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Ezreal Build Guide by mrDonGreek

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mrDonGreek

mr****reek/Frezzaholic's AD builds for pro and new Ezreals

mrDonGreek Last updated on November 18, 2011
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This is my first build, so leave constructive criticism if you didn't like it.
In this guide I have 2 builds for Ezreal.
The first one is for the summoners who have mastered Ezreal.
The second one is for the summoners who are new to Ezreal, that is why the second build has so much mana.

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Pros / Cons


Perfect Mid.
Spammable skills.
Great escape mechanism.
Great hunter.
Great early game Nuker.
Awesome Ulti.
Best dance in the game.
Fun to play.

One of the best passives in the game.


No CC!
Vulnerable to CC.
Targeted first.
Hard to master.
Slight mana issues.

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Skill Sequence

is one of the best passives in the game. You are a carry and you need that attack speed. This passive is great for this kind of build since I am more of a spamming Ezreal player, so I can raise my attack speed quickly.
Your best skill. Needs very little mana, low cooldown, does a LOT of dmg, the damage of the skill also depends on your AD(Scales 100%) + 0,2 from every point in your AP and removes all your other cooldowns by 1 second. Applies on hit effects e.g. lifesteal / Sheen / Buffs / ..
Isn't it awesome?

Damage (70% AP scaling) and raises allies attack speed and slows enemies attack speed respectively. It is very useful in big fights cause it helps the team and gives stacks for your passive and it is easy to aim in big fights cause it does not stop into a single champion, it goes through to it's maximum range every time. If you don't have your ultimate available OR you don't want to use it, use this to help your team out.
Blinks to a nearby location and damages the nearest enemy unit for the normal damage + bonus damage from AP (75% scale). Can be used as an escape tool too, blinking over walls or even from bush to bush to confuse the enemy, all in all, a great skill
Across the map ultimate, what I regard as a "sniping" skill, since you can practically snipe running people with it. Has a lot of damage (100% AD scaling + 90% AP scale) and can be used for people recalling/taking buffs/stealing dragon and/or baron or the most preferable way, in a team fight, because it charges your passive ability almost always to full making you deadlier.

Important advice

Traveling Time for the ultimate(Includes the time it takes to cast it):
-It takes about 12 Seconds to travel from your base to the enemy basement.
-It takes about 7 Seconds to travel from your base to the enemies Red and Blue buffs.
-It takes about 5 Seconds to Travel from Mid Lane to one of the Sidelanes.

-If the enemy is going to recall at a tower and you know it BUT you don't see it, try to aim it so that it hits behind the turret and the edge just scratches the turret.

-If you start to doubt using your ultimate, don't. You shouldn't have doubts about your ultimate. If you have hesitations about it killing or hitting the enemy, it's better to save it than waste it, unless it's a sure win or something like that, but still I wouldn't recommend spamming your ultimate away whenever you see a chance.

-If a stronger enemy, possibly a feeded one, is coming to kill you and you know that there are few chances to kill him it's good to launch the ulti straight away, and blink away from him. This might make him retreat or give you the precious time to escape. But you must launch the ultimate before he starts to hit you! Trust me, it has worked for me a few times, but rarely. So don't rely on it to save your ***!

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These items I think are the best for Ezreal. I have tried many combinations and I think that these are the best ones for him.

is a must for ezreal, since the proc from it is godly amount of bonus damage for you. The other things it gives are somewhat of a godsend for Ezreal. Health and mana? I'll take it. Critical chance and movement speed bonus? Hellz yeah! The slow from phage and the attack speed are some nice bonuses which don't affect THAT much, but are still very, very nice.

I like a lot because of the extra damage and lifesteal that you will get. With 40 creep kills the item gives you +40 extra damage and +10% extra lifesteal on top of the 60 AD and 15% LS you already have, but remember that dying will make you lose the stacks!

Imagining the bonuses of 2 Bloodthirsters with maximum stacks make me giggle.

I sometimes buy the as my first item if I see that the enemy champions are squishy or bad.

Reminder: Don't buy this item if you are dying, it will come back to bite you in the *** if you are not kicking ***. This is the same with all of the items that stack, if you do good then you will do even better with these, but if you are doing bad you will do most likely even worse with these.

This the bread and butter of Ezreal, gives nice proc damage and you can build it from your sapphire crystal. Just the damage from your Q and the procced autoattack will do a hefty chunk to your opponents health.

This is an awesome item to pretty much every AD champion in the game. This should require zero explanations about why it's in the build.

This is generally a good item for squishies but the build has no spaces left and I don't feel like I require a defensive item for the first build but new players may want to take it(Build 2).

Is not part of the build, since the red buff will do the slowing with the effects of the Trinity Force.

and are good options for both builds. If the team is building hp and not armor, then you could go with madred's bloodrazor. You can go with a phantom dancer to replace your boots, since you get so much movement speed bonus from Trinity Force and Phantom Dancer.

Also you can build a instead of a it really depends on the enemy champions. If they have 2 or more champions building armor, then you should buy a Last Whisper. If there is only a single tank or a champion building armor, then you are better off with a Black Cleaver, since the bonus AS and AD with that 45 armor penetration will tear any beefy DPS or squishy carry to bits.
EDIT: I have found out that if the enemy has more than 112,5 armor is better, if they lower than 112,5 then is better.

is a good option instead of the first .It gives both AP and AD + Spell Vamp and Lifesteal. I usually go with this item if the enemy team is built like (Tank, Support, Squishy, Squishy, Squishy), since it gives tremendeous damage, BUT a tanky team will render it useless.

You can change some of the items if you don't like them or prefer something else, it's up to you. If you prefer to build a single defensive item to every champion, I'm not stopping you. And you can also replace your boots with Mercury Treads, if they have a ton of CC.

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Summoner Spells

This is my favourite summoner spell. With this I can either double blink to safety or double blink to chase with
is always good at finishing off enemies after blinking with and using your skill combo.
Awesome for backdooring and almost the best summoner spell for mid, since you can do a fast recall and get back in to the lane without losing much exp and money.
are also good options for Ezreal.

Personally I play with

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You can use alternative runes for example critical chance and critical damage .
I have listed numerous choices for Glyphs and Seals, which I think that are useful for Ezreal. You can also use critical chance or critical damage Glyphs and Seals, as they're not a bad choice.

For Quintessences I would go either with or the Armor Pen ones.

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As soon as you hit 6 lvl and you have gold for a recall back and buy it and start checking out for ganks.
In team ganks it's good to use ultimate and so your team will have the advantage right from the start.

Don't gank if they haven't overextended a lot or are hugging a turret, you will be just wasting EXP and gold in the trip, unless they are like at 50 hp and won't recall.


-You are most likely one of the main DD's in a fight, so act like it and be aware of the responsibility you have to take for your team and always participate in teamfights somehow, whether it's active fighting or using your ultimate on a few enemies or buffing your AD people with your Essence Flux and always ALWAYS focus enemy carries.

-You are squishy, so play safe all the time and never overextend, you will most likely be dead if you do so.

-Always have an eye on the map and watch enemy's movements because you can never rely on your allies calls for 100%.

-Never push a lane too far alone, be sure when backdooring a lane, you don't want to die when it's late game, since you are the carry.

-In teamfights never chase enemy heroes while some are still alive, you will get focused and you will be killed.

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Enemy champions in mid and chances to dominate

First of all it depends on the enemies skills and skill level. These are not accurate. It's from personal experience. So don't expect much that is going to help you significantly. It's just to tell you the difficulty of the enemy champion that might be coming mid and what to expect of them.

He's kind of a difficult hero to face in mid. If he is targeting you with his skills then you shouldn't let him combo you, if you let him stun you, you are going to either die or be left at 1/3 of your health. 60/40

As I like to call him the Invincikaiser, he is well played an almost immortal character in mid. 85/15

If the enemy is skilled, you will have a hard time mid. Avoid the silences and don't charge him when he has his ultimate available or you will pay hard.65/35

Hard to tell who has the upper hand here. Usually Ezreal is better but a highly skilled Lux is a problem....a big one 45/55

I find this champion very hard for Ezreal, actually for almost every champion. 70/30

This champion will cause you unimaginable pain, she bounces in, does high damage, bounces back. 85/15

I think ezreal is better just keep on avoiding the Lay Wastes and blink over the Wall of Pain or go around and be mindful of his ultimate, don't challenge him with low hp. 40/60

Ezreal has got the advantage here, but you need some extra potions to dominate him and his silences. Patience is the key here. 30/70

Don't get stunned, that's all I can say. Should be easy going from there and remember to blink out of the ultimate. 40/60

Don't challenge her from up close, spam Q from a distance and watch her melt like butter. 35/65

Not such a big deal, just avoid the Q and possibly you want to blink away from her ultimate to avoid getting Frostbited for 2x damage. Her passive ability makes turret diving her extremely hard, so be careful! 30/70

Stay behind minions to avoid getting hit by Volley and blink if she starts to kite you with Frost Shot. Again just spam Q and watch the awesomeness happen. 30/70

She has superior range over you and a powerful lock down spell, don't step on the traps when low hp or you can be caught in her Q spell. Other than that avoid the Q and don't stay at too low health, because of her ultimate. 30/70

Random midder, you can't really do nothing here but farm, since he heals from minions kills for so much health that harassing him is a waste of time. 50/50

Really squishy, should be really easy, just avoid his ultimate when he gets it. 30/70

Doesn't have high damage, but a healing spell and a silence and a fear. Watch out for the CC combo or you will be into a unwanted amount of damage.

He has superior pushing in lanes, because of the turrets, but he can't really do much damage to you. If he maxes the Rockets and/or the Blinding grenade you should have somewhat of a easier time pushing, but you take more damage. Try to stay behind minions, if he does this. 35/65

Really squishy again, don't get caught in the slow + the additional range attacks too much. Should be your dominance. 40/60

This should be yours, since she can only autoattack and Double Up you through minions, you can dodge her ulti with flash and blink. 30/70

Really hard, because she can throw the ball far and do some hefty damage with the slow + ball throw. Just keep your cool and dodge those balls. 60/40

Harass him early to guarantee an easy victory in your lane. Can do a lot of damage with his spellcombo but a fast blink away will mitigate the damage. 40/60

You need to see if she is pro or not. By this I mean can she use her Spell Shield? If she can you have to be very deceiving and unpredictable. 20/80

Should be quite easy, but she can escape from you and you can escape from her. Just don't get knocked into the turret by her. 40/60

If he is an AP Tf he has strong Wild Cards and Pick a Cards but his autoattack damage is pitiful so it should be your victory. If he is DPS then you have look out for his stacked deck not get hit too often by a stun and stacked deck. 40/60

You have the advantage in the start but as time passes on you will lose it piece by piece. Be careful to not to get caught too far out from your tower. 50/50

Watch out not to get caught in her Silver Bolts too many times since they deal a ton of damage and watch out for getting stunned into a wall. Her ultimate can chase you across the map in a heartbeat, but blink should be enough. 50/50

Harass him early and you should have somewhat easy lane, blink over his stuns and because you are not building AP, you can safely take his ultimate at half health. 65/35

Pretty much passive gameplay here, he heals a ton of health at higher levels, so possibly a fast first blood would be enough to let you dominate. But beware, at level 9 he can use a 200+ damaging spell every 4 seconds. 50/50

He is one of the toughest champs in mid, not because of his sustainability, but the fact that he has a strong poison, insane movement speed (Hard to hit your Q, if you are not patient) and a medium nuke ability with a Blind. His mushrooms are not a problem for you, but don't underestimate them. Aside from those you should win if you can harass him a little and hold him in your grip, since Teemo has very low HP pool, but it is really hard if he is good with Teemo. 50/50

She is one tough bastard in mid. She has an incredible heal and a ridicolously high damage spear throw. But, you have counters for them. You counter her spear throw, if you are quick enough, with your blink. And the heal is kinda annoying, but keeping your cool here and aiming your shots will make her run like a little pussycat. 45/55

Only faced her once in mid. She is a big spammer but I think that you can kill her quite easy. The trick is to stay away from your creeps, since she usually uses her skills to farm a lot. Also try to always move around and just don't stand still and do nothing. Also Cassiopeia is really squishy in early, if you farm a quick sheen at level 4/5 and have teleport, you can easily snap 2-2,5 bars of health from her with a single Mystic Shot. 35/65

I recommend you to always carry some health potions with you until 15 min or level 10+. It really helps your sustainability and it's somewhat cheap!
AND this chances are from my personal games, i am very ranked with ez so if you are new you will find some more difficulties than i describe

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It's good to have the red and blue buff. Tell your teammates that you need them and ask them if they can help you with them.
Play safe.
Last hit.
Don't overextend. (Don't be rambo, because you really ain't one.)
Buy wards and don't place them poorly. (If you have a jungler, the warding is their job, but you still may buy some wards, because most low level junglers will not buy wards to help their team.
Don't stay OOM. (Out of Mana) If you get caught OOM then you are most likely dead. Period.
Say Mia/miss/ss especialy if you are mid.

In late game you are a strong carry!
And always check the enemys summoner spells. Be sure that you are safe to turret dive for example, a heal or an exhaust will most likely make you look like a noob.

When you master Ezreal you will not have problems with mana.

I made this guide, because I think that everyone should try out Ezreal and he is my favourite champion and I think that everyone should have fun playing him.

Rate and comment this build/guide and please leave constructive criticism and if you downvote, then please tell me the reason.

IMPORTANT.. ezreal is a hero that can be both played as AP or AD.. AD ezreal is much better cauze of his passive. AP ezreal is like you take advance of 3 skills. But AD ezreal is like you have 4 skills. so its up to you to dicide.

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Change log

29/7 - Added cassiopeia and Hextech gunblade in descriptions
20/6 - Fixed skill sequence in build 1 and added "Change log". Fixed some minor writing mistakes and added a Black Cleaver to the optional/situational items. Added Nidalee to mid champs.
19/6 - Fixed vocabulary and added some more info about other mid champs + added Teemo to the mid champs. - Frezzaholic
18/6 - mr****reek published this build