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Nami General Guide by Angelstar989

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Angelstar989

Nami- Let's surf my wave to victory!

Angelstar989 Last updated on January 23, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi all! I'm Angelstar and today, we'll be surfin on Nami's waves. This is my first guide, and i'll try to keep it short and simple. I've been a support since low lvl's and i really enjoy it. I like being agressive, but not many supports allows me to be that because they're pretty manahungry, and i can't keep a long enough distance. Nami is the one i've been waiting for, and i've got some pretty good outcomes so far. UNDER CONSTRUCTION! ;D

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pros and cons


    Good CC
    One of the most OP supports in the game at the moment
Ebb and Flow got an awesome heal/dmg
Surging Tides 'nuff said

Aqua Prison is hard to land, as it is a smaller aoe skillshot
alittle squishy
targeted easy
Aqua Prison on cd? you're ****ed in a gank :)

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Exhaust- Slows the target and reduces their dmg.
Flash- Teleports you away from your enemy. It's nice to have to avoid ganks ;)

Other possible summonerspells
Heal- lots of hp for you! Countered with Ignite though :L
Clairvoyance- map-awereness. Like Ashe's Hawkshot.
Clarity- Mana! Supports go oom pretty often ;)

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Ability Sequence

I maxed out Ebb and Flow first, Tidecaller's Blessing after that, Tidal Wave and then Aqua Prison. That's just how i do it, feel free to change that if you want. I prefered Aqua prison untill i realised how hard it is to land if you're not good with skillshots.

Importance; Tidal Wave Ebb and Flow Tidecaller's Blessing Aqua Prison

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Mark of Armor Penetration- poke poke ;)
Seal of Armor- you're squishy, remember? besides, armor is always good.
Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration- going oom alittle too fast..
Quint of Gold- Alittle extra gold is always good.

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Surging Tides- Sometimes, i cast my spells on my friends just to speed them up a little, helping them catch enemies faster. Love this passive!
Aqua Prison- It's great for harassing, starting fights and keeping your enemies away from dying friends.
Ebb and Flow- It's bouncing from enemy to ally, to enemy again. So if you want 2 heals, you target an ally. If you want 2 dmg and 1 heal, you target the enemy, because it can only bounce 3 times. I use it to poke and heal at the same time. I usally win the trade with this one ;)
Tidecaller's Blessing- This is usally the spell i use to speed my friends up, but also when they're in a battle( mostly adc)
Surging Tides- The gigantic wave. Hard to catch up? Wavetime.

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Which adc?

So, not all adc's fits well with nami..

nice adc- Graves is one of the best adc's i've had the pleasure to lane with nami. Won our lane first, and took down 2 turrets on less than 5 min. Lots of kills and assists
Vayne is also a good match with her high true damage. Dreamteam that too.
Ezreal was maybe even better than Graves and in the end, i ended up having almost 40 assist out of around 50 kills in total. So that's pretty great.
Jayce was really good, he didn't even need me after level 6. Useless before 6 though..

bad adc's :/- Ashe didn't go so well.. i haven't done enough matches ashe and nami yet, so i'll update it later.
Caitlyn i've done 3 matches with that combo and.. no. just no. it was horrible. Sure, if it's a good cait, why not..
Teemo is too squishy. But his farming is great.. but the best combo for teemo would be with blitz :/
Varus failed so badly, i don't even wanna talk about it. not a good combo.

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As a support, you need to ward. So i made a map. Lol.Ok, so. red- IMPORTANT! Always ward baron and dragon with vision ward.
green- Everyone wards here to prevent ganks
Orange- ward here to counterjungle/avoid counterjungling
Purple- purple team mainly wards here
blue- blue team mainly wards here

NB. It's alittle bit outdated considering i made this with season 2 experience.. I will update soon!

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Some end results. Feel free to send me some :) ;


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