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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Mr Waternoose

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mr Waternoose

My Ultimate Morde Jungle Build

Mr Waternoose Last updated on July 7, 2016
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Masteries and Other Notes.

I don't know why the Masteries are not working so I'm just going to type what you need. I'm sorry for any complications.

Ferocity: 12
- 5/5 Fury
- 1/1 Feast
- 5/5 Vampirism
- 1/1 Oppressor
Cunnning: 18
- 5/5 Savagery
- 1/1 Runic Affinity
- 5/5 Meditation
- 1/1 Dangerous Game
- 5/5 Intelligence
- 1/1 Stormraider's Surge

Notes - The reason for the Masteries is once again for the CC, with Stormraider's Surge you're able to keep the Target at Bay.

With this Rune Set you'll be more than happy with the results due to it's Mid/Late Game Scale.

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How to approach the Jungle

When the Game starts, it's you usual start, buy your items and start either 'Red Buff' or 'Blue Buff' (Just go where your ADC and Support Lane because it honestly doesn't matter which Buff you start).
When you Jungle, you're going to want to just take it easy for about 10 minutes (depending how your Team Lanes are doing)
Around the 5 to 6 minute mark farming in your Jungle, you should've been able to salvage enough gold to go back and buy your "FIRST SET" of items.
Once you're able to build a Cinderhulk and work towards your next item, you can make your way to decide on two choices which are:
1. Gank Bot Lane and then have them assist you with Dragon depending how the success.
2. Just Get the Dragon then make your way to Gank Bot Lane or Mid lane.
I know this may sound strange, but it's the most effective when going through with it.
Honestly after this, there's not much to say after that. This build is a little risky early on, but you will be indestructible late game because of the amount of sustain you have.

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Pro's and Con's

- Dragon and Baron are extremely Easy to take down.
- You can have the Dragons Soul Help you Solo Baron to help your team in-game.
- You have incredible sustain and cc when fighting your Target.
- You are able to engage with fights easily and able to deal "Tons of Damage"
- Your Ult.... Enough said.

Con's: (I'm going to be more in-depth with this)
- Sadly, if you get caught out playing as Mordekaiser, you have no way of escaping the which will cause for a death.
- Your team and the Enemy team seeing you play as Mordekaiser in the Jungle, Your team will either flame, or be confused which is normal these days. While the Enemy team will just go invade your Jungle which can go either way, just be sure to ward.
- Morde's base HP is... well... Terrible, and makes your vulnerable for invasion, also your team might get upset for not being able to gank early on. Just chill in Jungle and hope for the best xd.

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Final Notes

I Hope all you Mordekaiser fans enjoy this build, this is my first time attempting to create my own build and was sad that there was a present Jungle S6 build for this Champion, so I decided to experiment.
I will tell you I made a lot of changes with my first build, I had used bloodrazor and pretty much full on Ad but no sustain so I fell terribly. I tried this build out and it worked wonderfully. Not even a fed Quinn was able to do anything to me.
Please be nice in the comments section (You can give an opinion just nothing offensive) and hope you find this build applicable.

Mr. Waternoose