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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Twitchybird

Mundo - Hard hitting top lane!

Mundo - Hard hitting top lane!

Updated on July 11, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Twitchybird Build Guide By Twitchybird 7 4 26,041 Views 12 Comments
7 4 26,041 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Twitchybird Dr. Mundo Build Guide By Twitchybird Updated on July 11, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hello, fellow Mundo players! This is my very first guide here on mobafire, starring my most played champion: Dr. Mundo. I think that mundo is a Very underplayed champion. And when people do play him they usually play him as a tank. I do not think that this is the way to play mundo. Mundo is a champion that does need a lot of health BUT he can also put out A LOT of damage!

Please try the full build before you down/upvote my guide! i wont learn from my mistakes if you don't tell me what you didn't like about the guide! Thanks :)
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Pros / Cons


+ Very low cooldowns
+ Unkillable if fed
+ High damage output
+ Excellent chaser
+ No mana
+ Great lane sustain after level 6
+ BEST legendary skin in the game, BUY IT


+ His only CC is a skillshot
+ Ignite/Executioner's calling can shut you down
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This is a pretty good passive skill. If you're low on health, just run in a bush. Stay there for a little while and come back out again with a lot more health!

This skill is one of the main reasons why mundo is such a great chaser. If you're good at skillshots you will permanently slow them. Also it does percentage based damage! Meaning that these bad boys will hit tanks like trucks!

This spell is great for shoving lanes, jungling and escaping! Heart Zapper + Mercury's Treads will make you nearly un-stunable!

This is the spell that will allow you to completely dominate your lane! It gives you a TON of early game damage!

This is the spell that is going to make you nearly unkillable late game. It will regen TONS OF HEALTH! AND it also gives you a movement speed buff!
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Item explanations

I tend to start with this item because it gives you more health, 10 armou and more health regen.

Some more movement speed for escaping ganks.

I get this item mainly for the attack speed and magic resist, mundo needs attack speed not AD to dish out the most damage.

Probably the best pair of boots for mundo. It synergizes REALLY well with Heart Zapper.

More health on mundo = More health regen with his ultimate Maximum Dosage.

This is pretty much an essential item on tanks nowadays. Basically: More health = More AD.

I love this item on mundo. It gives you A TON of attack speed AND movement speed. It's also allows you to crit! Very good item.
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Items you might want to consider!

Get this item if they have an ability power heavy team! It gives you the most magic resistance in the whole game. I also gives you 40 health regen per 5, some movement speed and a really good passive that works really well with your passive!

You want to get this item if they have a AD heavy team. This is like a force of nature for more armour.

If their team doesn't have a lot of CC and you really dont think you're going to need Mercury's Treads, Then get these! Cooldown reduction = MOAR CLEAVERS!

Let's say that the enemy has a super fed tryndamere with 3 phantom dancers. This means that hes attack speed is going to be extremely high. With this bad boy you can slow his attack speed AND movement speed! Ensuring you a kill if your team is around! IT also gives you some cooldown reduction, health as well as some armour, which is usefull.
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Summoner Spells

I tend to go with Ghost and Flash, because it allows me to escape AND chase people down! Ghost also works REALLY well with Mundo's speed steroid Maximum Dosage. Flash Is just a really good summoner spell, it allows you to escape ganks, flash over walls, it's just a really good summoner spell.

You should also consider changing Ghost/ Flash out with Ignite.I often switch out Ghost/ Flash with ignite due to the fact that my "victim" always tend to get away with extremely low health, with Ignite you wont have this problem anymore.

Mediocre summoner spells:

Exhaust is a really good spell. IF you have no slow, mundo however can perma slow people with his cleavers. I would only suggest using this spell if you're going to roam a lot. It is a very usefull spell when ganking! But other than that, no.

These are the only summoner spells i would ever consider using. But if you want to test other summoner spells, go for it :D
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Early game

You should focus on farming as much as possible until you are level 3 or so. When your Blunt Force Trauma is level 2 you start harrassing the other player a bit. You want to throw cleavers at them whenever you have the chance to do so, but don't forget to last hit minions! At level 4 you should be able to 1v1 just about any other top character, due to your masochism which at this point should give you 70 more ad! You now want to start a fight(Don't start it at their turret..)! If the trade works out in your favor it means that you have already won this lane.

Mid game

By now you should have gotten to your Warmog's Armor. And the laning phase should be over. Now you're going to want to run around ganking your mid/bot lane, if they still haven't won it that is. If nobody is in need of a gank then do some counter-jungling! It is pretty safe to walk in their jungle as mundo, considering the fact that none of them should be able to catch up to you.

Late game

By now you should have 4k+ health. A teamfight is probably right around the corner as well (Read the next chapter for more info about teamfights and your role in them). You and your team should do objectives like killing dragon, acquiring buffs, killing baron and picking off people that is trying to free farm alone.
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So you are completely dominating your lane, you are constantly making the enemy laner recall/killing him? Well then, you should probably run down to mid and try to gank! The first thing you want to do is shove your lane all the way to the tower. Start making your way down to mid.

When you have reached the bushes at mid make sure that the positioning is ok before you run out there! Tell your mid laner to start attacking the enemy, hopefully the enemy laner is stronger than your lanes, because this will make him stay in lane and try to go for the kill instead of running. When the time is right activate your Heart Zapper and Maximum Dosage.

Now run out there, remember to throw cleavers whenever you get the chance! When you get close you want to activate your killed, Blunt Force Trauma. Im going to make a wild guess and say that the enemy is going to start running now, keep attacking and slowing him. By the time he reaches the tower he is either going to be dead, or he's forced to recall!

There is really no way for him to escape you and your mid laner unless he flashes, if he does use flash and you cant catch up to him, thats fine. This means that he has no way to escape for like 4 minutes now! When he gets back from recalling your mid laner should have gotten the chance to free farm for about 30-60 seconds! Now you want to tell your jungler to help you guys out.

If the jungler joins you, this is most likely a guaranteed kill, due to the fact that he now has no escape (Depending on the champion).

Also when you are ganking you want to make sure that the mid laner cant kill YOU! IF he kills you and doesn't die, means that he is now about 300 gold richer than before! This is extremely bad for your mid laner. Hopefully this won't happen, this either means that you did a very poor job of including your mid lane or that the mid lane is a n00b and didn't help you.
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Your role as mundo in teamfights is not necessarily initiating, due to the fact that you dont really have a way to get in there without getting nuked down before you even get to your target. If its a stand-off, keep throwing cleavers at them, try making one or even more of them to go back! If you manage to force one of them back, attack.

When the teamfight has started you should always try to protect your carry(ies) as well as trying to kill theirs! If the fight turns out in your favor, push one of the lanes OR kill baron!
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Thank you jhoijhoi for "helping" me make this guide

So i learned A LOT about making guides here on mobafire because i read jhoijhoi guide on how to make.. Guides! :D Please show her some love! jhoijhoi's guide
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Burning Agony
Damage decreased: 40/55/70/85/100, to 35/50/65/80/95.
Disable Reduction decreased: 15/20/25/30/35%, to 10/15/20/25/30%.
Sadism Cooldown increased: 65 seconds, to 75 seconds.

- This is not a huge nerf to mundo, the only part of it that can get annoying at times is the ultimate cooldown! The burning agony nerfs was aimed at jungle-mundo.

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