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League of Legends Build Guide Author LeifKlover

New Lunar Republic Handbook: Diana Top/Jungle Guide

LeifKlover Last updated on August 9, 2012
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Welcome to the New Lunar Republic

In fighting for the future queen, you may run along as the lunar fanatic, Diana.

Quite the fiery one, she is quick to strike a devastating blow to a large group if left unchecked.

This handbook will teach you to liberate and annihilate the solar scourge of blasphemers and scum of their lifeblood.

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Tools of the Moon Maiden

Moonsilver Blade: Gives her a nice natural boost of attack speed. Every third strike brings an AOE effect, much like Nocturne's Umbra Blades without a heal effect.

Main Abilities
Crescent Strike: This ability is one like few have. It literally swings in an arcing fashion from Diana to the target location, starting from her right side and growing in arc size the further you aim away. I've felt it more akin to Viktor's Death Ray myself. Whatever it hits between transit and upon exploding, it afflicts with Moonlight for three seconds, an effect we will get to later.

Pale Cascade: Basically, a damaging shield with three charges. If all three charges are used, then the shield has an extended lifetime. Charges are used by coming near a minion, jungle mob, or enemy champion, and simply waiting for them to strike the target on their way around. It makes for a great jungling tool, increasing survival period and having a small damaging effect on its own.

Moonfall: Simply an AOE pull and slow, great for keeping enemies off teammates or securing kills. Please note, the area it effects is relatively small, so watch out.

Lunar Rush: The ultimate, akin to Akali's Ultimate, Shadow Dance, without a leap time. Seems to have the same range as well. The cooldown is relatively high for its gap closing capability, but this can be counterbalanced with careful use of Moonlight. Moonlit targets remove the cooldown on her ultimate when it is used on them, consuming the Moonlight.

So it comes to question, Lunar Rush before or after, Initiate with it for surprise reasons, or make use of the extra use(s) in conjunction with Crescent Strike.
Generally, it's up to who exactly you're dealing with. Any champion can get away for any reason they wish, unless its Evelynn Karma. Do what your gut tells you, if it fails, take it into account and play accordingly.

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Pseudo-Tank, Build her as an AP assassin with a bit of attack speed.

A Malady or a Wit's End would do well, both add Attack speed and a Magic Damage on strike effect, but there are choices to make based on who you're fighting.

If their team has a multitude of AP, drop malady for a Wit's End. More Magic Damage on strike coupled with the magic resist increase on hit buff can save you from a nuker like Brand.

If their team is balanced or consistent of a lot of AD type champions, build a Malady. The magic resist shred coupled with the AP makes you do a bit more for your team in general, you also get the 10% attack speed over Wit's End

Building a Nashor's Tooth is relatively optional, but currently, it benefit's Diana quite well, it's a high CDR item with a 50% attack speed increase, as well as mana regen and AP. This provides a needed booster to her passive and most of her abilities.

A Hextech Gunblade allows for a ranged slow with a bit of attack damage to make you feel like your doing something while building up your passive strikes. It also serves its spellvamp purposes quite well.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is quite useful for almost all of her abilities, providing her extra health, AP, and a slow factor.

Rod of Ages is one of those items. Those items meaning: Its 10-20 minutes into the game. It provides a massive booster for anyone using it as long as its obtained early on in the game, otherwise, its nigh on useless.

Deathfire Grasp is an item meant to fluff up the enemy. You shoot a bloody fireball at them that often strikes for half their health. Only worth much, though, if the enemy is around full health, as it damages based on current health. Initiate with it, or shred a few times with malady, if they end up high enough afterwards.

Rabadon's Deathcap obligatory cap for obvious reasons. It looks cool and it gives you a nice and constant AP boost.

Lich Bane is an item meant for AP based assassins or AP casters that have an auto attack in their rotation. Take your AP and sandwich it onto your fists, then punch something. There you have the Lich Bane.

Quicksilver Sash:
Now, now, I know I might get flak for this but if the enemy team has too much CC for your tastes, grab this. Its 1400 or so gold and its a free cleanse.

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Further Tools for Further Loony Lunar...female...

Smite: Must have for Jungling
Ignite: Securing kills to keeping a high health income enemies (also known as overpowered enemies such as Warwick and Sion) from getting where they're hard to kill in a scrap.
Flash: Escape, utility, advancing, and security.
Ghost: Like Flash's much younger step sister. Slower at what it does, but useful in it's own way.
Exhaust: Capable of providing an edge in a fight, as well as slowing the enemy if they attempt to escape. Nice counter to Flash or Ghost.
Teleport: Ganking via Wards to saving lanes from that rare 50 minion *****torm working its way through a very bloody bottom lane.
Heal: Not preferable, Possibly useful if you end up in lanes with quite a bit of bite to them.
Clarity: See Heal.
Promote: See Clarity. Take care, as its only useful for one in every three minion waves.
Surge: Possibly quite viable on Diana, given the Attack Speed and AP steroid.
Clairvoyance: Possibly left to the support, but useful if you enjoy lane security and not getting Lee Sin's toenail caught in your teeth.
Cleanse: Allowance to get out of CC and denying an enemy Ignite is quite satisfying.

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Creeping / Jungling

Generally, jungling with Diana is a touch and go situation. The safest time I feel when ganking is level 4. Thats how I am with every jungle I do. I have the capability of getting back into the jungle and cleaning camps up immediately after a gank without fear of one of the camps doing too much damage to me.

For others, it may be different. I've seen some feel so insecure about their jungle, they wait till level 6, some are so hasty they go at level 1 or 2. Both of these could possibly damage your team. If you feed in earlier levels, it makes it hard to jungle and for your ally's lane. If you wait till later levels to gank, your lanes could be at a large deficit due to lack of your cooperation. Level 4 is generally the sweet spot. Touch and go laning scares are your best bet till then. Just don't get too hasty.

First off, if you prefer, you can start at wraiths, hit wolves, and then hit Blue Golem. This can be safer in the event they try and gank you in the jungle. Coupled with wards, its probably the safest starting jungle, but its slow to pick up.

If you prefer immediate rewards, get your middle or top lane to leash your Blue Golem, then go on your merry way with your shield and slash.

Wraiths Route:
Wraiths>Wolves>Blue>Wraiths>Wolves>Golems>Red Lizard Elder>Wraiths>GANKS!

Blue Golem Route:
Blue>Wolves>Wraiths>Golems>Red Lizard Elder>Wraiths>GANKS!

Once you hit the Ganking phase of jungling, continue running Wolves>Wraiths>Golems tossing ganks between the lanes. If top is looking a bit peckish, hit them up. If mid is being hit a bit hard, help them out. If bottom is getting a bit of help from the refs, help them out. Gank as often as possible without letting your income go down.
Your presence in lanes CAN save lives. Nothing is more terrifying than having two people in a solo lane that can rip you apart if they pleased.

Simply poking your head out may be enough to push them back, but once you come out to play, finish what you came to do. Either leave them low enough for your laner to kill them, or nuke them till they die, its up to general morality and where your team is at at the moment. If it does not end up in a kill, it is not a failure. As long as you didn't die, you have won the trade off because again, you've either scared them back, or left them low enough for your laner to come back and win a later trade.

On Diana's jungle, her shield makes for her best starting ability, applying a healthy survivability aspect to her passive's AOE. Crescent Strike, if taken first, will leave you at a much greater disadvantage than if it were taken at level two, given health layouts.

The second point in Pale Cascade at level 3 is for surviving Red buff in general and getting that last XP boost to finally gain your Moonfall, which is useless in the jungle outside of counterjungling and attacking the enemy jungler.

Her Moonfall is her main "Stopping power" in the name of CC, make careful use of it.

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In conclusion

Diana is a miraculous lady of the night, fit to be knighted by the princess herself.

At least she isn't completely slandering someone like Jayce did to a certain cyborg...

I can also pretty this guide up a bit more when the wiki is updated enough.