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Nautilus Humor Guide by cooliofoolio

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cooliofoolio


cooliofoolio Last updated on July 4, 2013
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please read this!1!1!1!1!1!

I am just giving everyone who may read this guide in its first week or so a clear heads up i am posting this guide before i am finished with it. This is my first guide so i am laying out a rough draft to see how it looks. I plan on putting in as much official and personal information as i can over time. So basically if you are reading this sentence then i am nowhere near done on this guide.

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Hello all and welcome to my first attempt at a guide featuring one of my all time favorite champions NAUTILUS. Nautilus has always been known as a prolific jungler, with his amazing early game ganks and his game changing crowd control. However in his late game i have often found myself in lack of sustainable damage, which led me to the testing and falling in love with ad nautilus.

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understanding and loving the nautilus

Nautilus is one of those champions that can make or break a game. His crowd control (CC) is on the borderline of bloody ridiculous. Lets have a quick tally shall we?


Every first auto attack on a individual champion is a root for .5/.75(lvl 7)/1(lvl 13) seconds. This root can not be applied to the same champion for another 12 seconds after the first auto attack. This passive is one of the simplest yet best passive in the game, but proper use of this passive is one of the determining factors between a good nautilus and a pro. I will have a full section dedicated to this ridiculous passive further on.


You send out a bad-*** anchor of buthurt towards an inferior opponent(or terrain, pro tip: not as cool). This skill is quite versatile, it can be used as an escape/catch-up mechanism or to engage on some poor soul. This pull requires some getting used to as it has a few unusual traits. One: the anchor will neither pull your victim to you or you to him, instead you will smash each others faces in at about halfway between you and your victim. this can get tricky to get used to since as a max range pull will not only pull the one terrified victim towards your team but also pull you towards the enemy's. Two: this badass anchor can grab terrain and drag you to it. not only can you use this anchor mechanic to escape you can also use it to catch up. When you utilize your anchor to drag yourself to terrain its cool down is halved, this allows you to pull yourself forward towards the enemy and have your anchor back within a reasonable time period.


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summoner spells

When it comes to jungling your summoner spell options are quite limited. For nautilus smite is a must have, his early lvl damage is quite restricted so having smite will turn the jungle into a breeze.

Flash is my preferred choice. You can jump through walls to escape/initiate, you can flash past a minion wave to land an anchor to secure a kill. the possibilities are endless.

Ghost is a decent substitute for flash. ghost is certainly more effective for chasing enemies down and getting places quickly, but it lacks the versatility of flash.

Exhaust although being a GREAT summoner spell is quite redundant on nautilus seeing as your already the CC master.

Not much to say here. kill stuff with this...... yup.

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too lazy im done for tonight <(0_0)> <(0_0<) <(0_0)> (>0_0)> kirby dance <3

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too lazy im done for tonight <(0_0)> <(0_0<) <(0_0)> (>0_0)> kirby dance <3

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too lazy im done for tonight <(0_0)> <(0_0<) <(0_0)> (>0_0)> kirby dance <3

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Nautilus is blessed with one of the easiest jungles in the game past lvl 3, at this point you should have 54 armor and a shield that will absorb 150dmg. This makes it so you can clear any creep camp with little to no damage to yourself. the hardest, and only hard part about jungling with nautilus is knowing how to position yourself for your W's bonus damage to hit all the creeps. Grouping up the small creeps so you never have to attack them individually will save you time, health, and mana.

For the wolves u need simply attack the big one from straight in the middle and both small creeps will automatically place themselves in the aoe dmg zone.

Wraiths are a tad bit tricky to pull off, but dont worry bruh i got you. All you have to do is stand right above the big wraith and once you attack it all the small wraiths will gather in a perfect radius for your W's aoe as such.

Golems are slightly tricky much like the wraiths the ever slightest difference in position will make the difference between killing the small creep with just your w instead of having to attack it individually. For golems you need to stand slightly to the side of the big golem away from the small one as such, attacking the big golem will bring the small one perfectly into your aoe range.

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a well preformed nautilus gank after level 4 will almost always result in a kill. The amount of unrelenting CC that nautilus posses can be matched by no other champion. The best way to gank a lane as always is to wait for them to be pushed in

too lazy im done for tonight <(0_0)> <(0_0<) <(0_0)> (>0_0)> kirby dance <3

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too lazy im done for tonight <(0_0)> <(0_0<) <(0_0)> (>0_0)> kirby dance <3

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my testing experiences

My first 5 trials of op ad nautilus


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