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Skarner Build Guide by YertleTheTurtle

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author YertleTheTurtle

Mr.Steal yo carry (S6 Skarner guide) outdated

YertleTheTurtle Last updated on August 24, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, i'm YertleTheTurtle i'm currently silver IV and have 175k mastery points on Skarner there are obviously many ways to build Skarner so i encourage you to experiment but this is my personal preference on Skarner and i don't only promise you it works but you will also have lots of fun with this build,enjoy and thank you for looking at my first guide.

This build is geared towards giving you the tank to keep you alive,the damage to handle yourself.and the speed to have great map presence and get in and out of the enemy backline while dragging the helpless carry to their doom.

An example of what this build is capable of:

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Pros / Cons

+Game changing ult. Impale

+Enough speed to chase and escape effectively.

+Strong ganks.

+ Fracture is both a slow when you hit them and a stun once you basic attack them.

+Great for initiating team fights

+Fast jungle clears

+ Sheen is a perfect match for Skarner

= Crystal Spires can be good or bad depending on how you control the points

-Hard CC is the death of you.

- Skarner is huge therefore easy to hit with skill shots.

-Misses his kind.

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Greater Quintessence of Movement Speedx3 Gotta go fast need i say more? This will allow you to have map presence,great chase,and great escape.

Greater Mark of Attack Speedx9 You need to get those basic attacks in after your Crystal Slash to proc your Sheen.

Greater Seal of Armorx9 Gives you that early jungle defense which is always important.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reductionx6 Gives you 10% CDR late game which helps proc Sheen as much as possible. Being that you're a late game carry anyway i decided that this would be better over Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction because you could also reach 40% CDR with a Frozen Heart if you want to.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resistx3 Being you took some space for CDR and you don't need MR early game scaling MR is the way to go.

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Wanderer More speed to gank from lane to lane.

Runic Affinity More time to your jungle buffs.

Merciless more damage to low health targets is always nice besides we don't need mana regen.

Dangerous Game You'll likely be securing a lot of kills in team fights so getting back 5% of your massive health bar really helps.


Unyielding 6% bonus Armor and MR? Count me in that just keeps us alive longer.

Tough Skin With so much health you'll be being basic attacked a lot so it adds up. Also it helps your early jungle runs so that's a plus.

Runic Armor Give an 8% bonus to our W which is a better investment than Veteran's Scars being they made it give +45 health instead of +4% health.

Insight more CDR for Ghost which means more plays.

Swiftness 15% Slow resist keeps us speeding along.

Grasp of the Undying Keep our health up in battle allows for sustain and more damage.

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Smite Bread and butter of jungling.

Ghost Now this is where i'm sure to be questioned i prefer this over Flash because with Enchantment: Distortion you get 40% movement speed and can chase anyone like they are standing still even while slowed. Not to mention how much better this makes ganks. Also Enchantment: Distortion coupled with Insight lowers Ghosts cooldown by 30%

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In this section i'll be explaining the uses of each viable 6th item.

Guinsoo's Rageblade This item is good to get when you have enough tank and you want to start taking people down.

Maw of Malmortius Just like the Rageblade get this if you are tanky enough and you want more damage but get this over the Rageblade if those mages are being too oppressive.

Blade of the Ruined King Health regen isn't fast enough? Get life steal. Also good for taking down tanks.

Warmog's Armor Staying away from base for long periods of time this should keep your health nice and full.

Frozen Heart Slows down the rate at which you're being basic attacked so you can take less damage from AD champs the armor helps as well. The CDR will also pump you up to 40%.

Guardian Angel If you're dying a lot (which you shouldn't be but hey we all have bad games) this is a good item.

Ohmwrecker Good for when you need to rip people out of turrets or good for taking turrets in general.

Randuin's Omen They have a lot of crit champs?

The Black Cleaver to take out enemy tanks while getting more tank yourself also gives you that sweet 40% CDR.

Thornmail All AD team punish that with this.

Titanic Hydra More health,Damage,and AoE damage good for pushing waves and hitting multiple targets.

Death's Dance Life steal and damage reduction in the form of damage over time keeps you alive longer to do more damage and make more plays.

Frozen Mallet Have someone who is too hard to lock down use this to stick to them.

Banner of Command A good item for auto pushing lanes while grouping mid and it give you some AP more CDR ,Health ,MR and that ageis passive which gives you team more MR when you're near.

Zz'Rot Portal Another great thing for auto pushing lanes put his bad boy in the bot or top turret and the enemy cannot push without staying in that lane giving you the 4v5 advantage mid also gives you more speed moving up and down lanes ,Armor AND MR which always helps.

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Unique Skills

In this section i'll be explaining the combos and tricks you need to master Skarner

The first trick i want to touch on is quite simple but important still. When you use Impale try to learn the timing of how long you have the enemy grabbed because right before you let them go you want to move Skarner in a 180' to put them as far away as you can from their team as possible.

When targeting someone with Impale try to hit them with a Fracture first but don't proc crystalline venom right away Impale them,then proc the venom once your ult is over to lock them in the place you brought them.

Here is a demonstration.