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League of Legends Build Guide Author eStecko

Nocturne, the Dark Invader - jungle

eStecko Last updated on March 21, 2011
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Welcome everyone to my 4th build, hope you will enjoy it and found it usefull.

Nocturne, the Eternal Nightmare

To the start, dont downrate, because you dont like this champ. Comment and rate, so i can see the feedback and improve the build.

Yet, this is another of those "hard to master" champs, so dont downrate because you suck with him or this build, its nothing wrong with it. ;)

CC - Crowd Control
Juke - Escape from "death grasp"
cdr - Cooldown reduction

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- very good burst and continuously damage
- solid jungler
- has a CC - fear
- fast mover, ignores unites
- can easily survive burst damage casters
- very tactical ultimate
- dependable at your timing and reflex skills

- squishy
- hard to master, but it doent take so much time to learn as other champions
- lack of instant escape
- dependable at your timing and reflex skills

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Even if im jungling, then i take standard 21-0-9 assassin masteries. Dunno why a lot of junglers take defence tree, but meybe its just my addiction to massive damage. ;)

Thats probably all for this topic...

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Greater Mark of Desolation as a assassin which deals a lot of physical damage you may gonna find armor penetration runes quite handy...

Greater Seal of Attack Speed or Greater Seal of Armor this is your choise, if you want more survival, take armor ones to help your early game squshyness or attack speed for more damage, both helps a lot in a jungle

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction or Greater Glyph of Attack Speed another choise, more damage or little boost for your abilitys? i personaly take cdr ones, but by calculations the att speed ones are better

Greater Quintessence of Health or Greater Quintessence of Desolation and final choise... health so you wont be so squishy and therefor your shall be able to jungle longer, last longer in teamfights and deal more damage overtime, or will you take more armor penetration for a higher nuking capability, but harder early game?

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Umbra Blades (passive)
Passive skill, which make you capable of jungling... this will deal area of effect physical damage and heals you for every enemy you hit. This skill has cooldown 10seconds, but your melee hits will make the waiting time for a 1second shorter.

You shall throw a shadow projectile, which deals physical damage and leaves a trail behind it and champions you hit with it. While you follow the trail, you shall gain movement speed and attack damage. I call it free BF Sword+. Level this 1st, after 1 point in Shroud of Darkness.

Shroud of Darkness
Two sided spell. Take it as 1st when jungling, becase its passive will hive you attack speed. Which is better then Duskbringer while jungling. Well if you activate it, you shall create a shield around you, which absorb 1 ability cast upon you (banshee for 2seconds) and if its gonna absorb the ability, then you will gain double of attack speed from the passive part of this skill. Level this as last, because the cooldown isnt going much down and attack speed isnt so great compared to other skills.

Unspeakable Horror
You like Fiddle? You will gonna love this one then. FEAR. Need more information? Okey. You will create a "connection" with an enemy, if you not gonna go out of the range, then the target will be feared (spell like LeBlanc's chain or Karma's speed lazer). Level this second, so you prevent enemy from running away or punishing theyr overextending.

Paranoia (ultimate, global)
This is when the real fun begins. (global) Every enemy will lost a sight with everything, leaving only theyr own reduced sight. (non-global, range comparable to Caitlyn ult) After 1 second, you can fly over to enemy champion, you will deal solid damage on impact and you can start working on your kill.

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Which to use in combination with Smite.
Ignite - Very good for finishing opponents in early/mid game.

Ghost - Get you faster in or out fights, great for chasing down runners and very good for tower dives. Count in the bonus from the Duskbringer and you will be flying.

Flash - Instant escape in case of trouble. I recommend this for people which dunno when to use a Ghost (or dont like).

Cleanse - If you are having a problem with CC's, which you really shoudnt have. Yet its a good counter against heavy stun teams, with more then 4-5 stuns.

* other summoner spells are waste of slot, totaly noob or you dont need them as a jungler-assassin

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This is not how i build a Nocturne in 100% of games, because you wont be playing against same champion selection over and over again.

Start with: and 5x

1st item:
=> or - depends against who you will be playing, MT against 4 or more stunners, otherwise 25% atack speed

2nd item:
- if you play against non-hp based champions
- if you play against 2 or more hp based champions

3rd item:
- this is pure awesomeness on Nocturne and his Q +60AD/move speed

4th item:
- if you have Wriggle's Lantern
- if you have Madred's Bloodrazor

5th item:
- works the best against everyone focusing you
- against hard caster busters
- if you lack off tank

6th item:
- take it against more bulky/tanky champions
- solid choise against squishy targets
- if you bought Warmog's Armor

* someone reports so Tiamat works well on Nocturne, can someone post a comment for that? ;)

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(gonna get a picture of routes here in a few days)
This is the tricky part. Thare are 2 ways to go. One is dangerous, but quick, yet on Nocturne you shall need a jungle runes (armor ones). Second is safe, you wont need the jungle runes, but its quite longer to finish the route.

In every case...
Take Shroud of Darkness as 1st spell.
Buy default jungler items and head to...

a) Danger of gang, quick way
Its quite default way, need of jungler runes.

Mana Golem (use smite) => Wolf Camp => Wraiths => Stone Golems (if smite is on cooldown or you are lower on health then expected) => Lizzard (use smite)
-> after this, recall, buy boots, health potions and go gang as much as you can, then repeat when the natural minions respawn, no need to be in this order after this

Result: level 4, double buff, way to gang at 4 minute mark, danger of gang for first blood or Mana Golem steal

b) Safe, slower way
Little non-standard route, but works pretty well, no need for runes, my favorite.

Stone Golems (use smite) => Wraiths => Wolf Camp => Mana Golem (use smite) => RECALL, BUY BOOTS, 3 HEALTH POTIONS => Stone Golems => Lizzard (use smite) => Wraiths => Wolf Camp
-> go gang as much as you can, then repeat when the natural minions respawn, no need to be in this order after this

Result: level 6, double buff, way to gang at 6 minute mark, nearly no danger of gang or first blood

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This is a little difficult part, because your part in team will be eat and hunt down enemy carry and casters.

If you gonna see enemy with low health or overextending behind a half of the lane. Blind them with Paranoia and fly to them. Right after a landing, cast a Unspeakable Horror to prevent them from running away and after that use Duskbringer to chase them down, important is not to miss with Duskbringer, because it shall give you attack damage, movement speed and ignore collision with minions. Make a good use of Shroud of Darkness, try to time it for enemy most powerfull spell or stun.

Teamfights - 4v4/5v5
Stay out of sight, you dont want to be focused right away. Wait outside of enemy sight, can be in the bush or you can keep jungling. When the fight is initated, join the fray with Paranoia targeting your victim (carry, caster) or low hp runner. Use the same combination as in 1v1/1v2 situations. Cast a Unspeakable Horror at enemy, try hit most of the targets with Duskbringer and block enemy CC's with Shroud of Darkness. If you gonna get focused try to use your Ghost / Flash in combination with Duskbringer to get away for few seconds. Then go back in the fight, depending on your health. If its very low, try to help ally's with Duskbringer, if some stupid caster will target you, use Shroud of Darkness and Unspeakable Horror to drive them off and grant your team a free kill. If its some right click champion, then fly away.

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1) dont never, ever die, death is not an option, even in trades 1 for 1, its better to leave him get back and you will have time to push the tower, farm/jungle up or gang other lanes... your death can make your team lose in late game, so dont try the fortune

2) harass, harass, harass, you are one of the best harassers in the game without skill shots, so get them under half health and if they wont go back, learn them a lesson of how squishy they are

3) map control is half of sucess, use the Sight Wards from Wriggle's Lantern to avoid ganks, control dragon/lizzard/mana golem and never die :P

4) little to jukes and escapes... you can enter a bush, wait until enemy gets close and when he enteres the bush, then go the way he came from, if hes bad, then he wont use autoattack move and you are a little closer to your immortality or eventialy you can use Duskbringer in any direction to get a speed buff and fly away... in other words dont be predictible and dont use same escape route again and again

5) dont never, initiate the fights (or you will die), unless its a sure kill, of course dont be stupid with getting a 1 kill in 1v5, exception is, if you need to save a teammate, but be aware of what you doing... its teamplay game :P

6) adapt, thats how you will recognise the skilled players, they wont do same builds all the time, they will adapt to the enemy, counter him and then steamroll

7) if you getting focused too many times, buy survival items early in the game

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Well thats probably all. I hope this is/was helpfull to you and post your comments bellow.

Some may ask themself, why i named this build Dark Invader. Well its because Nocturne has a quite black color and you will gonna blind enemy and fly to theyr broken formation as an uninvited invader. ;)

And remember, good build wont make you good. How to get better then? Play the game and have fun, learn the game mechanics and how everything works. ;)