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Nasus Build Guide by jts2

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jts2

Nasus: Dominating Top

jts2 Last updated on April 18, 2012
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Welcome to my guide on Nasus. I have been playing him a lot recently, and I have found the perfect combination (in my opinion) to create an unstoppable Nasus. I play Nasus as a tanky DPS/carry. I had an old guide on Nasus, but decided to remake my guide as my playstyle with him has changed a bit.

Please read the entire guide before you vote up or down!

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Pros / Cons

-An extremely good mid/late game-
-Strong lane and solo survivability-
-A strong slow/mini-Exhaust-
-Unlimited end game power-
-One of the best farmers in the game-
-A powerful ultimate-
-Can seamlessly hop in and out of the jungle for easy jungle farming-
-Your damage will make them **** their pants-
-A fairly good ganker-

-If the other team is good, they will try to shut you down early game-
-Sometimes mana is an issue-
-If you hit hard, you will get targeted-
-You are tanky, but you're also not Singed or Rammus-
-Not the best top, but one of the best-

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Playing Nasus Successfully [READ ME]

It took me a long while to finally understand Nasus as a champion. Here is what I have learned since I first started playing Nasus. (These tips are mostly for people new to Nasus.)

Basically, an un-farmed Nasus is like having an AD Karthus on your team. Minus the R. COMPLETELY USELESS. I cannot stress this enough, farm farm farm farm farm. You need to be farming or ganking ALL the time, unless there is a tower in danger, etc. Even then, FARM. Go into the jungle here and there and FARM.

2. Last hit with your Q as much as possible. Duh.
Focus on last hitting. Farming your Q early game will definitely surprise them later. They will engage you like "OH LOL NASUS IS A NOOB CHAMP" and then you will crush half of their health with your Q. It hurts, and as long as you focus farming your Q whenever possible, and using it to last hit as soon as it comes up, you will have no problems. This is important early game.

3. You aren't the main tank. Don't get cocky.
Okay, sure, if you're mega fed late game, maybe you can 2v1 or even 3v1. But you sure as hell can't 5v1. You aren't pre-nerf Xin Zhao. Don't get cocky, you can die.

4. Don't be afraid to use your ultimate a bit early.
I see so many Nasus' who use their ultimate 5 seconds into the massive team fight. Don't even do it. Pop your ultimate BEFORE the team fight, even if it's before you begin attacking. Your ultimate followed by a Wither will empower you, while you debuff them. Perfect way to initiate, but remember, you aren't invincible.

5. On the same note, don't waste your ultimate.
Popping your ult for a gank is... just no. If it's a 2v1 gank, and you pop your ult, you just wasted it. However, if you're in a 1v1 situation, and you're getting about half HP, pop it. A LOT of players seem to forget what your ult does. But please, for the love of god, don't pop your ult without Wither up. If you pop it, and chase them and they get away, you're going to look like an ***.

6. Nasus is a strong jungler, don't be afraid to leave the lane for a minute or two.
This is another thing many people overlook - he is a great jungler. And even though I don't play him in the jungle, if you annihilated your enemy top lane, and the first tower is dead, go steal a buff somewhere. However, if there is a massive *** wave of minions heading your way , farm your Q instead. Your Q being farmed is 4932849238424% more important than getting red buff.

7. Don't be greedy.
Normally, you won't have to chase somebody for too long before they die. The Wither + Exhaust combo will slow them plenty enough. However, if they do Flash through a wall, or they are somehow getting away ( Master Yi) do not chase them too far or you will likely die.

8. Nasus can tower dive, but be careful.
Nasus is a GREAT tower diver because of his slow, burst damage and ultimate that gives him HP. But do not get greedy. That Lux or Morgana will juke you to space and you will look like an *** when you die.

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[Passive]Easily one of my favorite passives. This makes it so you can pretty much skip over getting lifesteal. You can get more if you choose, but I never do. This will keep you in lane for MUCH longer than most, and highly increases your 1v1 capability.

[Q]True burst damage. This is what makes Nasus... Nasus. It gives 3 PERMANENT damage to the spell any time you last hit anything with it. If you farm this successfully, you will crush anyone in your path. FARM. Last hit. Use it to burst enemies. Use it whenever possible.

[W]Can you say anti AD carry? A free mini Exhaust. Totally sexy, perfect for initiation. But please, for the love of god... use this on their carries. Do not use this on Singed during a big team fight. You will look like an idiot, and you may have been able to save a teammate. Plus, this will allow you to run up and smack them in the face! :D

[E]Okay, this spell will take some time to get used to. This is a good farming tool, and should be used not only to farm from a distance but also right after you initiate. This will deal a small burst of damage initially, and then some damage over time in that area. However, the biggest part of this is the armor reduction for any enemy champion in the area. Also, you would be surprised how good of a last hitting tool this is for the Ashe that just flashed away with 50 HP. Use it to your advantage.

[R]Ahh yes. This spell. This is another highlight for Nasus, and used to be the only spell that increased your HP temporarily until Renekton came around. Except the only difference is that your ultimate is WAY better than Renekton's. Not only does it grant bonus health, but it also siphons a percentage of nearby enemies MAX health and converts it into AD. It's a tanky DPS's dream ultimate. And you have it, so use it wisely.


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Basic Strategy


1v1 is pretty basic. Catch them off guard with a Wither, followed by a Spirit Fire BEHIND where they are running. This will allow you to catch them with the armor reduction buff for a quick Siphoning Strike. At this point, either they ran away or you got the kill. If all else fails and you're losing the fight, turn the tides of battle with Fury of the Sands. But please, you need to know when to just run, pop your ult, or do both.

Team Fights

Now, for team fights it's just a little different. Pop your ultimate, it lasts 15 seconds, Wither the AD carry ( Caitlyn, Ashe, etc), charge them and use Spirit Fire and Q it up. They will be dead before you know it. Move onto the next threat, and so forth. Try to stay as close to as many enemies as possible for max ultimate efficiency, but don't get caught by yourself. Please, for the love of God, do not focus the tanks...

Rinse and repeat.

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Greater Quintessence of Lethality

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Fairly self explanatory. Armor Penetration to help against your top lane (most top lanes are tanky AD), Flat Armor to counter enemy AD damage (and penetration), and MR/Level Glyphs for late game against those bursty AP carries.

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Summoner Spells

My Choices.

Teleport is exceptionally good at keeping yourself up top to farm as much as possible. It is also very good for teleporting to wards to set up ganks. Even if you have a bad start, you can Teleport back to top for a chance to redeem yourself.

Exhaust pairs well with Wither. You can have (basically) two Exhausts up on a team at one time, or you can chain them together on one target for an easy chase.
Second choices.

You can choose to replace one of the recommended spells with one of these.

Flash is probably the strongest summoner spell in the game for most champions. Crazy good utility. Never a bad choice.

Ignite is another strong spell. Since your damage is fairly bursty, Ignite adds some nice DPS and makes for a fairly simple first blood.

I am not going to spend much time talking about Summoner Spells. Everyone has their preference, and these are mine, and I think they are the strongest for Nasus, but you may disagree.

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Tanky AD masteries. Hardiness is the obvious choice for top, and Resistance is incase they throw a curveball (say, Kennen or Morgana top.) HP/Level and HP regen will help you maintain tankyness, and the rest is cake. In the Offense tree, some AD and Armor Pen is nice. The attack speed also helps a tad.

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Choosing Boots for Nasus

Nasus is a Tanky DPS. With this being said, it's your choice what kind of boots you get. If 2 or more champions have some sort of CC, Mercury's Treads. 2 or so auto attackers? Ninja Tabi. Simple.



Early Game
A simple start for a top. Health Potions for sustain, and Boots of Speed for utility.

Early/Mid Game

This is where the farm begins. Glacial Shroud is an extremely strong item for Nasus. Armor against the standard AD top, and CDR for farming. Sheen for Q synergy.

Mid Game

If you have this by mid game, you are farming great, and chances are, you're starting to own it up. Start gettin' dem stacks.

Mid/Late Game

Mo' damage. Awesome for tanky DPS.

Late Game

Movement speed is nice. Obvious finisher from Sheen

End Game
Okay, now the last item depends on what their team has, and where you stand. If they have heavy AP, or you need MR? Banshee's Veil. If they are all AD, or you are doing fine in terms of survivability, or they are just bad, Infinity Edge. It will skyrocket your damage, especially on Siphoning Strike crits.

Choose wisely.

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Thank you for reading my guide on

Teemo build

Thank you for reading, and be sure to VOTE!