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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Sirkmaster

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sirkmaster

Mundo, the evil regenerator

Sirkmaster Last updated on March 11, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 9

Honor Guard

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Because I really like Dr. Mundo, i wanted to make a nice, short, guide how to play him and not to fail him.
I used this build several times in normal game´s, and it´s just funny to see, how all are fail-focusing you and dealin no damage. The first build is the normal build, the second is a funny cooldown build, to spam your ult whenever you want to. That build is not recommended to play with, because its just for fun ;) . The third build is the ONLY build of those three, that you use in ranked because it´s the only build that gives you enough durability.

As seen at the IEMHannover 2012, where Dr. Mundo got banned twice or more, because of his extreme fast jungle clear time, Dr. Mundo is played by the best players in the world, but they are going full tank with the first ~3-4 items on Dr. Mundo.

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Pro´s and Con´s

+ Nice Harrass with his Infected Cleaver.
+ Epic Sustain in lane with his massive lifereg. from Sadism, Regrowth Pendant and Adrenaline Rush.
+ Good at countering ganks with Sadism and the cc reduction from Burning Agony
+ Massive damage even without any damage items with Infected Cleaver + Masochism

- If he is getting ignited his Sadism is getting worthless.
- A bit squishy, until you get your 1st warmog´s armor

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
The first point goes in the cleaver for early harrass and farming. The second point goes in Burning Agony for even more harrass. I take the 1st point in Masochism at level 3 for better farming. Skill Sadism whenever it´s possible, then Infected Cleaver, then Burning Agony and at last Masochism.

Why don´t i max out masochsim 2nd? Because i really like Burning Agony, even more after it got buffed in one of the last patches. Now the health cost´s are extremely low, so you can use it good for farming down bigger minionwaves quicker down. If you have your second warmog´s, you should be able to use this spell all the time without losing any health, especcially if you have lifereg per level runes.

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In the first build i use 9/21/0 for getting tanky while still dealing lot´s of damage.
In offense I get attack damage, better Exhaust, cooldown and magic penetration, for maximum damage with Mundo´s mainspell, the Infected Cleaver.
In defense I get armor and magic resistance, then healthreg, health per level and flat health, which is all very important for Dr. Mundo. Next I get cooldown per level for over 20% cdr at lv. 18, if combined with the flat cdr from the offense tree and Zeke´s herald. Getting Juggernaut next is just obviously.

In the second build i use 9/0/21 for maximised cooldown. This masteries are making cooldown-mundo a bit squishy, so you have to play defensive until the first warmogs, which is very late.

In the third build, i follow a 0/21/9, for extreme durability and sustain in lane. This gives not that much damage, but as you´re a tank you don´t need damage. But you have to keep in you´re mind, that if you´re using this build in ranked, you´ll not get that much kills, only if the enemy´s are bad or you´re kill-stealing. A 0/30/0 is also possible, but i don´t recommend this.

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For runes in the first build I take percentual life increase quintessences, because i get extreme amount of life with my runes, masteries and items. I don´t use health per level quint´s because mundo is even tanky enough in the mid game, and these percentual life increase runes are the best for late game, because they are great if combined with 2 full stacked warmogs.

I get magic pen marks for maximised damage with the cleaver, if combined with masteries. Also possible are armor penetration marks, for extreme damage with your autohits, bu i persnally favorite the magic pen marks.

I take health per level seals to make the quintessences efficient and to get extremely tanky late game. Also possible choices are flat armor seals if junglin or flat health seals, if you want to negotiate Dr. Mundo´s bad early game because of a low health pool.

For glyphs i take flat cooldown, for perfect harrass + farm with Infected Cleaver. Also possible is magic pen, for extreme damage with the cleaver in all parts of the game.

In the second build i use cooldown per level glyphs and quintessences, magic pen marks and also health per level seals. This is, as the name of the build says, for maximised cooldownreduction, for some damage with Infected Cleaver and Burning Agony and for durability.

In the third build i also take magic pen marks, reasons above.

For seals in the third build i take health per level, to get even more tanky late game as you already are, trough yoour items.

For quint´s also take health per level, not as in the main build for normal games, because in most cases you dont get to endbuild if you´re playing a tank in ranked, and that means that you don´t get enough life to make the percentual health increase quint´s neccesarry.

For glyphs i take cooldown per level, for harrass and farm, as in the other build.

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Summoner Spells

My main choices are Exhaust and Flash. This spells are giving me maximised chances of survival. Also possble spells are:

- Cleanse If the enemy team has lot´s of cc or an spell like Ashe´s ult. In ranked you HAVE TOtake this spell, because ignite will be picked against you.
- Ghost In my opinion Ghost ist not the best choice because youre already getting some movement speed from your ult, but it´s possible.
- Heal If you want to get some early kills, but in late game, its kinda useless.
- Ignite Also if you want some early kills, and to shot down heavy regenerators like Vladimir, Swain or Dr. Mundo himself.
- Smite Only take smite if you´re junglin.

So possible choices are: Exhaust+ Flash (mix of offensive and defensive), Cleanse+ Flash (defensive), Ghost+ Flash, Smite+ Flash or Exhaust (if you´re jungling) or Ignite+ Exhaust(extremely offensive).

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I start off with a Regrowth Pendant and health potion. My first goal is to stay in lane until i reach lv. 6, because then Dr. Mundo will never really need a backport again, because of the great lifereg from his ult and his passive. At this 1st trip back i get Boots of Speed and a health crystal, if you got an early kill and with this more gold, then buy mercury treads. On the next way back you should be able to buy your first warmogs, and in best case already a part of zeke´s herald. Then you finish your build with zekes herald, atmas impaler, banshees veil and another warmogs. Thid build makes you extremely durable against all kinds of damage. If youre facing heavy AD teams, with 2 or more pure ad carrys, you should get a Thornmail or a Sunfire Cape instead of the second warmog´s or the banshees. If you´re facing heavy AP team´s you should get a Force of Nature instead of the seond warmog´s.

In the cooldown build i take several cooldown items, like Spirit Visage or zeke´s herald. As in the other build you start of with a Regrowth Pendant and a health pot. On the first way back you get Boots of Speed and Ruby Crystal. Then finish your Spirit Visage and get your boots, in most cases mercury treads, against heavy ad ninja-tabi, against only a few cc and ad you take sorcerer boots. Then buy zeke´s herald through [[vampiric scepter. Finish your build with a warmogs, atmas, and at last a trynity. Why trynity? Because you´re cooldown mundo and you´re able to throw your cleaver every~2 seconds, and that´s the cooldown of the sheen-proc. Why do I use Banshee´s in this build? It´s easy: I very like this item, even if Dr. Mundo has no mana. It protect´s you from evil thing like the Ashe ult or the Amumu ult.

In the ranked build, i also get a Regrowth Pendant plus an pot first, to stay in lane until i got at least 425 gold if i lose the lane, to buy Boots of Speed and a ward, or enough gold to buy mercury´s treads and a ward. On the second way back, i get at least Kindlegem or in best case a Spirit Visage. Then i rush Quicksilver Sash to get unvulnerable in team fight, because i can cleanse out ignite, and if i get ignited twice, im able to cleanse this away, too. Then quickly rush warmog´s/atma´s for a bit damage and massive durability. On the last slot i get a situational item, if facing heavy ap, i get Force of Nature, if facing heavy ad i get Thornmail. If nothing of those cases is in this game, i get a second warmogs. During the late game, i sell my Spirit Visage and my Quicksilver Sash and get a third warmogs plus a second situational item: A third warmogs if the enemy´s team is mixed, if there is extremely heavy ad, like an endbuild tryndamere, get addition to my Thornmail a randuin´s omen. If facing extreme heavy ap, i get banshee´s veil.
If im fed, our team is winning, but we need to get a few more towers, i get Phantom Dancer.

This should be a very good and balanced build, for extreme durability and still a bit damage.

Boot´s possible on Dr. Mundo:
- mercury´s treads In general and especcially if facing heavy cc or ap.
- sorcerer boots For extreme damage with the cleaver and Burning Agony, only if the enemy team is bad, underleveled/farmed or if there are 2 ad´s, 2 ap´s and a full tank.
- boots of switness If none of the 2 other boots are good in this game.
- Ionian Boots of Lucidity If None of the first 2 boots are good in this game and you have movement speed in your runes/masteries or no reason for extra movement speed.

Other item´s:
- Phantom Dancer If you´re fed, the enemy´s are bad and you want to deal some extra damage. This item makes you extremely squishy, so take care of buying it. But because it synergizes extremely well with your Masochism, you can buy it. What to replace: zeke´s herald
- frozen mullet This item gives you all what you need: Some ad, and extreme amount of life and a nice slow. You can buy this in every game, but i personally don´t like it on Dr. Mundo. This is the reason, why i don´t have it in my main build. What to replace: zeke´s herald, if You need some more life or a slow. Maybe against enemy´s with extreme movement speed, like teemo.
- Ionic Spark This new item with the passive, which is in my opinion a bit overpowered, is also great. It gives you a nice amount off attack speed and also some health. Nearby it adds extra magic Aoe-damage to your Burning Agony What to replace: zeke´s herald, if you feel like needing more damage, but don´t want to risk buying a phantom dance.
- Force of Nature With extreme healthreg, nice magic resistance and some movement speed, this item makes Dr. Mundo extreme durable. Buy it if facing 2 or more ap´s. What to replace: banshee´s veil

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Laning with Dr. Mundo

Lv. 1-5: Play defensive and keep harrassing and farming with your Infected Cleaver. At this level you don´t use Burning Agony for farming, because it takes too much health.
Lv. 6-10: Since you got your ult you can start playing extremely aggressive, if youre ult is ready and not on cooldown. On this level´s you are able to farm very well because of the attack damage from Masochism and the AoE damage from Burning Agony
Lv. 11-17: Initiate fights (Only if your team has no initiator like Kennen or an full take like Rammus or Malphite): Throw your cleaver on the squishiest target you can hit, then activate Burning Agony and Masochism and chase your target.
Lv. 18+ Intiation as said above. Now you can start playing extremely aggresive, because you should be that tanky, that you can tank 1 or 2 carrys at once, even if they are fed. Your jop is now to isolate the ad or ap carry. How to do this? Just run trough the enemy team while fighting and attack him with Infected Cleaver, Masochism and Burning Agony. If you drop under 50% health and the enemy has NO IGNITE out of cooldown, you activate your Sadism.

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Jungling with Dr. Mundo

It´s possble to jungle with Dr. Mundo because he gets extreme attack damage from Masochism and his massive damage from the Infected Cleaver is based on the enemy´s health.
If im junglin I take flat armor seals instead of health per level seals, because jungling on Dr. Mundo only works well with some more armor and a Vampiric Scepter. But if you have this all, Dr. Mundo is an extremely fast jungler, as said above. You start at the golems, with smiting the big one, then autohitting them with activated Masochism. Next you got to the wraiths. They´ll fall fast to your activated Masochism. After the wraiths, youre level 2. Now you skill your cleaver, because Burning Agony takes too much life to jungle well. From then you´re skilling Sadism whenever possible, then Masochism, then Infected Cleaver and at last Burning Agony
Ganks: Throw your Infected Cleaver. If you don´t land it on an champion, return to the jungle because you have no cc left. If you land, activate Burning Agony and Masochism and chase the enemy.

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Ranked Play

At the end i want to say something about ranked play with Dr. Mundo. It´s very hard to play him in a ranked game, because if you see a Dr. Mundo you´ll probably be instapickin ignite, which makes the best part of Dr. Mundo, his massive lifereg from his passive and his Sadism. I did this once, and I failed hard because the enemy ad´s bought executioner´s call and the ap´s took ignite.. Then I did this again, and I don´t failed (see build 3).

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To say at the end

Credits are going to jhoijhoi for his guide, which is extreme good btw, how to make guide.
Have fun (:
P.S. I really enjoy tip´s ;)

11. 3. 2012 - Thank you for 1k views (: