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Nami General Guide by Soulanguish

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Soulanguish

Name Guide: The Tidecaller

Soulanguish Last updated on December 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction to Nami: The Tidecaller

Nami is a strong support which is capable of dealing a lot of dmg and making tons of CC.

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Support Basics:

This chapter is just the plain basics of playing support, not only Nami but EVERY support out there.

So, where do i start? Before you start playing Nami, it's quite importent that you use the right runes, masteries and know the basics of playing a support. Using my 0/9/21 mastery page, you should be able to harass, earning money and still be quite tanky. Since having 9 points in defensive masteries grant you surviability you're able to take some dmg, when you are harrasing their ADC.

Taking mp5 masteries in The support three, makes you able to harrash a lot combined with your starter items! If you want to, you can pick flat mp5 runes in glyphs instead of magic recist, but magic recist runes grant you surviability endgame and prevents you from losing too much hp from their support's harassment. (or adc with ap dmg)

Magic pen. runes are definitly importent since you're able to deal a lot of dmg with them, even though you won't have a lot of ap early game. Wih my build you should have 120 ap.

Placing wards:

Placing wards the right spot is importent, otherwise your lane will be ganked easily. Here's a slogan; ''Buy a ward, safe life''. Make sure to ward at dragon and in tri bush. NOT in beetwen which is often seen. Here's a picture to demonstrate (red circles show where you should ward):

Baron and Drake

Remember spawn time for Baron and Drake so you can tell your team to get ready.

  • Drake / Dragon - 6 min.
  • Baron / Nashor - 7 min.

Keep in mind it's importent to have Drake warded all the time from when it spawns, and baron from at least 20 min in the game (Baron spawns 15 min into the game).

These are spots that's good if warded (You don't need to ward that much though).

(Outside Drake and Baron isn't on the picture but you should ward them)

You might wonder; ''what is a good support score?'', as support you have to avoid taking kills and instead focusing on getting assists and building for gold items.

Here's an example of 4 wins, even though every game was won, the support shouldn't take any kills if there's a chance of somebody else on your team getting it. Here's 3 good scores and 1 bad,(Green square=right, red=wrong).

It's importent to keep in mind; DON'T TAKE ANY CREEP KILLS FROM THE AD CARRY

Don't even last hit, it will cause trouble for your ad carry, simply press S (It stops your auto attacking (s=STOP COMMAND.

Team work beetween ADC and Support is importent. Playing support you have to keep a good spirit up withing the team and in your lane. Tell your adc what he could do better, not how bad he is! There's a 16% higher chance of winning you don't flame on your teammates.

When playing support, then don't try to get kills, it just won't work, since your ad carry won't be able to do dmg, and you won't be able to use the gold on anything useful. Instead buy Gold per 5 items such as Kage's lucky pick or Philosopher's stone. Having Gp5 runes helps a lot too: 3 runes = 3 gold/10 s * 6 * 30 = 540 gold over 30 min. Especially in S3, has the supports lack of gold been eased with items such as Sightstone.

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Nami is pretty strong in lane, and semi squishy if you could say so! Therefore i picked for diffrent builds that i've made for other supports too.

Here's 4 diffrent builds depending on your oppenent:

If you're pretty sure to have a long laning phase, agaisnt a strong carry, then this is an pretty good build. You won't take much dmg and you'll still be able to earn gold with your Quints. These adcs could for instance be Graves, ezreal or draven

You're going to play semi agressive then this is a pretty strong build, since it grants you both dmg, armor, mr and a hint og gp5. These champions could for instance be
sivir or tristana.

This build is something makes you able to spam your heal more and stay defensive.

Finally the even more agressive build which still gives you armor and and gp10, but having more mp5 gives you more harassment. Could be used agaisnt vayne because of her low range, just agaisnt carries which can't harass well or have low range.

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Pros / Cons

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Skill Sequence

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Team Work

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Due to new items and masteries in season 3, heal and flash has become the most effective spells.

Heal: Pick Heal because of elise's (item) improved 20% less cd on heal.

flash: Pick flash because it's a must have since you can flash into a teamfight and pop your ulti, it's also the best escapist ability.


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