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Nautilus Build Guide by I Iike Rice

This build has been archived and is for historical display only.

PLEASE NOTE: This build has been archived by the author. They are no longer supporting nor updating this build and it may have become outdated. As such, voting and commenting have been disabled and it no longer appears in regular search results.

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author I Iike Rice

Nautilus, the h00ker of the sea [Tanky AD]

I Iike Rice Last updated on October 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Feeling creative and tired of being a sluggish hulk who relies on Riptide for damage? Then this build's made for you. This build is made for bot, top, and can be adapted into jungle as well.

*EDIT* This build works pretty well for dominion as well, try it!

So, why play AD nautilus?
Nautilus has 4 CCs (passive, Q, E, and R) which are useful for @ss raping that annoying mage or carry that is destroying your team. They make Nautilus pretty damn strong in a 1v1 fight as well as harrass. This build gives you everything you can ask for: damage, mobility, and tankiness. As of now most people probably think you are just trolling but that's when they feel the rage of AD Nautilus, the hooker of the sea.

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Greater Quintessence of Lethality

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Mainly used for late game where enemies have stacked large amounts of armor and become a hassle to kill.

Gives you an early advantage with auto-attack harrass and fights.

Provides early armor to highten your survivability and gives you the gut to walk in to harrass without fear of death.

Highly useful late game for reducing damage from AoE spells and such. It's annoying having to spam your W to block spells when you can use it for extra bashing.

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21-9 Nautilus? Are you a noob!?
No. If you play smart you will not be needing to spam all your points into defense. The extra offense masteries will make you dominate that early laning phase. The 9 in defense are seen as staple for an offtank anyways. Your W and defense runes will be sufficient for making you quite a fatty which would be enough for you to survive and do well in your early laning phase before you get your Warmog's Armor. Plus, if you're really in a tight spot just E + flash + Q to a wall and you'll be fine.

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Item Sequence

Berserker's Greaves

Warmog's Armor

Wit's End

Atma's Impaler

Trinity Force


Believe it or not, Nautilus with splash is pretty beast. Combined with the passive of Titan's Wrath (DoT splash effect) and attack speed from Berserker's Greaves and Trinity Force the damage you can do in a team fight is amazing. Plus it's fun to just watch all those minions die as they circle around you. The great thing about a Tiamat is that it also gives you health and mana regen, great for fast auto-attack harrasses early on in the game. Generally I'd say this is a core item but you may choose to not take it.

Berserker's Greaves

Next up is Berserker's Greaves. Previously I had chosen Mercury's Treads as the choice of boots. But the item build needed some major changes and I realized that we have lost quite a bit of attack speed. Since our aoe damage relies on attack speed, and we are no longer the squishy titan due to warmog's + atmas combo, Berserker's Greaves was the best choice. Though you will no longer have tenacity, it should be fairly difficult to get yourself killed once you've gotten all your tank equipment. The great thing about this item is that it is fairly cheap and you will be getting some pretty good aoe damage at around level 6 (perfect time for an R + Q + W + E gank at mid).
This is not a core item but more of a preference item for me. Other viable boot choices are Mercury's Treads, Boots of Swiftness, and Ionian Boots of Lucidity.

Warmog's Armor

Warmog's Armor is the perfect item for a melee champion like Nautilus. In fights this item will allow you to pull an enemy over, burst him quite a bit and return to regenerate the little health lost. You will not know how many times this item will save your @ss. This is a core item.

Wit's End

Replaced Ionic Spark with this item for earlier damage, MR (therefore survivability), as well as early AS through a suggestion in the comments section ;) Thanks RazgrizInferno!
Since you'll be in the middle of most fights whacking away this item is ideal since it protects you from AoE spells from mages and increases its fuction as you fight. What I love about this item is that it is very affordable, while most of my item build is quite pricey. The magic damage it gives is quite fabulous as well, early game when enemies have not yet built MR it's basically an extra 40 damage to your basic attacks. I put this item after Warmogs because roaming around with low health isn't safe at all.

Atma's Impaler

Atma's Impaler is another core item in the build because it provides quite an amount of attack damage (2%, you should have about 3000 hp at this time so 3000 hp = 60 damage), critical chance, and armor for extra tankiness. You can't go wrong with this item.
Atma's Impaler now gives only 1.5% damage. Therefore 3000 hp would only give 45 damage. IKR...! so mad...

Trinity Force

Trinity Force, like the tri force grants you invinciblity (in theory) because of amazing passives and stats it gives. You get damage, attack speed (once again for tiamat + W splash damage), health (to work with atmas and make you fatter), as well as a movement speed multiplier (better chase, better run). That's not all. You get the passive of Sheen which is perfect for Dredge Line + Staggering Blow, as well as the passive of Phage which makes people unable to run from you when combined with all of Nautilus' other spells. Definitely a core item in this build.

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Boots... Which one to get?



Without the other items for survivability you wouldn't last long, so I chose these boots to slightly make up for the lack of damage.

Other Viable Options

Used to counter heavy/ fed AP teams, as well as teams with many cc champs (eg. Alistar, Blitzcrank,e.t.c). Situational item.
Used to counter heavy/ fed AD teams (especially when the enemy ranged AD carry is fed). Situational item as well.
Less CD, so more spamming! :D More of a for fun item to be honest, but whatever.
With these boots, chasing is a lot easier as well as running. When running if you Dredge Line to a wall, the boots take a 1 second head start to re activating it's speed boost, since you're not taking any damage (unless of course someone used a lock on spell on you).

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Note: Feel free to start with Dredge Line if you are laning with an aggressive partner. (preferably AD carries such as Vayne) It's usually an easy FB.

Staggering Blow

Staggering Blow is about the most overpowered passive ever. Extra damage + Stun. This is one of his most useful moves for escaping, killing, and fights.

Gameplay Strategies:
- Walk in and out of a bush to give the enemy a whack, maybe even two if you can while your partner pwns him. Other laning enemy starts attacking you? Just switch on that W and give him a whack too.
- Teammate with almost no health running from enemies. Hide in a nearby bush and appear briefly to stun the fastest/ closest one and quickly Q to a wall for escape. (Be fast if the enemy has CC, if they get you, use W, E and then flash if you have to.)
- Notice someone coming after you and you can take them? Just Q to him and then use the passive for an extra stun, then switch on W. It gives you a great advantage.
- In fights, if it's looking very even and you're sure your teammates can insta-kill them, just walk around whacking everyone and stunning them. If you don't trust your teammates just whack the squishy high damage dealing guy (eg. Master Yi) to the death.
- 1 enemy left and is getting away... use Q on a wall near to him (follow with flash if you're still way too far) and stun that noob with your passive for a finishing blow. You have movement speed with this build so dont think youre too slow for him.
- Laning bot and your partner is getting killed by two enemies and you have half or more health? Keep walking in the direction of the tower but as you do so whack stun the more aggressive one (AD carry, etc) and then the lesser one. If you get skilled enough you can do this all while still being able to walk at a pace. If they target you then you turn on your W and Q your way out. In other cases when youre low and your partner has more health, switch on W, run to tower and see if you can dredge line + ignite finish an enemy thats on your partner.
- Getting chased down? Hide in a bush and when they draw near stun them and walk the opposite direction + use Q.

Dredge Line

Dredge Line is Nautilus' best trolling move. Use it lots while you lane. This move also helps your teammates a lot because not only does it pull people it stuns them briefly. Added with Staggering Blow (and Depth Charge too if you want) it's quite a long stun. When you initiate a fight this is always your starting move. Try not to initiate head on; you can dredge line from within a bush when you feel that the sudden burst will give your team an upperhand.

Gameplay Strategies:
- Dying enemy running away? NOPE. There is no escape from the hooker of the sea. Use your Q and pull him over and thwomp him in the head for a kill. (Still not dead? Use your E for slow and W if you are tanking a turret.)
- Squishy enemy coming close to last hit? Grab that mofo with a Q and smash him in the head with your partner. Keep beating on him until his teammate hurries over and then you can resume farming.
- Enemy is left without minions; Pull him over and beat on him until his teammate arrives. If you think you can kill him pop on your W, use E and R him if you have to.
- A big fight. Someone is slightly out of position and you grab him over for instant death.
- If you're dying just use it on terrain (wall, turret, e.t.c) for a quick Jarvan IV-like slide. Also used for chasing.
- Getting dived by about 2 or 3 people? Grab one with Dredge Line, switch on Titan's Wrath, use Riptide to slow, stun them all with Depth Charge then Exhaust the one that the tower is hitting. You will be surprised as to how many kills you can get with this.

Titan's Wrath

Titan's Wrath is Nautilus' primary damage dealer and tankiness in this build. It is way too important to leave low levelled. It's damage over time is great for getting you kills. You can dive a tower with it absorbing the damage then hit the dying enemy once and the kill is yours. Simple. Or you see an enemy getting pummeled by your teammates? Give him a whack and ks like a boss! Just kidding. Don't.

Gameplay Strategies:
- Ignited and about to die near your turret? PRESS THAT W and start dancing ;D
- Got a squishy teammate wanting to walk into the bush? PRESS THAT W and walk in before him and clobber anyone in your path.
- Getting focussed in a fight? Turn it on and walk behind your teammates then turn around and start bashing.
- 1v1 fighting? Turn it on and beat the sht out of that noob.
- Getting owned? Turn it on and run.
- Always used when tanking turrets/ pushing for faster minion kills + protection when breaking towers.


Riptide, one of AP Nautilus' most important move is not quite so useful with AD nautilus. Don't even use the skill in group fights because you are actually losing damage that couldve been done by your auto attacks. The only thing it is used for is the slow when you're getting chased or chasing.

Gameplay Strategies:
- Enemy dying? Slow that noob.
- Getting chased by a mob? Run into a bush (preferrably one with multiple escape paths) and use E to slow surrounding enemies.

Depth Charge

Depth Charge is a very handy skill. Not only can it be used for chasing,running, and 1v1ing, it can also be used to destroy the enemy team in fights. You would usually want to target the squishiest guy in the back ( Ashe, Teemo, e.t.c) so that the stun would affect everyone in the front as well. Also we want to do so because that means that the squishy one will be receiving the most damage, which is great because he barely has any health.

Gameplay Strategies:
- Never use this skill on a person at the front! It will only stun one person and that's a waste. Don't use it even if he's about to die. You always want to target the weak guy in the back so that it will hit everyone. That way you and your team will be able to leap on them and own.
- You can also use this to initiate a smaller battle. Use Depth Charge, follow up with Dredge Line, (your passive should be here) then use your W to shield and bash.
- Try not to waste this skill if you won't get any kills. This skill can also be great for running away when chased by a mob. Once again, do not target the guy in the front unless you HAVE to. Try to aim at the guy in the back (doesnt matter if he's not a squishy) for best results.
- Pretty awesome when used on people trying to get baron.

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Summoner Spells


- Great escape and chase tool. A nice alternative for this spell is Flash, but personally I prefer Ghost for better ganks as well as obtaining more opportunities for a stun during a chase; Flash is a bit risky. As for running, combined with Titan's Wrath and Dredge Line's get away, you shouldnt die very often.

- Those moments where the enemy walks off with 20 hp and troll you in the /all chat? Well this just makes sure it doesnt happen. A great technique to finish off tower huggers is by first Dredge Lineing them, (insert whack here) switching on Titan's Wrath, Ignite and whack to win. Titan's Wrath's DoT works with Ignite to finish off noobs.

Other Viable Picks:

- I mean, you can't really go wrong with this spell. Use it to surprise enemies as well as running. A few tips would be to use it to flash through minions for a clear shot of Q at a running enemy, to get in range for an ult, or for escape always flash through a wall.

- Pretty good for supporting bot. You can use it to chase, run, fight, e.t.c. Late game it becomes quite handy for owning up ADCs. ALWAYS target the guy with the most damage (preferrably AD) for maximum efficiency. Just ult, exhaust, and smash dem noobs. Good stuff.

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Solo Top Gameplay

Vs. Solo top:

Instead of starting with Boots of Speed you can choose to start with Rejuvenation Bead and a Faerie Charm which are later built into the Tiamat. If you are playing against another solo top you will be able to play offensively. Walk in and out of bushes for last hits on minions and harrasses. Remember, you HAVE to know all the skills that your enemy has. For example if you're laning against Cho'Gath you would NOT want to walk into his Rupture when he casts it (walk the other way). Once you get Titan's Wrath feel free to just walk in without worries and give the enemy about two or three whacks before turning around again to hide behind you minions. What you are doing is slowly wearing his health down, while yours is protected by shield and regen. In most cases you should be able to win a 1v1 because of your W and passive. Don't be risky though. If you don't think you'll make it stop at half health to use you Q on your tower to run. I'd suggest you not to duel him only if his health is much lower than yours and you are confident of your bursting capabilities. You are forcing your opponent to make a choice; either to recall, or risk his life. If he chooses to risk his life make him regret it with a swift Dredge Line, activate Ghost and whack him empowered with Titan's Wrath. If you have to, go ahead and finish with Ignite. You can also call your jungler over too. It is suggested that you check the bushes close to baron before doing this to make sure the enemy jungler is not here. If you feel that you are being dominated by the other solo top stop harrassing him and try to farm more instead. Last hit your minions and stick by your tower. Call over your jungler. If he comes close in an attempt to damage you, you can Dredge Line him into your tower range and do as much damage as you can. If he retaliates, put on your Titan's Wrath. If he overextends gank him with your jungler, then you can regain control of the lane and resume harrasses while trying not to overextend yourself.

Vs. Duo Top:

However in cases of two at top you would want to play defensively. Stick by your tower at all times and just leech the exp from minions. If they come close to range harrass you Q + passive + E + W them and make them flee back to their partner with half health, or even better dead. Add in your ulti too once you get it. I've gotten atleast a dozen of kills in doing so. After doing these and getting your enemies to about half health, you should call over your jungler for a double kill. Then feel free to farm outside of your towers range for the while or gank if you're feeling greedy. In other situations if you're low and the two dive you, first thing switch on Titan's Wrath, then Riptide/ Depth Charge or both, Dredge Line the one the tower is hitting and Ignite him for a kill :D works almost 90% of the time. Nautilus is just too good.

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  • Don't spam your skills. If you can, use it only when either your mana is near to full or when you're 100% sure they will hit/ be efficient.
  • Don't be afraid to dive enemies with W.
  • When you are not in a bush try to stay behind minions for minimal damage.
  • Don't waste spells on a tank. Always use your stuff on a squishy.
  • Try to keep up good harrass. Walk in and out of bushes to last hit/ whack enemies.
  • Get red/blue when you can. (Preferrably after you get your Tiamat)
  • Don't 1v3. You probably could try to if you get fed enough as AD nautilus though.
  • Don't use your E for damage. With this build it won't be doing any.
  • Try to get the dragon with other people ASAP (maybe level 10 ish?). The gold is worth it.
  • Interestingly, if you get ksed too much by your teammates you will not be as powerful late game, try not to let it happen (ks him back or let him know you need it ;D).

Some Basic ones:
  • Don't Overextend. Even though you look like a pretty epic robot of destruction you should always make sure they won't be able to kill you before you and your teammate kill them.
  • Call mias. (for those that don't know... Missing in Action - ie. the person in your lane is missing so your team doesn't rage at you.)
  • Be aware of the map. If you see no one else in any other lanes then maybe it's not a smart idea to dive the guy that's at his tower.
  • It's not smart to chase enemies too far, especially with low health. Try not to.
  • Be smart.

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Smart Casting

For those who don't know, it's a hotkey command that basically makes you automatically use a skill without having to show the range and fire after. Instead, the skill fires automatically where your mouse is, that way you can set up combos. (Therefore you save time, which means easier to get kills) The command is:
Shift key + skill key.

so to smart cast Dredge Line would be to press:
Shift + Q

A common combo I use with smart casting is hovering my mouse on an enemy champion, smart casting Depth Charge, then smart casting Dredge Line directly to pull him over while knocked up.
Basically to do so I hover my mouse on my target first, then I hold down shift, press R, then press Q (with shift key still down).

If you haven't been using smart casting maybe now is a good time to start. It makes that AD nautilus perform beast combos within seconds ;D It's overpowered. If you find it difficult to use just practice it a few times in a custom or AI match.

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If you had a bad early game

This means a kd of about 0-1/2-4/0-3.
Either you
1. Focussed too much on harrass and ganking mid and didn't farm enough so you got underlevelled


2. Your teammates run in stupidly and you have to walk in to save them, with you dying.

At this point you should NOT play offensive. Try to safely farm or jungle a bit if your jungler doesn't mind, or if you feel like taking a risk go to the enemy jungle and steal their buffs. When oppertunity comes, gank mid or even top/bot without throwing yourself right into the center of a lost fight. You should simply try your luck to grab someone to your teammates for a quick kill.

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Countering Champions - In progress

More gameplay needed! ^_^
For now I will give a brief difficulty rating for the laning phase.

Easy Lanes:

Ahri (rarely laning)
- Simple enough, don't be the one who walks into open firing range and get bursted by her E,W,Q combo. If inevitable, use your W to block the damage from her Q. Generally just stay behind your minions until she used one of her three spells then Dredge Line, (whack stun), Riptide, //optional Ghost, Depth Charge, and Ignite here// Titan's Wrath and she should be dead. In a big fight she is one of the first people you should target because you can kill her pretty fast and therefore eliminate the chance of someone on your team getting burst pwned.

- Twilight shrouding? Grab her with a Q and just start bashing her while spamming your moves. She shouldn't be too hard to fight as long as she isn't fed.

Annie (rarely laning)
- As always, turn on your W before any engagement to reduce damage received. Go with the normal combo to take her out, and look at your opponent's summoner spells. If they have flash and you know they'll use it save your Q for the moment they flash. Suggested that you rush Annie while her spells are on CD.

- Pretty much the easiest champion to feed on. However, you can easily be out farmed as she has range and so you need to pressure her. Use the bushes. If you notice her walking near the bushes to Volley you, just walk backwards to dodge or use Titans Wrath if you must. Your opening attack against Ashe is generally Q,whack, E, then W whacks. However, if she is extremely out of position and is near you, just start with a sneak whack from a bush, E, W, then Q while she is running. Try not to get kited in the process, so theres no point to lose a hella lot of health for a few hits.

Early Cho'Gath
- Before he hits 6 and gets tanky is the time where you need to take him down fast. Whenever he tries to last hit just follow with a whack stun to the face and W if he retaliates then E,Q. Late game Cho can be quite scary though. So just focus someone else.

- Same as previous squishies. Just be careful of his armor reduction and dont fight unless youre certain you can take him on. Save your Q for his valkerie.

- She has bad skills IMO, and can be easily taken down. Just be cautious at low healths whenever the enemy team has an Evelynn. I usually use my W while recalling just to be safe. Combo her as with the previous champions.

Ezreal (AP)
- Try to lure him out into the open where you can Q combo him. His damage shouldnt be of much to you but obviously try to dodge them by moving around. Dont recall in obvious places once he hits 6. Trick him by recalling in a safe area of the jungle for example, unless you want to just troll him by pressing W at the last second, which is fine by me.

- Whenever he is draining a minion/ally/you just passive stun him or Dredge Line his face. He basically is vulnerable for the next few seconds and take that chance to kick his arse. Just be aware of his silence + fear + drain combo. Late game, if he ulti's in on your team you can choose to ulti him back as well to save your teammates or if he missed you can wait for his ulti to end and grab him with your Q on the last second for a free kill.

Early Irelia
- Everytime she goes near for a last hit just Staggering Blow her. She can't really retaliate except for dashing towards you and using Equilibrium Strike, which is exactly what you want because AD nautilus destroys at close range. The moment you hear her use Bladesurge press your W to activate your shield. If you havent already used your passive stun on her for a harrass use it the moment she dashes to you. Next just remain stationary and E, then wait for her to walk a bit then Q her back for more punishment. Simple enough right? Late game this chick gets pretty dam tanky though so your combos wont work as well.

- Her little tornados are pretty easy to dodge if you can predict their paths. In the laning phase, you would generally want to surprise her by Dredge Lineing her from a bush, e.t.c. before she could turn on her shield. As before, go with a Q,(passive),E,W combo to wear her out. A nice thing about Janna is that as a support her only heal is her ulti so you wont have to deal with heal spammers. Late game whenever she uses her ulti it's the perfect moment to Dredge Line her. She can't move during the duration, so it should be a piece of cake.

- Generally when playing Jax you would want to be the one who initiates combat, not the other way around. When he tries to last hit, Dredge Line him over for a quick passive whack. If he decides to stay just Riptide and retreat, as he can out dps you. When you are being jumped by him, try to save you passive for his Counter Strike, therefore allowing you and your teammates to move out of range of his stun. Also, you can dredge line him back when he tries to escape using his Leap Strike.

Master Yi
- He's pretty easily countered. For AD yi whenever he tries to last hit just grab him over with a Dredge Line, whack, Riptide, Titan's Wrath, and basically half his health is gone. AP yi is slightly more tricky. You have to determine where he will land after his Alpha Strike and open up a path for a Dredge Line combo as before. Late game you should try to target him with your passive and ulti so that your teammates can easily finish him off.

- Most likely if you're facing Nasus youre going solo top. Which makes things a lot easier. Stay close to your minions and last hit only. DO NOT PUSH. Try to keep an eye on the health of your own minions. If you see one is running low, stay near it in case he tries to farm his Q. He most likely will still walk in to use his Q, so intercept him with a passive stun. At this point if he decides to use his Q on you, switch on your W and keep whacking him. This is how you should harrass. Once you feel that you can take him (preferrably when he is 50% health or lower) start with the same harrass, then follow through to ghost, ignite (let him run a bit) then Dredge Line. You can do that in any particular order, it's up to you. So basically that nasus will be useless at the end of laning because his Q is not farmed. Also, if you're ganking other lanes try not to leave top for too long as Nasus will begin to farm his way back.

- She doesn't do much damage to you. Her spear throw is easily dodged, and if you must you could use your W to absorb the damage. In cougar mode, she's fast, but usually let her run a bit and the moment she pounces use your dredge line to pull her back. In fights she would usually camp in the rear of the team if she's going AP, which you could then ulti her and rush in with your team. If she's going AD she'll usually be in cougar mode in fights and you must look for opportunities to dredgeline her over. You can also go from behind her to stun her with your passive first then fight her. Just try not to chase her when you're low health. I've seen too many fails.

- His spear shot is easily dodged with your W. Although his passive basically ruins your harrass, in order for him to attack he needs to get really close to his target, which is perfect for you. Seek openings for your dredge line while you lane and use it any time you can. Grab him, use your Titan's Wrath, passive stun, and so on. Pay attention to his animations. You have about 1 second to switch on your W as he leaps to stun you. His general combo is Stun, Heartseeker strike, spear, *runs*. So you would switch on your shield, passive stun him during his heartseeker strike, then dredge line him back as he is running away.

- As a support she usually likes to wander around the bushes which makes it an easy hit with dredgeline. If you're laning with high damage outputs with CC such as Vayne, e.t.c you can easily take a kill at any time. Don't get cocky just because she's a support though. Her starfall can actually deal a LOT of damage, especially if you ignore it and get your MR reduced to nothing. Her heals are quite annoying. Don't get baited. Try to go for the kill when her Mana is low, or when her heals are on CD.

- Some teemos like to run near your tower at the start and go invisible. Remember that location and stay near it, if you dont think you can remember just keep a finger on the spot. Wait for your partner to come and dredgeline the exact same location for an easy First Blood. Like ignite, his poison always makes stupid kills. So the same as ignite, you should use your W to shield the damage for you as you recall. Teemo is easily destroyed in fights with an ulti, dredgeline, stun, and gang beat as he is squishy :)

Twisted Fate
- Depending on his build, you can counter him differently. If AP, he's probably playing more safe and using his wild cards to farm and harrass. What you can do is pressure him by staying within a bush. However don't remain stationary. You're basically inviting free damage from his wild cards. What I do is walk back and forth in the bush so I can evade attacks easier. Force him to come near you so you can dredgeline him and finish him with your teammate. Late game be aware that his ulti can reach almost half the map, so try not to recall in stupid spots. If he's AD, he generally tries to harrass at time. Preferrably try to wait until his Pick a Card skill is on CD to approach him and grab him or stun him. Late game TF's are also easily shut down by an ulti, dredgeline, titan's wrath, and some decent focussing from your team.

- Just slightly annoying with his invisi, but he doesn't do much damage to you as you have your shield. Early game he walks so slow that he is an easy target to grab with your Q. His health is so little as well that just a Q+passive+W combo does about half health, forcing him to back off. Late game a single ulti makes him really vulnerable and you can also use it on a dying one that's going invisible to chase him down for a kill.

Hard Lanes:


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In game results

All 6 matches were played in 5v5 vs level 30s.
The most recent match was lost because I had to leave for a class and our team surrendered (there was someone who afk'ed in the match as well). Dominated with about a 4/1/3 early game. Felt like I needed a break after such a gaming spree anyways.
As you can see this build is rather balanced and works against most champions and results in a generally low death rate. I would appreciate it if anyone else could try out the build and send me results. That way I can know if I did a good job on explaining gameplay and stuff :S

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My playing style probably differs a lot from the way most people play, but I find that it actually works quite well... maybe people just aren't used to it haha xP. Anyhow I hope that after reading this guide you will be able to start destroying those noobs and make them feel the wrath of the AD Nautilus. In game results have been posted, but I would like someone to try it out themselves and send me the results. Please comment suggestions and vote :)

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Change Log

March 9th, 2012 - added the change log section.
March 10th, 2012 - updated item build. added solo top section.
May 1st, 2012 - Whew almost forgot about this build! Updated Summoner spells section. Also added a part of the countering section. Laziness got to meh D:
May 5th, 2012 - Fixed a few visual aspects of the guide such as the white underlines and added some spaces. Added the Smartcasting section.
May 12th, 2012 - decided to follow the trend and add the mastery, items, runes, and skills code. Thanks to JhoiJhoi for the awesome borders and format! :)
May 19th, 2012 - Updated Item Build and Item section. Updated Countering Champions section.
June 7th, 2012 - Added boots section
July 30th, 2012 - Moved Change Log to the end :3