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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EXION89

must be a team

EXION89 Last updated on July 6, 2011
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we are one

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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this team can slow & stop the other team and each person skills are items help the whole team
taric is your main support shen is your support/tank ashe is your ad dps carry Anivia is your ap carry and more then 80% should be your mid and rammus is your tank/jungling person this team is really good if you play as a team! dont yall and get mad let it go tell them ok lets try that again are plz dont rush in and say ty= tank you are gj= good job when someone does something good are saves you being a jerk will not make that person want to help you and they will start feeding just to make you mad be a team work together

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Creeping / Jungling

start rammus off with 5hp pots and cloth armor and go do big golem aka blue buff have some 1 help you if you need it and you should have someone around anyway to watch out for a grank around lv 5 to lv 6 go push are start ganking then start playing as a tank at lv5-7 two are 3 ppl should go kill dragon he gives 190 to you and your team + 25 gold to the one who killed him so it is 190x5=950+25 for the kill=975 gold a champion kill gives you 300 gold so dragon is worth 3.25 champion kills dragon Respawn Time is 6 mins ward red,blue,dragon to know when they are up and team fights happen alot at dragon if both teams know what they are doing when rammus is done jungling let the carrys get the buffs anivia blue aka big golem for the mana regen the cooldown for the moves helps to but with blue buff anivia can use her r the GLACIAL STORM more and longer Red aka lizard for ashe red buff will help her slow ppl down more. wolfs and double golem should go to the person with the least minon kills. for what i think is one of the key points in this game Baron some time in mid game ward him to see if the other team is trying to kill him and if they are go kill them and maybe get the baron kill and buff but baron is really a late game thing he is powerfull and has a alot of hp its good to go has a team to kill him and yes tons of team fights have and will happen here thats why haveing your team together is a good thing and wards now on that note i want to talk about wards there only 75gold ppl baron,red,blue,dragon main 4 if you put some 1 in a brash top and bot lane its 450gold ash get 1 for red Anivia for blue thats there buffs they should stay on them but if u want to help with that thats fine some 1 top mid and bot lane should each have 1 ward in there brash. ok back to baron he gives a powerfull buff gives 40 ad&ap 3% of your Max Health in Health Regeneration&1% of your Max Mana in Mana Regeneration 300 gold to each person 300x5= 1,500 gold that is wroth 5 champion kills + the buff Respawn Time is 7mins and last thing if there is a creep wave comeing and no one is by it let the person with the less monion kills get it aless there is some 1 who needs it more like if he gots 10 kills 0 death and 5 as and 100 minion kills and u have 0kills 0 deaths 0as and 125minion kills then yes that person needs it more

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Unique Skills

each of them have gc but on top of that i will go lil more in death about there big moves are items shen his r STAND UNITED is a powerfull move can turn a 1v1 into a 1v2 real quick can use it to push with a friend SHADOW DASH a other powerfull move can make a whole team only hit you for a lil bit taric his r RADIANCE can be use to push alot are to help the team when they need a lil more power ashe&Anivia can slow ppl down so many ways and rammus power ball so powerfull

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shen and rammus need sunfire cape to help push and farm ashe does good with last hiting and hawkshot at max lv hawk shot gives +5 gold per kill Anivia fram at lv 6 like a pro with GLACIAL STORM taric in this build only has 1 good framing move by havein so much ap he can use his SHATTER and kill minions this and with the lowest person with minion kills geting the 2 golems and wolf and creeps

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Team Work

again be a team but ok here why in a team fight you should have the uper hand 1. you have ap and ad carrys so if a person has alot of armor let Anivia take care of them and taric ashe can slow them but i mean dont go all out on them till you have 0 mp just auto hit with your slow shots and if some one has alot of magic armor let ashe & rammus take care of them just help with CRYSTALLIZE and slow them down 2 you have 2 tanks to save your carrys if you are loseing and need to get away carrys need to live tanks dieing is batter then the carry dieing no matter what 1person should live if not two ppl becuz of #3. all of you have gc slowing them down to kill are get away 4. buff/debuff items and skills taric healing, his gem armor give buff to all ally his DAZZLE stops some 1 up to two sces his r gives all allys and your minions ad up and heals him over time his items that will help are soul shroud all his other items give cd and ap to help more shen his shadow dash and his STAND UNITED are his key moves at this time his FEINT lets him tank a lil bit longer giveing you time to weeking them eaven more his items that help is aotl sunfire cape as he is tanking there takeing dmg abyssal scepter gives a lil bost in ap and helps with your ap friends like taric and Anivia and his randuins omen hiting sen will slow them down and when he cicks it to use it it will slow them down by 35% for 2 sces +0.5 sce for each 100 armor you have it has a 1min cooldown ashe slow them down and has her r ENCHANTED CRYSTAL ARROW witch can do alot of dmg and stop some one are items that help starks fervor & madreds blood razors to take ppl and tanks fast and rammus sun fire cape frozen hear and randuins omen Anivia moves help alot slowing stoping ppl but Anivia has will of the ancients you can switch it around with taric if he wants and you take the hr glass

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Summoner Spells

teleport all moveing around fast Anivia shen&ashe should get ghost rammus gets smite taric gets clairvoyance lets you see were you want a good summoner spell speed is the key want to get to other lane and team mates as fast as you can

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ward be nice play like a team stay together in late game and push like a pro i like to thank Battok i use his shen guide other then his runes and if this helps any one do batter with any of the tips are note that makes me happy tank you all for your time leave a comment ill try to get back to you


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