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Malphite Build Guide by BaLoRi

My Full Magic Penetration Malphite Build

My Full Magic Penetration Malphite Build

Updated on November 6, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BaLoRi Build Guide By BaLoRi 354 30 1,242,326 Views 26 Comments
354 30 1,242,326 Views 26 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BaLoRi Malphite Build Guide By BaLoRi Updated on November 6, 2020
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Champion Build Guide

My Full Magic Penetration Malphite Build

By BaLoRi
About me

Hello everyone,

My name is BaLoRi, and welcome to our Full Magic Penetration Malphite guide, after creating the Full Magic Pen Cho'Gath build, one of the strongest builds in the game, I was trying to find the next champion to work PERFECTLY with this, after a while and tons of tests I finally found the second champion that will use our build to DOMINATE Summoner's rift.
The win ratio that you will have with this build is INSANE, no matter who, no matter which elo you will still win the game quite easily!

Feel free to copy my Runes-Masteries-Items and my Gamestyle from my youtube Channel: and reach any ELO you want!
Malphite with this build is easy, the only thing you need to do is to FOCUS on your farm, and follow what Im saying in my guide and gameplay videos.

Nothing will stop you, nothing will win against you, the only thing they will ever feel is FEAR from your insane damage!

Pleased with the content? Feel Free to make any donations here

Hope to enjoy your Elo Boost!
Best regards.
An introduction to Full Magic Penetration Build
With this build Malphite become a really strong late game Assassin/Mage/Tank Champion. You will be able to deal Tons of PURE DAMAGE To any Champion with your skills!
But why is that? Most people cant really understand what MAGIC PENETRATION really doing, so let me explain, magic resistance is a type of "defense" that cut % of the magic damage taken towards the champion, our build focusing to bring this amount of "defense" as close to zero as possible or even BELOW ZERO, what will happen if you bring the target below zero magic resistance? The answer is simple, instead of PURE DAMAGE you will be doing BONUS DAMAGE and the %bonus damage while the target is below zero is just INSANE!
Lets talk with numbers right now, our build(version 1) will give you 18 Magic Pen from your Sorcerer's boots and another 40% Maic Pen from your Void Staff plus you will be having extra 6 Magic Pen after using your ultimate with Sudden Impact rune, so you will have total of 24 | 40% Magic Pen!
The calculations of Magic Penetrations goes like this:
Magic penetration, percentage.
Magic penetration, flat.
So if the target for example has 100 MR, you will reduce its MR by 40 with your Void Staff and another 18 from your Sorcerer's boots this will leave the target with 42 MR, what that means? The damage to a target with 100 MR would be
100 magic resistance → × 0.5 magic damage (50% reduction).
So 50% of what your skills are saying, for example if you calculate the base damage of your skill plus the AP ratio and its doing 1000 damage you will do only 500 to the target(not so good right?) WITH OUR BUILD you will be doing:
42 magic resistance → × 0.3 magic damage (30% reduction). In numbers instead of doing 500 damage (with 100 MR) you will be doing 700 damage and this amount MULTIPLY while the target is below 0 MR, for example range mages with only 39 MR and while playing with our Full Magic Penetration version 2(with Morellonomicon) then you will have 18 + 15 = 33 Flat Magic Pen plus 40% From your void staff, this will bring the target to -10 Magic Resistance, you want to know what that means? It means that your damage will be 10% BONUS, so if your skill doing 1000 damage you will do 1100 DAMAGE to the target!!

we are going to use different Full Magic Pen build version, one of them will also have Morellonomicon on it to maximize the possible Magic Pen you can buy in the game.
So you will have Insane damage but is it just this? No, it isnt. You wont just have Damage to call yourself an Assassin. You will have around 4000 HP At level 18. Pure Damage-Stun-Slow-Hard AOE ENGAGE the combination to carry yourself to the Challenger Elo with Ease.
Secret Behind Runes
With this build we focus on doing PURE DAMAGE with each skill on Malphite even your hits with W!
Here is a great example of what this build is capable of
The ultimate rune page is here,


This is a MUST HAVE for our Malphite build, cause you will need tons of mana to dominate lanephase!


CD: 10 SEC
HOW AWESOME IS THAT? WORKS PERFECTY WITH Liandry's Torment, cause it will activate its effect for 2 secs longer

After using a DASH (your ultimate or Protobelt) and DAMAGING a Champion with a basic attack
you will activate its effect extra 6 Magic Penetration

For Malphite that using his ultimate to engage and totally DESTROY the enemy team this rune's pick is a must as well. The reason is cause it will give you 15% extra CDR for your ultimate, this means that in full build you will have your ultimate each 41 seconds, just INSANE!!
Secret Behind Items
Lets start with the Items and our Items Strategy. I come up with this build after hundreds of different combinations, to create this final build that cant lose vs ANYTHING and ANYONE!

You will always start with Dark Seal and Refillable Potion its the most important item for our Build! Cause you will have an insanely big sustain(for both HP and MANA) and damage from the early stages of the game. Plus the AP Stacks from KILLS/ASSIST that you will take.

At your first back you will focus to have 800-1235 Gold, and you will buy 2 more Doran's Ring plus either Boots or Amplifying Tome to add more Damage.
The 2 Doran's Ring + 1 Dark Seal items start will give you the following stats:
45 AP (Plus 3+AP per kill), 120 HP, 100 MANA, 25 extra healing from pots, mana regen and all that with just 800 gold (plus the Dark Seal from lvl 1) this kind of stats will totally replace the need for extra mana item and will give you DAMAGE + SUSTAIN something you cant find NO MATTER what you buy with this amount of gold (800). This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT things you need to follow to be sure you will totally dominate your lane phase no matter who is your enemy!!
For champions like Malphite that dont have the passive of Cho'Gath we playing with the rune Manaflow Band this will help together with your 3 rings start to use your skills UNLIMITED TIMES without having any mana issues!

The next time you will go back you will buy Hextech Revolver this will add you INSANE burst damage so early in game together with your 2 Doran's Ring 1 Dark Seal you will have Damage-Unlimited Mana-Health, everything that Malphite Need to dominate any lane vs any match up possible.

Then you will go for Luden's Tempest and then you will create the Hextech Rocketbelt. There are some situations that we will finish Hextech Rocketbelt first, for more information you need to watch my gameplays with Malphite :D

The Luden's Tempest will give you even more burst damage and it will activate the Arcane Comet when you doing Q-E at your target, together with just one Hit that will activate the Hextech Revolver you will do around 1000+ Damage without even use your Ulti, the MID LANER and ADC will just die from Q-E, the tanky champions will die after your ulti.
The Hextech Rocketbelt will give you extra mobility, think of it as your second and STRONGER Flash, this item will do around 400 Damage with our build, add this to the damage above and you will see the damage to be unreal from this early.

Then you will create Liandry's Anguish, it will give you 10% BONUS DAMAGE while in combat at this point you doing PURE Damage to all NO-Tank Champions, and by using skills or Hits you doing 4% HP Damage from the Liandry's Anguish

After that you will create Void Staff, by doing this you will finish your Full Magic penetration build, you will have 18 flat(or 33 with Morellonomicon) and 40% Magic Penetration plus 10% DAMAGE Bonus, no matter what the target is all of your skills and item effects will do PURE or even BONUS damage at really squishy targets, the damage output will be INSANE even without our last item!

As final item you can choose from the Following 3:
Warmog's Armor One of the strongest items for sustain, super useful for us! And our best choice, now we have a combination of ULTIMATE DAMAGE and ULTIMATE Sustain!
Morellonomicon Extra HP, AP and of course Magic Penetration, this can be one of the most powerful picks if we dont need extra sustain from Warmog's Armor and of course the item effect will help if the enemy team got a lot of healing effects!
Rabadon's Deathcap if your enemy team has full Carries and only 1 or No Tank at all.

    So your FULL BUILD will look like this:
Hextech Rocketbelt Luden's Tempest Liandry's Anguish Void Staff Warmog's Armor Sorcerer's Shoes plus Elixir of Sorcery
My Strategy To Follow
Lets talk about the strategy here. To play with Malphite inst only use his PURE Strength as your weapon, like any other WARS, at league you need to use your HEAD as well to win the game.
So lets talk about what you need to focus.

Creeps: The most important thing is to focus on your farm, you need to farm fast and if you can kill all the creeps without missing even one. This way you will take the lead from your enemy champion, dont be afraid to use your skills for last hits even at the 1 level. Especially with Malphite E you can damage the enemy and last hit at the same time!

Stay Alive: To not to die at lane and not have any kills is more worth than to be 3-3 or 4-4 with your enemy Lane champion.
Your build focusing to be the strongest at the MID-Late game, doesn't matter if you cant kill now, focus on farm and you will be able to show your true Strength at the right time of the game.

Hide & Seek Strategy: use the FOG OF war instead of bushes as your advantage over your enemy, from there you can poke them with your Q-E without letting them time to reach, then go back and do the same till you bring them at the right HP (around 40%) to ONE SHOT THEM with your R-Q-E-HIT combo!

Even if you wont kill your enemy, he will start losing focus from this strategy.
They wont be able to go close to cs, and lose EXP-FARM so after doing this a couple of times the game is yours.
Reason Behind My Spells
Lots of my Subs and followers from YouTube and social asking me "Why are you not playing with teleport TOP?"
and the answer is simple and i will give it to all of you as well.

Im playing always with Flash and Ignite Top, for the following reason, Teleport is a skill for any of players don't have enough confident in themselves that they can DESTROY the enemy TOP laner.
Its as simple as that, Teleport can be used to Come back after a fast back or go to other lane and "Help" your team.
The reason all playing with Teleport is cause they want to find the "easy" answer behind the top lane "go help others and exp there", i cant judge them really, but if you really want to say yourself that you actually won the TOP Lane then you need to do it SOLO.

Destroy your enemy not only by killing him but also by making him build TOO MUCH MR that he don't need.
All my tanky enemies building full MR Items, cant do anything else cause if they wont they will just die from me over and over again.
But by forcing them doing that the BEST WAY to counter them its to simple change lane, send your ADC TOP with your Support and go BOT 1vs2, after destroying TOP its the time to destroy BOT as well.

Doing something as simple as that you can change the ENTIRE balance of the game. The Full MR Tank top wont stand a chance vs the ADC and SUPPORT and their ADC and SUPPORT wont stand a chance vs the FULL Magic Pen You.
I did this countless of times and always winning the game at the end.

TIP: Lots of you will think "but when my team need me i can teleport there", NO. You dont need to teleport there. You can be there by foot, or if you cant be there continue with the OBJECTIVES, push your lane destroy towers take Dragons with your jungler etc.
Almost every rush TP to help BOT or MID Lane end up by being all DEAD together with you.
Cause when you TP, you suddenly change the entire MAP Phase, you going somewhere where you will be 100% seen and try to either Dodge your skills or Kill you first.
So go by foot, and go from behind them by using the FOR OF WAR.

This is the entire strategy behind what i am always doing.
If you see my videos you will see that im right at what im saying above.
Different Match ups vs My Malphite's Build
Malphite vs Mundo
Dark Star Malphite vs Darius
Malphite vs Kled (Immortal Version)
Malphite vs Shen
Malphite vs Jax
Malphite vs Rumble
Malphite vs Cho'Gath
Malphite vs Renekton
Malphite vs Gangplank
Malphite vs Singed
Malphite vs Riven
Malphite vs Fiora
Malphite vs Mundo
Malphite vs Tryndamere

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