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Graves Build Guide by NeroZYN

Top diamond

NeroZYN's Graves Toplane Guide UPDATE COMING SOON| EUW UK |

By NeroZYN | Updated on November 20, 2020
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NeroZYN's Featured Video


Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

NeroZYN's Graves Toplane Guide UPDATE COMING SOON| EUW UK |

By NeroZYN
Hey! My name is NeroZYN and this is my Graves Top Lane Guide. I started trying out Graves in Season 8 Gold Elo, and managed to get Diamond in Season 9!

Main Account:
Second Account: (Currently Playing)

I Stream almost everyday at playing only Graves Toplane in the EUW Server. Feel free to stop by and follow the Twitch and subscribe to the Youtube Channel!?

Join my Discord!
Graves Toplane Back to Top
Graves Toplane is great as you can easily dominate the enemy laner whilst sufficiently being able to either Splitpush or become very strong in Teamfights. He can be used as an extra backliner to kite the ADC, frontliner with enough HP and Damage Items, or an Assassin with mostly Lethality items! From here on forwards I will show you how I play Graves Toplane
Matchups on YT! Back to Top

Shaco (Not In Depth but alot of good explanation with how to fight vs. Shaco)




Rengar (Not In-Depth but Important)



Pros and Cons Back to Top

- Can bully laners due to range advantage + Armor Increase from E making him tanky.
- Flexible in terms of what items you can buy.
- Can become a split pusher or a teamfighter.

- Can feel VERY out of place within the game. (Your role becomes very confusing in terms of your responsibility within a teamfight or in general)


- If your not ahead from the laning phase you are easily outscaled compared to most top laners
- If your BEHIND your practically useless unless you pick up some kills. Champions like Jax would literally farm you lol.
- Wave controll is infinitely harder!
Item Builds Back to Top
From here, I will explain the reasonings behind the choices of my builds.

Core Items;

Deaths Dance

Deaths Dance is essential vs. Bruisers, as it grants you Damage, Armor, Mr, CDR, AND Lifesteal, giving you enough sustain to last throughout the fight!

Black Cleaver

Black Cleaver is also essential vs. Tanks, and provides Damage, Health, CDR and Armor Reduction, making it important as you can shred their armor within two auto attacks for the rest of your team.

Situational Items

vs. Squishy / Bruisers

I normally build this when i start Deaths Dance vs. a Squishy or Bruiser dominant comp. This is due to the lack of armor you would normally go against, making you insanely strong in teamfights if you land your Q-R correctly. With this, duelling ADC's and enemy laners is much easier because of your massive damage. Phantom Dancer assists you when you need to attack more vs. Bruiser dominant comp's, where you need a bit more than just your abilities to kill them. The shield helps alot vs. Bursty / High Damage comps.

vs. Tanks

This build is used predominately vs. Tanks, as it has Death's Dance and Phantom Dancer for sustainability along with Black Cleaver with Lord Dominik's Regards for Armor Reduction. You could also swap Guardian Angel with Infinity Edge if you feel GA is unneeded and would rather have more damage.


This build is alot more expensive early, hence why I have tried to find alternatives as they are easier to build throughout the game, especially for the top lane. However, Crit Graves feels more rewarding, especially with PTA, as you get insanely more damage with your auto attacks. The crit build is also complimented with Death's Dance for sustain and Rapid Fire Cannon for range and poke. The items after those three ( Infinity Edge Rapid Fire Cannon Death's Dance } are situational, as you may feel to near Armor Penetration , Armor, Magic Resist etc.
Tips on Laning Back to Top

Utilising PTA

With laning, you want to be able to fully utilise your Quickdraw so you can selectively choose short or extended trades within the lane. Press the Attack allows you to do this, as you can proc one hit onto the enemy laner, and then Auto Quickdraw Auto onto them to proc the Bonus AD Damage onto them. This deals huge amounts of damage which can build up over time. I Have a video of demonstrating this on my Youtube Channel (The guide is very old, but the laning strategies remain the same!)

Here I explain how to handle 2v1 situations.
Runes (Why PTA !?) Back to Top

Press the Attack

As shown in the videos above, Press the Attack can be utilised in a special way in which Graves can easily poke through minions to attack the enemy laner and gain 1 stack. This can be comboed with an Auto Quickdraw Auto to proc Press the Attack and gain Bonus AD Damage. This deals alot of damage, and can apply alot of pressure onto your laner which can setup for extended trades or to freeze the lane.

I choose this over Conqueror because it takes too long for it to take effect, and isn't utilised as well compared to other champions Jax Darius Sett. PTA only requires three Auto Attacks, makes the enemy laner vulnerable which leads to more damage output.

Fleet Footwork is great due to the sustain and movement speed it gives. It can be argued to take this over Press the Attack vs. Tanky matchups due to kiting capability. I prefer PTA over fleet personally due to my playstyle, and I feel fleet is very weak with little to no damage being done compared to PTA.

In my opinion these runes are standard, and are always required when picking Precision.


Triumph is very important so that you are always able to keep fighting within skirmishes as well as 2v1 situations.

Legend: Alacrity

Legend: Alacrity compensates for the lack of attack speed you may have depending on the build you wish to go.

Coup De Grace

Coup de Grace can be swapped with Cut Down if you are going against a champion with alot of HP Cho'Gath

These runes are needed to prevent Graves from being a Glass Cannon (Does alot of damage, but is really weak and vulnerable to getting one shot). Boneplating makes it bareable to take poke from ranged champions Teemo Quinn, and to take short trades without taking severe damage.
Overgrowth will become more important further on into the game as it gives you alot of health to tank more damage, along with Death's Dance for sustain and resistance makes you really durable!
League of Legends Build Guide Author NeroZYN
NeroZYN Graves Guide
NeroZYN's Graves Toplane Guide UPDATE COMING SOON| EUW UK |
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