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Nidalee Build Guide by Zyv0x

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zyv0x

Nidalee - Spam dat spear!

Zyv0x Last updated on August 30, 2011
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Please read and try before you vote. Thanks.

This is my first guide ever, and here I am going to introduce a technique I've been experimenting with lately - "Spam dat spear". [Experimental]

As you probably can see, if you've learned English (which by the way is one of the few things needed for this guide), this is a technique where you spam your spear, or javelin if you will.

I am trying the best I can to make my first guide good.
I am not very pro with Nidalee, at least not yet. However, I must say this technique works very well for me with her, at least in normal games I've tested it in yet.

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By "spear" I mean javelin. I like to call it a spear, but you can call it whatever you want. Spear, javelin, Q, Q-skill, op-throwing-******** - whatever.

As I've already stated, it's my first guide on here, and I will try my best. English is not by primary language, but I think you can understand me very well.

Also, excuse me if I swear or anything, I'm just kind of used to it.

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Pros/cons & why?

Pros & Cons
- A ****ing epic spear-toss, dealing sick damage if aimed right
- Very fast and quick, good to escape fights (Walking in bushes, cougar+W)
- You can do great damage output in cougar form
- Cougar is awesome for farming
- People will CRY over your Javelin Toss / Takedown, calling you a noob for doing the same **** over and over.

- Kind of fragile/squishy, easy to take down in teamfights etc. At least with this guide (though your main task by this guide is so stay back, toss your javelin, jump in and do some damage, jump back out, heal any wounded, toss... etc.)
- Javelin Toss / Takedown needs to be aimed right for it to deal damage
- You're kinda ****ed if you can't pull some kills/assists early game.

Why "spam the spear"?
Well, I have figured out that it does some GREAT damage. If you're fed, you can take down enemies with 80% of their HP in one single toss, meaning that if someone has lower than 80%, they will die in one spear without noticing anything, be like "WTF!?!?!?" > "A summoner has disconnected."

However, this will require a lot of mana, and that is why I've selected mana runes and magic penetration. Magic penetration for your toss, and it'll need hella lot of mana.
I really overdo the mana things here, with ToG, mana runes AND clarity. But yes, by spamming the spear, I mean SPAMMING the spear.

The summoner spells are actually up to you to choose, but I recommand clarity really bad if you are to follow this and want to do it properly (That means tossing it basically whenever you might can hit someone, or even use it to last hit any creeps preferably early game, just to get some gold.

Though you might reconsider runes to not be manas, go clarity. If you want another summoner spell you can go mana runes.

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As I kind of explained above, I have selected the following;
9x Greater Seal of Replenishment

The reason I went Magic Penetration is simply because of the . It makes the spear do much more damage before people gets any MR.

Mana runes is just needed if you want to really spam the spear; the meaning of this guide.

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Basic caster masteries.
It's just for the spear, really. 15% magic penetration is needed, and on the Utility side there is a lot to help your mana.

Nothing much to say here, except if you don't have any issues with mana, you could go 21-0-9 instead.

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Starting out with Tear of the Goddess. You cougar abilities will trigger the effect and give you +mana, making you one of the quickest to fill out your ToG. To get good benefit from this, we'll get it first of all. It will also significantly help your spear-spamming early and mid game. Keep going cougar form as you travel, and whenever you can do W, do it for a +4 mana.

Afterwards, we'll be getting Sorcerer's Shoes for the magic penetration. Great help for your spear, and should bring any enemy down to -MR if they don't have any MR items yet.

Now that we got our mana source and boots, it's time to head for the AP.
First off, get Sheen. A small AP boost, and could help you pretty good early on.
Afterwards, get Rabadon's Deathcap. Great boost for your AP.

Now, next up is Lich Bane. Why didn't I get this earlier? USELESS without any AP. With a rabadon, and the +80 AP of itself, you should now have a decent amount of AP, meaning it is worth it.

Now, your Tear of the Goddess should have picked up a good amount of stacks. It's time to upgrade it to Archangel's Staff for the good AP bonus, combined with your Rabadon's Deathcap will reward you with a good amount of AP.

Your Javelin Toss / Takedown should now be pretty hard damaging.

So what I did, was choosing to take another two of Archangel's Staff. This is the best AP output in the whole game, if you can manage to get your Tear of the Goddess to 1000 - which ain't too hard with your Aspect Of The Cougar. As I've said, spam your W wherever you go.

Situational Items
- Void Staff can be good to have instead of an Archangel's Staff if the enemy is buildning MR. Luckily, people that don't know Nidalee tend to think your Javelin Toss / Takedown does Physical damage. It is logical, so yeah.


I will update this later on.

No surviability?
No. With this guide, your goal is to toss your spear in a total of 500 miles in one game, where each of the spears hits a target. Do that, and you have done well.
By this, I mean that you will always be a bit supportive and use your Primal Surge / Swipe, and always toss your Javelin Toss / Takedown WHENEVER you see an opportunity.

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Skill Sequence

Of course, you'll max your Javelin Toss / Takedown here. Following up with Primal Surge / Swipe and lastly Bushwhack / Pounce.

The javelin will need the most damage possible here, and your Heal will really help you stay in lane.
Your Bushwhack / Pounce should have one point due to: Your cougar needs the ability to get a much better damage output; You can scout bushes etc with it. It also lowers the opponents armor/MR a bit, making them way more vulnerable to attacks such as your Javelin Toss / Takedown. It also gives vision of the target, which is good.

There are some changes you can do.

- For level 1, start out with Bushwhack / Pounce instead, which will help your lane mate (if you don't decide to go mid. I do recommand going lane with this though), making his damage output a bit higher. Say you're laning with a Xin Zhao - a 20% decrease in his armor will make Xin's damage a bit higher, as he will hit the opponent 5+ times (2, knock up for 3rd, then another 2 on the way down from knock up. Maybe even 6-7 if he's smart (Attack then JUST when he attacks do his Three Talon Strike to double hit, basically)).
Ok went a bit offtopic now, but you get what I'm saying, hopefully.

- Maxing heal is also a good opportunity for Nidalee, but NOT with this guide. You want to MAX your Javelin Toss / Takedown's damage output as soon as possible.

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

I choose Flash as default, always. It's great for both chasing, tricking AND escaping your enemy. E.g. he gets to run away with 20 hp, flash>hit> go back.

With this build, I always choose Clarity. Will be kind of useless late game, but still helps if you DO run out of mana. VERY helpful early game to spam your spear.

- Ignite is always good, great if you like to battle in cougar form.
- Teleport if you find yourself in the situation that you need to go back often, it's a good choice.
- Ghost Is great. Chasing, escaping. A good alternative.
- Exhaust Can be useful. You know how.
- Cleanse Can be good to have sometimes, against annoying cc teams.
- Heal Always a good alternative.

Here's someone you shouldn't use:
- Clairvoyance You're not really a support here. You have better spells to take.
- Rally No. Just no.
- Smite
- Revive Kind of useless, except if you die a lot late game. Can be quite annoying<.
- Fortify Let the tank do this.

I've probably mentioned it before, but really, I use Flash because it's pretty badass, and Clarity just to SPAM that spear up someones *insert *** here*.

Note though, that these is just my personal opinion.
With that item and rune build, [Clarity]] might be a bit overkill, but I like it that way.

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Playing Nidalee: Farming

Try to last hit the creeps whenever you can, even if you need to use your Javelin Toss / Takedown or can do it with your auto attack.

Farming is always a big focus, but tossing your Javelin Toss / Takedown is very important aswell. But for gods sake, don't forget to farm.

When you get your Aspect Of The Cougar you can farm much easier. Just make sure there aren't any dangerous enemies nearby.

Protip: You should always keep your opponents at low hp with that spear. At level 6 or later in the laning phase, when they are below 50% hp, which they should be as you spam the spear on them, you can easily farm with your cougar form, as the won't dare to do **** to you. If they do, Rapid; R>Q>Click, and they won't do it again. Then if you feel like it, run after them and cougar > get them.

Guide Top

Playing Nidalee: Spearing

Oh yes, you heard it - "Spearing". Get used to it. ;>;>

So how you do this, is that you try to aim as the spear will hit them at the longest distance possible. This is something around a centimeter after the "arrow" that shows where your spear will go. If you can hit someone with that mid game... "/ยค&%ty=)(/%re&/(()iujhb/&yughj" is what's going on in their mind atm.

As the game goes, people will learn to dodge your spear much easier, unfortunately. People will start staying behind creeps etc.
However, there is this one technique you can use;

Imagine there's (from the left) You > 5 of your creeps > 3 of enemy creeps > Gangplank > two of enemy creeps in the field atm. So Gangplank is melee hitting some creeps while standing behind the middle one of the enemies 3 melee creeps. Hit the one he's in front of, and when it's very low hp, try to estimate when the creep will die, and toss your Javelin Toss / Takedown so that the Javelin Toss / Takedown will JUST (or 0.5/1 sec after) hit Gangplank, going kind of THROUGH the death animation of the creep. This is pretty much a guaranteed hit, if they already know to stay behind creeps when you toss, and think they are safe. Well, too bad for them.

Here's a drawing I made to try to show you. Oh yeah, I'm no professional drawer, really. Lol.You know, by "late game" I mean that they think they are safe, bcoz they are used to dodge your spear. This works brilliant most times, except if you enemy is too scared to stay at all though.

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Playing Nidalee: Ganking

This is pretty much straight forward. Javelin Toss / Takedown > (Eventually Primal Surge / Swipe) > Enter Aspect Of The Cougar > W, Q, E > Repeat.
If you find yourself very low hp, exit Aspect Of The Cougar, heal yourself and start running, and switch back into Aspect Of The Cougar as soon as possible, then W W W W W W W W. Flash is also great for situations like this.

If someone runs away with very low hp, Flash > Javelin Toss / Takedown should do it. If you do it rapidly enough, they won't dodge it because they think they got away from you.

But yes, other than that, you do the most in Aspect Of The Cougar form.

Guide Top

Playing Nidalee: Teamfights

Your role is pretty simple, with this build;
- Healing
- Tossing Javelin Toss / Takedown's whenever you can.

After tossing your Javelin Toss / Takedown, Aspect Of The Cougar, jump in and do your stuff.

I haven't been able to test this properly yet, so I will be updating this.

Guide Top


Well, this was my first guide/build on here.
I haven't been playing Nidalee very much, but I wanted to try making a guide with her, focusing on tossing your Javelin Toss / Takedown like a madman of Zaun.

I will be updating this as I play more with this, because of playing only normal games with her yet, I especially haven't been able to test the Teamfight-part properly - sorry for that.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you liked it.
This is made all by myself.

Change log:
- [29/8/11]Published the guide.
- [30/8/11]Added an image to try to explain a good way to toss the Javelin Toss / Takedown.

PLEASE, if you find any spell mistakes, or anything else that's wrong, PLEASE comment on it. Please tell me how to make guides better, and tell me if I missed anything, please.