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Nasus Build Guide by Reijax

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Reijax

Nasus - Carry Ranked Despite your Team

Reijax Last updated on July 7, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Utility: 9

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Before Reading

**Edits**: 2/28/11 Added items pics to the guide. Changed some of my explanations. Also changed the masteries in utility from larger mana pool to experience. Thx for the tip Jebus. ALSO changed masteries in the defensive tree away from ardor.(See I actually listen to you all.)

I want everyone to know reading my build that this may look like an unorthodox build/guide. Nasus is a VERY versatile champion and should be treated as such. Depending on his rune set up and his item build he can be used in many different roles and situations.

Do not knock this guide unless you have tried it. Seriously, if you have actually went into a couple of games using this guide and do badly then please let me know how or why. I have had GREAT success doing this and I want to share it. Please step out of your comfort zone with this champion and try something new and viable. This isn't a ****py "NASUS LIFE STEAL BUILD ZOMG" it's an actual build that has worked for me for several months since the new buff on him.

Now I'm not saying "Don't give me a -1" or whatever all I am saying is that I have a build with Nasus that you can eventually carry and become unstoppable no matter your opponents, and I want to share that with you all.

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Meet Nasus

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I am writing this build because I believe that Nasus (The Big Dawg) very well maybe the most powerful champion that has ever graced LoL. The fact that are reading my build right now is proof that you think that he has somewhat potential to be great as well. Note that this build is not finished because the rest of the items are going to be situational.

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My rune choice for Nasus besides the Quints are required. The Quints are personal preference:

If you seem to have trouble last hitting early game go with the AD Quints.
If you seem to be having trouble surviving early on go with the Health Quints
If you you having trouble running your opponents down go with the Movement Quints

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I have spent months and months experimenting with Nasus' masteries. I find that these benefit the big dawg the most.

Going down the defensive tree will give you early game staying power in the lane. This is REQUIRED for a when you are 2v1 in the lane.

Also I've been looking at all these builds and they say Nasus has mana trouble, well my points in the utility will solve this. This also increases the big dawg's staying power.

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The items I have listed are required for a Balanced 2v1 team.

If you have a laning partner you might want to consider starting with instead of . This gives you less survivability in the lane but it speeds your build along by 475g.

is FANTASTIC on Nasus, it's cheap and gives you a well rounded amount of survivability. The reason you want to get it before Sheen or any other DPS item is because you don't need to rush getting a damage item until you can actually finish a kill.

Next up is , Ability power... on Nasus? A WASTE IF YOU ASK ME... Or at least that's what I thought. The attack damage bonus will have you Q finishing kills and one shotting the weaker minions.

Once you get you will have infinite staying power, as well as the ability to jungle heal. In short, you will be able to heal more damage off your and Auto Attack than the minions or jungle creeps can damage you back. So after a battle and you are weak, but you don't have enough money to buy your next item, duck off into the jungle and heal up and earn some G while you're at it.

Every item after this will be situational items. Oh... one more thing. Don't worry about Attack speed.

Oh yeah... Finish

Attention there is a lot of disagreement toward getting Blood Thirster, People are still stuck in DPS mode to where you need to get attack speed with nasus, YOU DON'T I choose blood thirster because it scales 100% with Nasus' passive and his . Nasus' damage comes from Attack damage so you boost that with all of these B.F. Items

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Situational Items

Obviously if the team is high on CC you will want to get .

If the team is high on Magic damage grab instead of , Hex drinker may be under estimated by most however, it is OP early game! I mean... it's ridiculous... trust me... RIDICULOUS!

My item build is unfinished for situational sake, If your team is in need of a tank grab and then .

If you are already too beefy for your opponents go straight big hitter items, pretty much the items that have B.F. Sword as a requirement.

Heavy Ad - Grab

Heavy AP - Grab or .

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First of all - Get this item out of here. With wither Nasus doesn't need the ability to chase. If you can't get them with wither use ghost. If you still can't kill them, then... oh well, wait till late game.

Second - With Nasus' recent base speed buff he has NO need of a speed increase. Ninja Tabi and Merc Treads are way too important early game for survivability. Wither will give you enough chase ability.

Third - Just... No. Come on... Why for farming? You are already one of the best last hitters in the game.

Fourth Anything with attack speed - Other than Black Cleaver or Trinity Force - Your main source of damage is your Q, do not forget this. Focus on boosting your Attack Damage. End game your Q is a 2 second CD. If you pursue attack speed items it will just spread you too thin between beef and damage.

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Skill Sequence

Since the new buff to his you need to now pump it several levels. Once you get your ult put another point in to your and then start pumping your wither. The reason for this is because at this point of the game you will be able to kill your opponents and you will need wither to catch them.

is a great spell but, it now has the least priority. Put one point into it early because your opponents seem to be afraid of it. Do not use it to farm minions anymore unless they are very weak. Save the mana for pressure under the turret and to give the armor reduction bonus in team fights. It costs a hefty bit of mana so DO NOT HARASS WITH THIS SPELL. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT!!!

Attention there is a major disagreement about my Skill Sequence concerning S.S. vs S.F. - this is my skill sequence please try it before you knock it.

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Summoner Spells

- I put this as a default spell because it is required for a 2v1 lane and this is the lane you should be in mostly in ranked.

- Required no matter the situation. Stacks phenomenally with wither.

Optional Spells: Replace Teleport with these if you are not doing a 2v1 lane.

- I tried this out recently and it gives you nice finishing damage for first blood when with a partner.

- Not as good as ghost but it's a good spell overall... but I don't ever get it.

- Personally I don't think needs exhaust because of wither however, during late game it is more effective against late game carrys such as Xin Zhao and Tryndamere than ignite is. But I'm in the business of getting fed, and getting fed early.

Spells that you should NOT get:

- I solved this with the masteries, and also Teleport is pretty much the same as clarity except it gives you a chance to heal and buy items.

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Obviously while playing Nasus farming is the most important part of your time away from team fights.

Last hit with Q... duh. But here are some tips on last hitting under the turret. You can hit a melee minion twice and then with one turret shot you can last hit. Some parts of the game you can do two turret shots and then 1 last hit. On the Ranged minions you can 1 turret shot and then last hit with Q.

But more importantly just watch the damage your minions are doing to the enemy minions and last hit at the appropriate time.

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In conclusion, the longer the match lasts you will become all the more powerful. Nasus is a very passive champion until all of a sudden he turns God Mode and smacks the **** out of a teemo. Bait your opponents in to a false sense of confidence and then crush their dreams with your ultimate.

Your core items will be You can exchange the order between finishing Trinity Force and Blood Thirster. If you die a lot maybe bloodthirster isn't for you, and maybe this build isn't for you. I play Nasus as a bruiser carry and he should be treated as such, know when to initiate and know when to retreat.

Your team or your jungler will come and gank for you (if they don't tell them.), pick one of your opponents, focus and wither them. Ghost if you need the extra speed boost. While soloing a lane as nasus you should be more powerful than your opponent.

Please rate and comment, I will soon be adding pics and videos.