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Aatrox Build Guide by klviking

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League of Legends Build Guide Author klviking

New Insane Aatrox Top

klviking Last updated on June 19, 2013
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Aatrox is insanely OP.
With him, there are only good games and brilliant ones. A 3/3/8 loss or win is a walk in the park. Never dieing, racking up 20 + kills and assists is your goal. Follow this guide and achieve.

Here are my games:

Thank you Avartis for your endless tips and patience.

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Pros and Cons

Very tanky with Blood Thirst sustainability (I killed a full health blitzcrank who grabbed me while i was afk the whole time [due to parents] with only Blood Thirstbasic attacks without using Blood Well)
Insane Attack Speed
Great slow and harass damage from Blades of Torment
Crazy Ultimate


Nerf is coming
Costs a lot of IP (no money for runes)
Items cost a lot - guaranteed to never finish full build

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Mark of Attack Speed is crucial for the whole basic hit damager build and only cost 165.

Seal of Armor is great additional top lane protection for only 80 IP each.

Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist is cheap at 80 ip. At the beginning of a game you dont really need mr so scaling is better than outright at level 18 that will be 19.44 mr.

Quints are quite expensive but Quintessence of Attack Damage is only 410 and completes the buildby providing you an early advantage.

From these runes you get AS, Armor, MR, & AD in the most efficient way.

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This is a pretty standard 21/9/0 build for AD melee machines.

Summoner's Wrath is taken because you are using both Ignite and Teleport which will benefit from it.

Aatrox is more of a AD fighter assasin and has Blood Thirst for defense. So we build him less tanky, not a 9/21/0.

Being in top lane MR is not really essential and the first point in MR is worth the most, thus only one point in MR.

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These are all pretty much in the notes with the items

Elixir of Fortitude is great for an early game buff to get first blood.

Health Potions are just a necessity to stay in battle longer. Purchase more if you are forced to leave the battle too quickly.

Blade of the Ruined King has AD, AS, and Life Steal. Top that off with an active that steals enemy health and speed for you on a short 60 second cool down. Each component is quite cheap so its great for an early game build. If you don't have enough $$$ for the final 1000 upgrade, buy Boots of Speed and if necessary Health Potions.

Zephyr gives you great additional attack speed combined with tenacity and a movement speed multiplier it is almost like a pair of boots as well. CDR and AD wrap up the bundle.

I would recommend Boots of Mobility or Boots of Swiftness so that you can return to battle quickly and gank without losing you whole Blood Well on the way over. Use Boots of Swiftness if constantly being obstructed by slows or pops. If you really feel like getting some more attack speed early just rush Zephyr's AS parts over Berserker's Greaves.

Frozen Mallet has a nice slow and adds tankiness to even more AD.

Typically in top lane the opposing team is going to build up a lot of AD, so it may be worth it to rush Randuin's Omen before or after Zephyr.

If you are getting knocked around by spells early on, rush Spirit Visage or another mr item like Wit's End or Maw of Malmortius. Spirit Visage is an all around domination with CDR, health, spell vamp, lifesteal, etc on top of MR. Wit's End is pretty cheapo if you want some AS with a strong MR instead. If the money is flowing and the enemy casters are wild, consider Maw of Malmortius for the insane MR and AD.

Possibly the opposing team will surround themselves in armor to break your means of attack. In that case buy Last Whisper in place of one of the defense items. The armor penetration will enhance your basic attack strategy.

A good way to make up for loosing a defense item is to build Guardian Angel. It provides armor and MR and gives you a third life. Guardian Angel will trigger first before you Blood Well so that your Blood Well is still full afterwards and you have the attack speed bonus.

The secondary build focuses more on AD so that your skills will be wildfire. Since there is no Zephyr tenacity comes from Mercury's Treads. Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer combine for a 55 % critical strike chance dealing 250% damage. So your average damage is transformed to 182.5% damage by criticals add AD ontop of that. Combined with the Attack Speed and Movement, this presents a viable but costly build. Your speed will be slightly lower, but you basic attacks will become insane.

The The Bloodthirster is typically too difficult (due to B. F. Sword's high early cost] to build, but if you have money, you can split from the standard Blade of the Ruined King. After building a Vampiric Scepter early game, either build Blade of the Ruined King or if possible buy B. F. Sword if you have that much money. If you go back to base with 1450 IP or less by Blade of the Ruined King parts.

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Blood Thirst is the priority because of its tankiness from healing. Easy to farm minions or monsters to gain health instead of recalling.

Blades of Torment is next because of the slow and the continual ability to harass from afar.

Dark Flight is mainly for an escape or gap closer and will always pop enemies for 1 second regardless of upgrades.

Massacre of course gets prioritized. Use it with multiple enemies near by, although the main bonus is the AS and range.

If they are close, open with Blades of Torment so all your allies can attack them. follow this with Dark Flight if necessary to reach them. Use your Massacrenow that you are close to them. If they break free, use Ghost to follow and continually attack. Ignite is nice for an early kill when they escape. Repeat with Blades of Torment, etc.

If you are chasing (with team probably) use Dark Flight followed by Blades of Torment to catch up.

Remember your items have actives. Randuin's Omen has a slow and Blade of the Ruined King has a trio heal, damage, and slow. Both have quite short cool downs to be honest.

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Start the game by using a couple Blood Price, but after that mostly use Blood Thirst and refill Blood Well using Blades of Torment or Dark Flight on creep waves. Later in game, when hopping lanes or when the lanes are dangerous, jungle for health and maintaining blood well.

Great ganks can be done by waiting on the other side of a wall and then using Dark Flight to hop over unexpectedly and finishing with your Massacre and Blades of Torment.

If a difficult ranged opponent champion goes top try to switch with a ranged teammate and go bot or mid. Be team aware for ganking, etc.

Report stupid AFKs or unskilled players so that others wont suffer. When you are top of team with 3/3/5 and you teammates are 0/12/2, its not your fault. Aatrox will rock next game.

Read all of the notes on the items