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Yorick Build Guide by Johnsonpapa

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Johnsonpapa

No0Bz - Yorick ghoul lover

Johnsonpapa Last updated on January 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all thank you for reading this guide on how to become GOOD Yorick player from a TOTALLY-FED-USELESS-RAGING Yorick. This post is dedicated to users who would like to use Yorick in the game and IS NOT IDEAL FOR YORICK HATERS. If you most utterly hate yorick then press the close button on the top right of your screen. However if you do like yorick and would like to use him in the game. Then read on :).

DISCLAIMERS: This post is purely made from my experience of playing as yorick and seeing other guides as well as taking Phreak's Champion spotlight into account for this build.


with his beautiful smile and his ghouls:

Just look at their pretty smiley faces, aren't they adorable?

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Ok let's see what I have chosen for this build:
Greater Mark of Desolation9 Greater Marks of Desolation - With these good little Marks that increases the armour penetration, it gives you a great advantage at the start of the game as it's much easier to kill minions with Omen of Famine at Level 2, easier champion kills and of course gives you the upper hand in a gank.
9 Greater Seals of Resilience - This also focuses of helping you with being able to perform well through out the game. When one Seal just doesn't seem to be enough, 9 of them should do the trick. This will let you to recieve less damage from minions and melee champions.
9 Greater Glyphs of Warding - Same as the Seal but AD wise. Not only it gives you a steadier position in the game, it also gives the AP champions a hard time trying to pick you out in the early game.
3 Greater Quintessences of Insight - Further enhances the armour penetration and gives your enemies hell.


The reason that I chosen the runes is to help at Yorick start and it also lets you to gank more effectively, kill more effectively and earning your money quickly. An early fed-champ drive your opponents mad, and maybe even surrender.

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Masteriez & Summoner's spellz


Summoner's Wrath - Faster movement speed for ghost

Mental force - Minor stack for AP

Sorcery - Stacks with the cool down reduction on the ultility tree so you can rapidly spam out ghouls in their faces


Summoner's resolve - Improves healing by 15%. Helps while being feared by Fiddlesticks, claw-raped by Warwick, homed by Caitlyn and of course increase the survivalbility of your team.


Good hands - Reduces time being in the grave (Your a grave digger, no time to stay dead)

Expanded mind - Stacks up your total mana

Swiftness - Needless to say, you move faster

TramsmutationTramsmutation - Spell vamp bonus

Runic Affinity - Great when you have blue/red/Baron buffs

Awareness - More exp, faster lvling, better kills

Runic PerserverancePerserverance - Increase in HP and Mana regen

Intelligence - Cool down reduction for GHOUL SPAM!!!!

Mastermind - Gives a fairly good cooldown reduction for both heal and ghost. So you can use it more frequently, makes you much more reliable as a teammate in game.

Summoner's spells:

Heal: Heals you and your allies, the most common spell. (I am suprised that no one use heal anymore, in every team game. When an ally near me is trying to escape but low in HP. This helps them ALOT.)

Ghost: Helps ALOT in running away and chasing enemies, catching up with your team mate, healing them and chase enemy champs away. However summoners may also replace this skill with flash or teleport if preferred.

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Skillz + Skillz Sequence reasonz

Omen of War - Damages a target with extra damage and summons a ghoul. While the ghoul is alive you gain movement speed.

Omen of Pestilence[/url] - Damages targets in an area, enemies that's near this ghoul will have their movement speed slowed down.

Omen of famine - Damages a single target, upon summoning and successful, a percentage of the damage from the summon are turned into your health. After that, each attack it does heals you as a percentage of it's damage dealt to an enemy.

Now how do I use them?

[*] I always summon Omen of Pestilence first, as it slows the enemy. Makes your target pretty much easier to catch up with.
[*] Omen of Famine is summoned straight afterwards, as the spell range of Omen of Famine is much smaller than Omen of Pestilence, you have a better chance on catching on with your target.
[*] Omen of War always comes last if you summon both Omen of Pestilence and Famine, this is because the Omen of Pestilence lets you to chase down your target, lowering the chance of it escaping. Omen of Famine heals you so even you get silenced by a enemy champion's spell (especially Soraka). You may still have a chance to win. Once you used Omen of War, your movement speed increases, let's you either chase or escape from the target (If you got ghost with you, it's even better) as well as harrassing them. >:D
[*] Only use the sequence of Omen of Pestilence -> Omen of Famine -> Omen of War when you aren't low in health. If you are low in health. I suggest quickly summon Omen of Famine and back off until you get your health back.
[*] I will always ask to be in the mid lane before locking in my character. If they agree, Yorick 1v2 on top and bot lane gives it plenty of juicy experiences and as well as alot of gold.
[*] FACT: Ghouls only chase and attack champions once they are nearby. If they aren't nearby, they will just proceed with attacking minions.

Reasonz of why I choose this skill sequence:

From some other guides they start of with Omen of Famine first simply because it's healing effect. But I disagree with this. Because Yorick isn't the best melee attacker at the start so I expect Yorick to far from the enemy champion. By having Omen of Pestilence first, it has increased spell range, its AOE also let's me to have a longer range because as soon the enemy is in contact with the AOE, it recieves damage.

Omen of Famine comes second so it's much easier to harrass the enemy champion early and heals Yorick instead of having him to teleport back for healing.

Omen of War is the third skill I chose so Yorick can spam out all his ghouls early on and be able to deal tons of damage and hopefully you can get your first kill.

By maxing out Omen of Pestilence first, it will become your strongest offense in the game. As it can slow down enemies, it acts as a suicide nuke that deals tons of damage to enemies around him. Thus, with a longer spell range you are more likely to be able to cast it over walls to chase down enemies.

I get Omen of War by level 3 and max it second because the speed boost it gives you can turn the tides around him. The higher level Omen of War is, the more damage can be dealt and the speed boost will increase as you leveling up the skill along.

Omen of Famine comes last because the healing ability quite enough at level 1. With the extra damage from Manamune you are able to do much more damage than leveling up this skill. Therefore it's much more convenient to have this to be maxed last.


Omen of Death has many different usage and it varys between players, so this is what I personally think of it's usage, *cough* *cough* *cough* here goes....

Omen of Death is the best skill to act as a decoy or to quickly revive an ally in a team fight. If you are able to use this at the correct time and successfully revived an ally, the tide of the fight will most likely turn to your favour. For Yorick, Omen of Death does have a reletively short cool down (due to the awesome cool down skillz I picked out) so it's not bad to use it frequently. Often in game, I use Omen of death of my teammates who have either high attack damage or fast movement speed when we encounter some difficulties of attacking a champion. For a champion to stay near a turret is pretty much impossible to attack, so using this omen of death. HOLDING DOWN alt and you are able to control the copy of your team mate. By doing so, you can chase the enemies away and prevent them from gaining any experiences, using it to scout out ahead, send it to a bush, use it to harrass the enemy champion while you and your teammate escapes. All sorts of different tricks can be done with this so I do strongly recommend all Yorick users to use Omen of Death more frequently and WISELY.

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Itemzz + reasonz (PLZ DOO READ!!!)

Meki Pendant - Gives you mana regen. Later on, I buy Tear of the Goddess before going straight to Manamune.
Health Potion - You can replace this section by 2 HP potions, 2 MP Potions or none at all
Mana Potion depending on how you would play Yorick. I get one each so I could stay longer in lane.
Manamune - I got to thank the creator of this item as this is awesomely awesome! Not only it increases your mana regeneration, increasing the mana cap. every time you use an ability, increasing your attack damage by 20 and 2% of the mana that you have will be added to your attack damage. So it's passive lets you to have 1000 extra mana cap at most, that's 20 more attack damage already. What can possibly be better than this? It IS relatively cheap after all.
Boots of Speed - Increase movement speed, I'm sure everyone knows this, right?
Mercury's Treads - Magic penetration, a very important factor in ghoul spamming. You don't just spam ghouls without dealing tons of damage right?
Trinity Force - For buying trinity force, I don't expect anyone in the world (expect hackers) to buy this in one go. I buy Sheen for the mana first, the Phage for health cap then onto Zeal for crit damage as well as imcreased attack speed. Then you buy Trinity force afterwards.
Warmog's Armour - More mana -> Tankier Yorick -> Tankier ghouls -> more kills = Happy Yorick
Nashor's Tooth - Granting cool down reduction, moaarre ability power and attack speed. This is obviously the best choice for GHOUL SPAMMMMMMMMM!!!!!1!11!!11
Rod of Ages - As well as giving you health and mana, it grants you ability power. Just incase you forget, Manamune also gives you attack damage for this. You can always put your PERSONAL item on to the last slot, but this is the best item I believe that would work with Yorick.

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Proz/Conz about Yorick

Positive points:

+ The only champion which lets you to summon more than one "minion/pet/whatever you call it".

+ Upon summoning the ghouls, they don't JUST attack the enemy. It deals damage UPON summoning it. Where as Mordekaiser, LeBlanc and Shaco don't.

+ Farming and minion killing have never been made easier with his ghouls. They take damage for you, they deal damage for you, they are loyal to you, they love you.

+ It's much easier to escape because both Omen of Pestilence and Omen of War grants you a speed advantage, making your laning skill much easier.

+ Yorick itself is very tankish, therefore using this advantage, maxing his health out would be the best for his survival, and the damage that your ghouls can take.

+ He has the most cheesy laugh in the world.


- Suprisingly, Yorick is quite prone to ganks. Unless the summoner have fast reactions, once he gets ganked he is pretty much doomed. Therefore using omen of death and taking an enemy champion down with you is always a good thing.

- At the beginning of the game, Yorick is too mana hungry, so you need to watch how you place the ghouls and when to use them. You can start spamming once you get Tear of the Goddess.

- Playing Yorick at first isn't easy, unlike other champions which I think that are overbuffed, Yorick can't just walk in, start a fight and hoping to win it. Alot of movement commands will be need to be done while playing as Yorick, or else you are a sitting duck waiting to be shot by Caitlyn.

- As well as being the best supporter in game, once in a team fight your allies die. You won't stand a chance in winning the fight. So the best thing to do it to RUN !!!

- Omen of Death is the best skill that a happy summoner can use, but the only problem is...


So it's always a good idea to tell your team mates how your ability works. Or else your effort in reviving them will be a waste.

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Summary of this build

This build is intended to have the best possible mana, health, attack damage, ability power as well as cool down reduction hybrid. By achieving this equalised stat. Yorick is pretty much unbeatable in game (Only if he is played well). As I said before, you don't expect him to walk in and pretty much pwn the game. You need to concentrate on your movements, ghoul summon placements (pay special attention to Omen of Pestilence and Omen of Death) and the situation. If in late game you don't have much turret left and pretty much all of your ally just dies and are waiting to respawn, as a pusher, Yorick has tremendous potential in fending off the enemy before your ally respawns.


Yorick may be a tank in this build, but he does not have alot of armour nor magic resist. So don't use this champion as Alistar or Rammus because his health are for the ghouls and the survival possibility of Yorick himself. Don't walk in a team fight and expect that you can take all the incomming damage for your allies, because you can't. So DO keep this in mind.

Thank you for tuning in for the No0Bz Yorick build guide. Please give me a vote or you can suggest, criticize or comment just below this post.