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Nocturne Build Guide by TheTiger

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheTiger

Nocturne - Embrace the darkness guide

TheTiger Last updated on December 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, in this guide I am showing you how I used to play with Nocturne. You can just take a look on the build guide above and see how and what do I used to build. You can see a lot different ways on which I jungle. From my experience I found these builds as most useful and I hope that this guide enlighten you and provided you some new knowledge. If you would like to ask or suggest me something please feedback by writing a comment.

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- Nice gank abilities, especially with Paranoia
- Has a good mobility with Duskbringer
- Clears jungle relatively fast
- Deals a lot early and late game damage
- Nice anti CC spell with Shroud of Darkness
- Can't be countered in jungle that easy
- Has a good sustain in jungle with Umbra Blades
- Best sound effects in game


- Very squishy in early stages of game
- Don't have any escape mechanism in tough situations
- Shroud of Darkness activated in a bad moment can cost you a life in teamfights if going for offenisve build
- No CC, just a fear for a moment

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Skill Sequence

When I gank I use Duskbringer due to stat it gives, makes me faster and granting me additional attack damage, when I get enough close to the enemy that I ganked, I use my Unspeakable Horror to fear the enemy champion and hit a few more times and secure the kill for my team. Try to use Shroud of Darkness on certain spells, those which can heart you badly. For example Noxian Guillotine or Hemoplague. Its always good to get out the lane with more HP left so you can aid another lane or continue to clear the jungle. Always ping your target before you gank, especially when you want to use your ultimate to start the invasion so your teammates will be prepared for gank. If you are having troublse at ganking and the CC of your team is not enough to secure the kill, try focusing Unspeakable Horror to increase the duration of fear and to make your ganks more effective.

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In this chapter I will explain you when and why do I use some items on Nocturne.

Boots of Speed + 3x Health Potion 's providing me extra movement speed so they are making my ganks more effective and they are increasing my mobility to reach next camps even faster. Hunter's Machete + 5x Health Potion 's allowing me to clear the jungle much faster and additionally granting me extra sustain in jungle.

: Keeps me in jungle for a longer period providing me extra survivability because of stat it giving me. Even stronger reason to build this item while jungling is if you are facing against 3 AD's or more.
: If you think that you are doing well in jungle and that you don't need any extra durability, feel free to buy this item.
: If you are having troubles with heavy enemy CC spells or you are facing against a lot of magic damage, try building this item to reduce the duration of CC spells and to increase your magic resist.