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Nidalee General Guide by axlgunner

Support Nidalee Support Guide

By axlgunner | Updated on June 26, 2013
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Hey guys, axlgunner here. This is my first guide on Mobafire, so if you find anything that could be better or needs to have work done please stop by and feel free to leave comments. This is a build for support Nidalee, which i know is not too popular, but i have recently been playing her and it has worked well. If you find something that is wrong with the guide, leave a comment and I will see what I can do about it. Thanks for taking the time to read the guide.
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General Support Rules

It really sucks to be the AD Carry, and have your support taking your cs and pushing the lane beyond belief. Here are a few quick guidlines to support.

- Let your ad carry take the minions. Don't auto-attack them. That makes your lane pushed and open for a gank on you at any time, which is never a good thing.

- SUPPORT your carry. That's your job is to make sure they are doing the best they can. You aren't the one who needs the kills or the cs, so let them take it. That is why you build gp10 items.

- Be smart about when to go in for a kill, or when to back off. Don't rush in without your carry, giving the enemy carry an easy kill. Stay near your carry, while still poking and denying the other carry of farm.

- DON'T LET YOUR CARRY DIE! This is one of the biggest problems i see in people who are new to supporting. They escape from the fight, leaving their carry to die. If anyone dies, it should be you. Let your ad carry live. The longer they are alive, the more feed they get. If they die, they miss out on farm the whole time while you are basically helplessly defending your tower without any real damage.

If you need any further help on supporting check out Support 101- Comprehensive Guide by Laggermeister
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I'm not too familiar with runes and I haven't gotten much time to go in-depth on which to use, but here is my opinion on which to use.

- most supports use this as you will not be getting farm throughout the game and it helps keep up in gold.

- Early game, Nidalee's traps take a lot of mana, and you will use them to make the brush your enemy's nightmare, so mana regen always helps.

- This will help you be able to poke the enemy ad carry and support, while still being able to live if they are able to hit you. It helps you sustain in lane longer which means more cs for your carry and less for the enemy.
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The masteries are common support masteries. The support tree gives you all the mana regen and utility you will need as a support. The biscuit and ward give you extra sustain in lane and a chance to quickly ward the enemy's brush for free. These two items total to about 100 gold. For FREE! The offense tree gives you cool-down reduction so you can set more traps and throw more spears, and magic penetration, so you can have the ability to poke off the enemy ad carry and support in the early game. Pick-Pocket is great for Nidalee, as you can run through the brush, auto-attack someone, and run right back without getting hit.
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I start off with the general support build. Faerie charm for the mana regen, 3 sight wards, and i start with 2 mana potions as you have a heal and you may run out of mana fairly quick.

- I get this item on my first back. It gives you both mana and health regen, as well as giving you gp10.

- I usually get boots on my second back. If the ad carry you are against isn't very mobile, this may not be necessary as you are fast and become faster when you move in and out of the brush. You may be able to buy the next item before grabbing your boots.

- this item gives you ability power, which means more poking on your side and less farming on the other side. It is also really nice because it also gives gp10, and builds into a really helpful item later on.

- This item is awesome on nidalee mid-game. Try to have this item by mid-game as it helps you do damage, and help your ad carry chase down and kill the enemy. After buying this item, most of your mana problems should go away. The flat mana helps more than most people think it would. Plus, when you run to lane and pounce continuously, your paws glow red. That's pretty awesome.

- These boots are usually what i build on Nidalee. They give cdr, which helps with trapping the brush, and being able to heal faster. Feel free to build boots depending on which you feel is best and which is most needed during the game.

- I love this item on Nidalee. Since she has no real slow of her own, this item makes it perfect to jump in on someone and use your cougar abilities and get the slow in on them, making it easier for your whole team to chase them down. It is also really helpful because of the Spellblade ability, like Sheen and Lich Bane. When in cougar stance, this ability can easily kill an enemy after you use your abilities. Even though you don't build AD most times, it still does enough damage to still be a useful item. Bonus damage after every one of your cougar abilities almost guarantees a kill.

- I usually build this on most supports. It gives you ability power, and gives off an aura that helps everyone around you with mana regen. It's active can also change the tides of a team fight. Use it on your melee or tank and everyone around them becomes slowed, which can be the difference between an ace and 2 people getting away and being able to defend. Overall, this is a really great item and it builds off Kage's, which makes it cheaper. I have changed this item to Optional because it does have potential to be a very great item, but depending on certain team comps, it also has the chance to be almost useless. Twin Shadows is a great alternative and i have placed it in the core build.

- This item helps in team fights especially while your heal is up on a team-mate. This way, your whole team is able to chase the other team down, and the heal allows for faster attack speed, which can be the difference in getting that last hit off, and someone escaping when they would've been killed with one more auto-attack.

- After doing some research and having feedback from different people, this is a great item. It ensures that you always have wards on you, and it is very cost-efficient. It helps make sure you can have vision of the enemy. It gives you 3 wards at all times on the map, and you can use 5 before you have to back. Being sure to use the wards to their full potential is crucial.

- I have added this to the core build. It has uses beyond being able to slow 2 different enemies at once. For example, it can be used to check the brush near Baron or Dragon so you don't end up face-checking the brush and running into their whole team. It is also very useful for escaping. It helps slow different people so you can get away.
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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is use is R>E>Q>W while taking W at level 1.

- This is your awesome poking ability. You will max this after your heal. It's range is awesome and it does decent damage early game, and later easily being able to take out at least 1/4 of someone's health. If you use this early-game, make sure you are hitting almost every time, or not using it unless you know it will hit, or you will find yourself out of mana very quickly and not being able to do anything.

Takedown- This ability will be the last thing you use when attacking someone, as it does more damage the lowert their hp is. It also stacks VERY well with Icebourn Gauntlet because you can smack them with takedown while they have decent health and you will basically kill them with your next auto-attack.

- I take this at level 1 so i can get them in the brush and get that little bit of damage done early on. They also help cover the brush so you know when someone is coming for a gank. I max this last because you really only need it for the vision but not the damage.

Pounce- this is the ultimate escape move. With the cool-down reduction, being able to pounce every 3 seconds makes you almost impossible to catch. It also helps you jump in and get in range to get your team the kill on someone.

- Max this first. It lets you have more sustain in lane, giving your carry more feed. This has saved my ad carry many times from dying to a turret after turret dives, or just getting poked by the enemy. It is also very useful because of the attack speed it gives to the person you heal.

Swipe- this ability is awesome if there are a few people in front of you, or for clearing minions. It stacks well with Icebourn Gauntlet.

- Once you hit level 6, you can poke all you want, while being able to jump right out if they try and go after you, because you can just transform into a cat and Pounce away. This ability is also cool because after going into cat stance, you gain MR, armor, and movement speed. These buffs, with Pounce help get to lane faster or help when you need to be in a different lane.
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- This ability is usually taken by almost all players. It is a great escape, and even though you have pounce, it can still get you out of tight situations really easily.

- I usually take this because Nidalee has no slow until you get the Gauntlet, making it hard to chase down before that. Exhaust can make it really easy to let your ad carry escape while being chased in lane, or letting them get the kill.

- This is also a great ability for Nidalee, especially when you are playing with an ad carry like Ashe, or Ezreal, giving them vision for their ult. It helps give you extra vision on top of wards and traps, giving you the ability to know where the enemy team is at almost all times.

- Heal can be used if you think you need two heals, but i recommend Exhaust because with Heal, Nidalee has no way to slow enemies, making her less aggresive, which she is meant to be.
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Lane Match-Ups

- I love playing with Ezreal because of the poking ability of the lane combo. He is able to chase really well, and arcane shift in, which makes it not as necessary to have exhaust. This lane comp is really aggresive so just be careful not to push too far. Try to poke the enemy as much as you can without getting hit, as if you get stuck, you can both escape really easily with arcane shift and pounce.

- Another ad carry i enjoy playing with. Her built-in slow means you don't have to take exhaust and makes it easier to chase enemies. Once again a very aggresive lane comp because of the amount of poke between the two champs. Make sure Ashe is always in a position to escape while fighting, as you have no way to help her unless you take exhuast.

- Kog'Maw works well with Nidalee as he benefits from the attack speed buff given from her heal. This lane can be very aggresive because of his long auto-attack range and your attack speed boost. It also gives a lot of poke after you both hit level 6.

- Traps, traps, and more traps. This combo will make the brush your enemy's nightmare. This is a safer lane comp due to Caitlyn's range and yours, you can still harass the enemy while not having to push the lane.

- This is another poke lane. Because of his passive, he will hit harder than most AD Carries. This makes him benefit from your attack speed boost even more, as he will still do the true damage every hit. Between your traps and his Phosphorous Bomb, you will also be able to have vision of enemies and be able to chase them down.

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