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Quinn Build Guide by Ryannox

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ryannox

My Idea of ADC Quinn (+PBE Section for Marksman Update)

Ryannox Last updated on November 1, 2015
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Threats to Quinn with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ezreal Basically the same as Corki. But I hate Ezreal. Unless he's somehow godly ahead or god with Ezreal's skillshots, Ezreal will almost always be useless until late-game. And even then, all his damage is just low-medium damage poke and he'll still be squishy. I just have a really low opinion of ADC Ezreal. I even think AP Ezreal is better off. But I still think AP Ezreal is still subpar to other mids. To the matchup-Just all-in whenever you feel like it and try to dodge his skillshots. He really sucks in all-ins unless he can stay away AND attack/land skillshots. Don't let him abuse his skillshots and You're ok to go! But if he's with Taric, GGAFK!!!
Twitch Super Squishy. Since Quinn is an Assassin/ADC hybrid, this matchup heavily favors you. Just beware being all alone and getting jumped on with his stealth/ult. The only time he's a problem is if nobody can get to him in a teamfight and he can ult everyone or if he keeps ambushing people alone. All-in him and its generally good.
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Who Am I?

I'm Ryannox, a NA player. I'm currently in Gold but I fluctuate between divisions 3 and 4. In Season 4, at the end of the season, I was Silver 1. I'm an ok player and I usually main ADC in ranked. I recently started playing Riven top lane and have mastered her to the best of a Goldie. I'm a semi-serious player, but I accept some funny and cool people, as long as they don't act too trollish or salty.
Quinn was one of the first champions (Sejuani was my first) I picked up, in Season 4 when i joined, because of her awesome theme. It's pretty cool being a scout/bird duo. But in-game, she didn't feel too powerful. She was a below average character and I had to learn a lot about her to use her effectively and to deal with her cons while also taking advantage of her pros.
Also, I play instruments,primarily a Clarinet, but I also dabble in the violin family and with the piano. Just a fun fact about me. :D

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Quinn is a strong champion in her own right. I view her as a ADC/Assassin hybrid with herself and Valor. She is quite versatile and can go ADC, Mid, Top, and some people even take her to Jungle. She has pretty good burst compared to other ADC's and that burst makes her viable for top and mid. However, she does take a little bit more skill and has a higher risk compared to other ADCs. She used to be underwhelming because she didn't have enough damage with the old BT rush. Now, with the IE rush, Quinn can deal more damage. She needs more skill in positioning because if she gets caught, she'll die quickly cause she doesn't really have a good escape. However, I think her risk and skill is worth it! She can chunk squishies for a lot! Also, with the nerfs to other ADCs, Quinn is gaining some more viability and is more rewarding to play now. You can also be bird (with decent animations; sorry Anivia)!

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Pros and Cons

1. ADC/Assassin = has really good burst (makes her viable mid/top lane).
2. Can turn into a bird. HOW COOL IS THAT?!
3. Knock-up on her E.
4. Has a blind.(Kicks Teemo out of Botlane*)
5. Has good base stats.
6. Has an Ashe E built into a steroid.
7. Bird = SUPER ATTACK/SPEEDY BIRD OF DOOM (for them. or you...)
8. Using E to flip over walls makes you feel LIKE A BOSS.

1. Squishy, though not as much as other ADCs.
2. Ult turns you melee, with a squishy ADC build... -.-
3. OK* scaling ratios on abilities.
4. 525 range, pretty short for an ADC.
5. Hard-to-use escape.
6. Steroid is conditional, not on demand.
7. Requires skill for positioning and to know when to go in.
8. Gimmicky attack animation (where the hell did that arrow I just shot disappear to?)

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Pretty basic runes for ADC I believe. You can switch out a few Quints for AD if you aren't good at csing. But you should take AS since they're generally better. You can also take scaling MR/level glyphs. I take 3 AS glyphs because I feel Quinn needs more AS. Armor seals are mandatory since you'll (almost) always go against an AD champ in bot lane. AD marks are there to help trades and csing. You can take 1 crit mark if you believe in that chance; I don't.

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Spells + Which Spells to Level

Quinn's Q is Blinding Assault. Blinding Assault sends Valor out to gouge and blind enemies that he crashes into in a circle. Basically a skillshot that ends on collision of an enemy. The hitbox is a little weird like Karma's Q. The radius of this skillshot is also kind of small, but it has good range. Beware of minions. There are always those minions that decide to protect their teammate by moving RIGHT into Valor. It has good damage at pretty much all points of the game. Don't spam this abilty. It'll drain your mana. With Valor, he does this attack in a larger area than the skillshot around himself. Max Q first. It has much better scaling damage than E. Its also one of your few forms of poke.

Quinn's W is Heightened Senses. When activated, Quinn's W reveals the area around her. Good for scouting, but since its audio and spell effect can be heard/seen by enemies, its probably not as good for setting up ambushes. Passively, whenever Quinn activates/uses a harrier mark, she gains an attack speed and movement speed boost. This really helps Quinn in longer engagements, though not too much, but better than nothing. Passively, again, Valor gains a HUGE attack speed boost. REALLY STRONG with AD and crit. Max W second since it gives you a lot of power and utility. It also strengthens Quinn's ult, which will be used most often in mid-game, when this is being maxed.

Quinn's E is Vault, a targeted dash. She dashes to an enemy target, flips off them, and marks them with Harrier. This ability is only good for its utility. It allows you to flip off and jump over walls, making you feel like a boss. Often times however, people will flash over that wall just to kill you though. -_- The harrier application is good as it's the bread and butter of Quinn's burst rotation (Harrier, E, Harrier, Q). Leveling up this ability is bad. It only reduces the CD and the damage increase is not as high as Blinding Assault. You don't really need the CD since often times, you won't be engaging at EVERY Harrier proc on the enemy.

Quinn's R is Tag Team. Tag team makes Quinn call out Valor, becoming a bird. While as Valor, you gain more movement speed, can move through units, gain passive attack speed with Heightened Senses' level, and become melee. It's really good for picking out specific targets and assassinating them, but in a teamfight, it'll make it easier for the enemy team to kill you because (in this build) you're squishy. You'll only use this ult in a teamfight to clean up or to run away. Level this up whenever you can because the execute and cd reduction really helps.

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Unique Things About Quinn

Quinn has some hidden skills in her sleeves. Because of the cc she provides and the mobility she has, She's pretty good for peeling for herself. It also favors her playing aggressively. This makes her go very well with an early aggressive support like Taric and Leona. They help to get Quinn snowballing to be effective late game because Quinn's item-dependent once late game comes. Leona is usually the better preference since she scales into late game better than Taric. You usually don't want TWO early power spike people in bot lane because it will be harder for your team to balance out the late game. Quinn is also great at 1v1s. She mostly does large amounts of single target damage. This also makes her good at assassinating targets as well. However, it also makes her weaker in teamfights in comparison to other ADCs.

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What To Do/How to Play Quinn

As Quinn, a snowball ADC, you want to gain as much kills as you can early game. Quinn works really well in kill lanes (I've gone with LeBlanc supports many times, and it does work). She needs to abuse her early game power to snowball into late game. Her late game is a bit underwhelming if she isn't too fed. If she falls behind, it's usually very hard for Quinn to make a comeback and falls off pretty hard. Try not to get poked too much early game. Quinn has horrible HP regen, although her other stats are above average/amazing everywhere else.

In Mid Game, you want to make as many picks as possible. Right now, you want to abuse your ultimate to assassinate people and therefore are maxing W, which boosts your assassination ability. Quinn still does quite a bit of damage at this point if she's not fed, and if mid game goes well, she'll have some kills/assists under her belt. If Quinn is fed, ABUSE YOUR POWER!!! You are very powerful so try getting as many kills as you can. A fed Quinn is very dangerous.

Late game, you should be a split push ADC or an ADC who cleans up teamfights. You don't really have range so most of the time, so you'll just be protecting yourself in teamfights when everyone is trying to kill you on the enemy team. Quinn has good peel for herself so try to make good use of it. However, if you've been behind, all you can really do is split push because you don't have the damage to be that relevant in teamfights. If you're ahead, you're pretty much a force to be reckoned with. Only beware people who can instaburst you or with heavy CC and damage. Don't dive in teamfights with your ult. Whether your fed or not, you're still a squishy ADC.

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PBE Quinn

PBE Quinn is quite good after the 10/30 patch updates. Although they have gotten rid of assassin Valor, we still have assassin Quinn. You can proc 3 harriers in a row because now, Q on Quinn also makes a harrier mark. Although sometimes, its kinda hard to get Q to land harrier because its very specific on who gets the harrier mark. Q is also more effective in split-pushing and the mana cost has been reduced which helps a bunch. Try to use Q to harass the enemy early game. E travel time feels much faster and it really helps for chasing down targets. The PBE Quinn is much more reliant on Harrier and her kit revolves pretty much around it. Harrier was also buffed in that it scales MUCH BETTER into late game than live. However, they nerfed the base CD for Harrier, but allows its CD to be reduced by crit, making Quinn have a more crit item build (which is ok, since a LOT of items in the marksman update have crit). Max order is R/Q/E/W since W doesn't buff your ult that anymore, you can take the E second so that we can spam those Harrier applications.
Now, lets talk about Quinn's ult. Early game, the mana cost is quite big for Quinn. Its not really effective and most of the time, you'll just be using it to get back to lane. It's movement speed bonus also doesn't feel that great early compared to mid/late game, so that kinda motivates us to max it later. In the mid game, you'll often use it to roam, scout, and assassinate. Skystrike damage is not as good anymore, but hey, its better than nothing. Besides I would miss it if they DID remove it. Late game, the movement speed bonus makes you fly FASTER than anyone else in the game. This allows for you to have pretty good map pressure and allows you to split-push and go to teamfights pretty quickly. It also costs no mana late game, so it really doesn't hurt to use it as much as it does early. To sum it up, most of the time, you'll just be using Tag Team to move around. Skystrike is easy to use since it's range is larger than Quinn's AA range.

Quinn's gameplay feels generally the same. Her early game is a bit weaker, but they buffed her late game. She's still a bully, but not as oppressive as she used to be. However, these changes also allow us to play Quinn more aggressively in late game. However, these changes kind of discourage Bruiser Quinn but put Assassin and ADC Quinn in the spotlight. She's still fun to play, but we can't attack with Valor anymore with his assassin style. Quinn's assassin gameplay is pretty much revolved around her using Trinity with her harrier procs. But I'll miss Valor's attack animation... ADC Quinn is more focused more on crits on her harriers and more AAs coming out.

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About This Guide

It's my first guide. I honestly don't know too much about making guides, so feel free to comment on any mistakes I make. Also, suggestions for what I should include would be nice as well! Thanks for Reading!