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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by krolk88

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League of Legends Build Guide Author krolk88

Mundo bruiser guide -the more you hit me,the faster you die.

krolk88 Last updated on June 7, 2013
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Offense: 1

Honor Guard

Defense: 29


Utility: 0

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Hello,im krolk88 and this is my third guide on mobafire.This guide is about Dr. Mundo,who i like to bulid as AD bruiser.


Gameplay section in making
Jungle bulid in making
Lane matchups in making

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+ Insane tanking capabilities( Sadism)

+ Has fairly long range,dealing %hp and slowing nuke on short cooldown( Infected Cleaver)

+ Very high passive regen due to Adrenaline Rush - it can and will save you many times from ignite.

+ Movement speed buff bulit in( Sadism) that works insanely well with Ghost.

+ Very and i mean VERY high AD due to Masochism,will reach 400ish with full bulid while still having tank tier hp and resists.

+ Bulit in toggled AOE that deals fair damage( Burning Agony)

+ Manaless

+ Mundo goes where he pleases

+ Good ganks

- Uses health as resource(can sometimes kill you if you forgot to toggle off Burning Agony.

- Quite weak and easy to kite without ultimate up.

- Has no hard CC.

- Needs a few items to be effective.

- Makes you feel invicible.

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Very potent passive,makes you get 1.5% of your hp as hp5,boosting your sustain so much that it is visible in teamfights.


Cleaver throw that deals heavy damage at long range and slows the target by 40% for 2 seconds.

MAGIC DAMAGE: 15%/18%/21%/23%/25% of target's current health
MINIMUM DAMAGE: 80/130/180/230/280
MAXIMUM DAMAGE VS MONSTERS: 300/400/500/600/700

RANGE: 1000
COOLDOWN: 4 seconds
COST: 50/60/70/80/90 health


Toggled damaging aura similar to sunfire that costs health when active and reduces CC duration.

MAGIC DAMAGE PER SECOND: 35/50/65/80/95 (+ 20% AP)

RANGE: 162.5
COOLDOWN: 4 seconds
COST: 10/15/20/25/30 health per second


The best of all AD steroids.This will grant you a whooping 100 AD + which is even more awesome,1 AD for each % of hp missing,and it can be keeped at all times with a little CDR.

ADDITIONAL ATTACK DAMAGE BONUS: 0.4/0.55/0.7/0.85/1 per 1% of missing health

COST: 25/35/45/55/65 health
COOLDOWN: 7 seconds


This is what defines Dr. Mundo.Upon ativation grants a 15/25/35% movement speed increase and 40/60/80% of your maximum health over 12 seconds.Its on very short cooldown and costs 20% of your current health,so use it when you're sure that you can make use of its whole duration,but you arent full hp(at around 30-50% hp).

HEAL: 40%/50%/60% of maximum health

COST: 20% of current health
COOLDOWN: 75 seconds

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Why 1/29?

We need maximum survivability from defence tree to make up for only 4 tank items,we only need Summoner's Wrath from offence tree,because we get both Ignite and Ghost.

Defence tree:

Perseverance(1/3) : Gives you some more hp5.
Durability : The more hp,the better
Tough Skin : Less damage from minions early game
Hardiness (1/3) : 2 armor
Resistance (1/3) : 2 mr is good,not getting more points because they give only 1.5
Bladed Armor : Mini minions thornmail,useful because you'll be close to them when you farm
Veteran's Scars : More hp at lvl 1
Relentless : Shorter slows - easier chase
Unyielding : Less damage?yes please
Block : This seems like nothing,but its very useful for 1 point
Tenacious : Makes kiting you harder.
Juggernaut : 5% more hp,obvious choice.
Defender : 5 armor and mr in TF's for 1 point is nice.
Legendary Armor : More resists.
Good Hands : Can sometimes save a nexus with that 6 secs less revive time.
Reinforced Armor : The less you're critted for,the better.
Honor Guard : Obvious choice,reduces dmg taken significally.

Offensive Masteries

Summoner's Wrath : 1 point left,the best thing to spend it

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Pretty standard seal,grants you armor early game,boosting your early game survivability.

Greater Seal of Percent Health:
Makes use of this that Dr. Mundo tends to stack high amounts of health and Adrenaline Rush
Greater Seal of Scaling Health:
Same as with %HP runes,but use it when you want some damage rather than even more health.

, :

Why i choosen this? Masochism is the answer - How you will make use of +400 AD if you have less than 1.0 AS?These runes increase your AS by 25.5% of your base AS,which gives you an additional attack every ~~ 4.5 seconds.With Phantom Dancer your total AS is around 1,54 which is quite good.


24.3 MR at lvl 18 is an obvious choice.Why not normal MR runes?because AP carries scale with levels and items,so it'll help you more to have more MR at end of the game,than to have less but at start. Greater Glyph of Magic Resist is still and option though.


Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction: Allows you to keep up Masochism at all times,and reduced the time beetween cleavers,but reduces your survivability slightly.

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Why rush it?Because it increases your sustain to weird amounts and allows constant using of Burning Agony.Also, 1000 health early game will double your health pool.

, :

Tabi vs AD opponents and Treads vs AP oponents.Treads scale with your mastery cc reduction and your Burning Agony,making it nearly impossible to stop you,while Tabis decrease your AA's dmg taken by 10% which is massive.


You got decent health pool,now is the time to boost your and your team resistances,and this item is the best for it.Try to bulid it the fastest you can,you should continue to farm even if teamfights start before you get it(of course not if you're totally losing them).


You need damage am i right?This solves your damage problems granting you 55-95 AD depending on your health,and also a nice MR boost and a shield that prevents bursting you.


After such a time from buliding Warmog's Armor you will surely need more health.This is the solution,that also helps in sticking to targets and provides that little more AD to add up to your damage.


If the game has gone this far,you have +400 AD during your E,and you should now increase your attack speed and critical chance to make more us of it.Also increases your movement speed by 5% and allows moving through units,which will help in chasing the targets or running.


Why this one?obviously to allow you to stick better to your targets,will make disengaging from the fight nearly impossible for enemy team.

And as always:

, once you're finished with bulid. if enemy has invisible champions.


Guardian Angel:Nice boost to both armor and mr + a passive that ress you upon death(you can use your ult right before you "die" to make it work while reviving.)

Sunfire Cape:Nice synergy with Burning Agony,helps in farming,also some health and armor.

Randuin's Omen:If you're against AD heavy team,you should get this,grants you 500 hp and 70 armor,a slowing passive to anyone who strikes you and an active that slows all enemy champs in large radius around you,making chasing/running from them much easier.

Spirit Visage:Against AP heavy team,this is currently the only option,but it also synergizes well with your massive hp regen and Sadism,making it regen 48/60/72% hp over 12 seconds.Also grants a bit of hp and cooldown reduction.