire to find a guide to help me out, when I discovered Kha'Zix hadn't been added yet, I had to wing it. I've been having some pretty good success with it so far. This is all available for change, and as I try different things, I will build differently.

And just to show you an example of this build optimized,(I wish I could take a screenshot of the scoreboard.) I'm the Kha'Zix on the left, notice the enemy Kha'Zix's build.

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General Thoughts

The better runes are not available to me until level 20, so I suggest you look at another guide or build runes to your liking.

I select Void Spike first because while Taste Their Fear is his bread and butter, it helps only for ganking. Void Spike allows you to have a nice poke that does a surprising amount of harassment.

I suggest evolving Void Spike, then Taste Their Fear, then Leap.

I grab Sheen as soon as possible because spamming Void Spike will completely drain your mana, and it lets you build nicely into Trinity Force. The idea for this build is Crit chance, Attack speed, and Attack damage. Very little attention is given to defense.

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Pro / Cons

-Incredibly fast
-Reliable turret diving
-Hard to chase, hard to lose
-Beautiful gank capability
-Excellent Jungler
-1v1 champion

~~~~~~~ Pros/Cons ~~~~~~~ Cons
-Terribly squishy
-Mana hungry early game
-Not as reliable against more enemies

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Grab Sapphire Crystal out of spawn, grab a Health Potion or two to start off. Don't visit the shop again until you can afford Sheen, as the Amplifying Tome won't be of much use to you. This item will give you longer lane sustain as you will be spamming Void Spike.

An alternative is to buy Vampiric Scepter, this is more aggressive and will allow you to build into The Bloodthirster earlier.
Early Game
Kha'Zix is naturally fast, but you can make him insanely fast if you pick up Boots of Swiftness, these will allow you to chase fleeing champions, and escape easier.

I suggest to fit more snugly with this build, to buy Berserker's Greaves.

Because all of your abilities are powered by AD, I suggest grabbing Phage before Zeal.

Obviously, if you opted for Vampiric Scepter, you should be saving for the B.F.Sword
Core Build
: an infinitely useful item for all.
: Gives Mr.Locust the damage and life steal he does so well with.
: Once again, everything an assassin needs, with the damage helping a lot.
:A large boost to AD, plus an increase in crit chance, which is always good.
:Mr.Locust needs all the attack speed he can get.
: An incredible item for all assassins, increased attack speed, movement speed and crit chance.
Viable items
:So, you may be thinking, why would I use this? The life steal is good and so is the damage, and even the active is nice, but why? If I want that stuff I'll get a better item?
Void Spike. Gunblade will increase the healing done by this, PLUS add extra healing from it, giving you the ability to have insane lane sustain. This will in a nutshell allow you to trade mana for health

:For the angry ganker.

: Chances are, this won't be too useful 1v1 as they'll be dead before they have time to lose armor, but this can help in team fights.

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Ability Explanation

Unseen Threat: A great passive for an assassin. If an enemy champion does not have a line of sight on you, you gain bonus damage and slow upon the next hit you deal against a champion. Bushes are your friends. During a fight, the closer you are to brush, the more cloaking you can gain, and damage you can deal.
Taste Their Fear: An hit enhancing attack, also perfect for an assassin. This ability does a small amount of extra damage to enemies normally, but increases damage significantly if the enemy is isolated from allies. Enemies that are isolated will have a radius around them, showing you who is available.
Evolving Taste Their Fear will improve damage to isolate enemies even more, taking an additional 12% of their health, and adds range to this attack and his basic. Kha'Zix is NOT someone you want to 1v1. I suggest evolving this second. This evolution increases the size of Mr.Locust's blades.

Void Spike: Mr. Locust's poke. This skill is great because it allows Kha'Zix to deal with pesky ranged champions who harass you from afar. The attack has a small AoE that blooms into a small circle, dealing equal damage to all enemies equally. If Kha'Zix is in the AoE, he gains a small amount of health, improving his lane sustainability.
Evolving Void Spike allows it to use Unseen Threat from a distance, and allows Void Spike to be fired into three directions from your champion. It is an excellent poke, and firing from bushes at minion waves can soften them extremely quick. I suggest evolving this first. This evolution adds spikes to Mr.Locust's shoulders.

Leap: The movement ability. This is why I don't have Flash on Kha'Zix. I feel like it does everything Flash does, but better. Just as the ability is named, Kha'Zix leaps to a target area, dealing AoE damage where he lands. This is used to close the gap between escaping prey, surprise enemies from brush, or do the escaping yourself! This ability allows obstacles to be cleared, leaving your enemies behind with well placed leaps.
Evolving Leap increases the range significantly. You will be an extremely difficult target to pursue. Also, killing an enemy or gaining an assist on an enemy results in Leap going off cool down, ready to use again. I may be mistaken, but I believe you do not have to kill the enemy with Leap for it to count toward it's cool down. This makes risky tower dives much easier, as killing the enemy then jumping into the jungle can save your skin.I suggest getting this third. This evolution grows wings out of Mr.Locust, and changes the way he moves, adding an additional bunny hop every few steps.

Void Assault: The dual purpose ult. Unfortunately, I only use it for one purpose. Void Assault cloaks Kha'Zix for a short time, increasing his movement speed by 40%. It can be used twice before it goes on cool down. I use this combined with Ghost to escape from a bad gank, or close in on a fast enemy. Well timed activations can completely juke your pursuers.
Evolving Void Assault results in gaining an additional cloak to be used, maxing at 3, and taking 40% reduced damage while cloaked. This makes turret diving and escaping significantly easier.I usually don't get this one, as I feel the other three are more important. This evolution turns Mr.Locust's skin pinkish.

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Closing Word

I'm still new and learning, please if you have any suggestions, post them, even if it's just a new item to try. People do those screenshots of their match history, well here's my terrible one. :3

I'll be constantly updating this, as I get(hopefully) better.