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League of Legends Build Guide Author MRxMONEY

Nocturne - The Eternal Nightmare

MRxMONEY Last updated on March 17, 2013
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Nocturne - The Eternal Nightmare

Welcome to my guide on playing jungle Nocturne. If you are already a jungler, then you know the ropes and may just use my items build order for your game. If you are new to jungling and looking for great tips then this should help you out alot.

I also wanna say that Nocturne is one of my favorite champions to jungle with as well as one of my most picked champions too. I put alot of time into perfecting this champion's build guide so it should work out great for you if you follow it.

More on this build below as well as in game strategies for you.


“The darkness is closing in... it’s pitch black now... but I can still see him...”
-- Nocturne

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Pros / Cons


  1. Has good jungle sustain
  2. Level 6+ ganks are very strong
  3. Not mana dependant to clear jungle
  4. Has a spell sheild can save your life
  5. Really fun and useful ultimate throughout the game

  1. He is a little bit of an all in kind of fighter
  2. Lacks hard crowd control
  3. Hard to carry the game
  4. Take quite a bit of time to get use too

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Starting Jungle Routes and Counter Jungling

Jungle Path #1 (For highest farm and less ganks):
1. Wolves
2. Blue buff
3. Wraiths
4. Little golems
5. Red buff
6. Wraiths again
7. Gank an open lane

Jungle Path #2 (Smiteless blue buff with early level 3 red buff gank):
1. Wolves
2. Blue buff (Ask your team for a smiteless leash on blue buff)
3. Red buff
4. Gank an open lane

Jungle Path #3 (Eearly Level 2 Red Buff Gank):
1. Wraiths
2. Red buff
4. Gank an open lane
4. Blue buff (Once Smite is back up)

Blue and Red Buff Respawns:
These have a 5 minute respawn timer so if you started at blue buff then make sure your back to your blue buff at or around 7:10. If you kill the second blue buff at 7:30, then the third one respawns at 12:30 and so on. One thing you can do is type out the respawn timing in chat so you dont forget. Also remember to ping your mid laner unless your mid is a champion that dosent use mana becasue blue buff helps out an AP carry tremendously early on and even late game.

Counter Jungling:
If you see the other Jungler showing himself or ganking a lane feel free to walk into their jungle and take the big wraith or big wolf or even the big golem too. If their Junlger ganks a lane when their Red or Blue buff is up, then make them pay for this by taking their buff (but only do this if you have smite up becasue this is very risky and if they have it warded you will likely get ganked and killed) If you ever take an enemy buff I like to ward the brush at that location so you can keep tabs on the enemy jungler.

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  1. GANK #1 (Mid Lane) - I will ussually take my first shot at ganking mid in hopes for a kill or to burn their flash. If the flash was burned then I will always gank them again before their flash cooldown is back up. Flash has about a three minute cooldown.
  2. Gank #2 (Top Lane) - I always gank top before they return to base and buy wards. I would say 100% of top laners get into 1 on 1 fights with each other so I like to use this knowledge and gank 2v1 after they engauge on the top laner.
  3. GANK #3 (Bot Lane) - After I go back to base and buy I will ussually try for a gank on bot lane. For two reasons, their wards have ussually run out by now, and I like to have full heath and boots if ganking bot lane. I always ask my bot lane support if they know where the enemy placed their ward. This will help you decide what path to gank from.

    Laning phase ussually ends once two+ outer towers go down or if the game gets to around the 20 minute mark because by that time tower dive ganks will happen as all champs are strong enough to tank the damage.

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Ranked Play Team Fights & Late Game

Late game is tricky with Nocturne. You have an ultimate that can totally win you a team fight by picking someone off before anything really gets started or you can dive the AD/AP carry and cause chaos while your team hopefully cleans up. If your the team diving then I ussually save my ulti for someone I catch out of position. If your the team getting dived then I save my ulti to counter initiate and keep the AD/AP carry back as long as possible without dying.

To initiate a battle, make sure your "R" Paranoia is withing range of the target you want to dive. You hit "R" once to start, and then a second time to lunge at the target. Opon hitting him, I imidiately hit him with Duskbringer followed by Unspeakable Horror and then your Shroud of Darkness to block any snares or stuns.

Normally as an ***asign, your job is to kill the AD/AP carries on the enemey team. Most of the time battles are decided by the cleanup so getting the AD/AP carries killed are the number one objectives. If your team is losing then you may need to sit back and protect your AD/AP carries from getting killed at the start and save your ulti to chase down the enemy if your wining the fight.

Not much else I can tell you about team battles but good luck.

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First Dragon

As the jungler, you are ussually the one the will set up taking the first dragon in the game. You wanna make sure this is timed with your team first. Also, makes sure you or your support puts a pink ward on dragon beforehand to clear enemy vision.

The dragon in Summoner's Rift spawns in an alcove in the middle of the lower river between the middle and bottom lanes. It spawns at 2:30, and it has a respawn time of 6:00.

Killing dragon gives each champion on your team 190g, with a 25g bonus for whoever landed the final hit. This is roughly worth 6 entire creep waves, making him a high-value target. He is also worth 400 total experience, though the experience is not global.

His attacks add a damage over time effect, as well as a 20% attack speed reduction debuff. He is also immune to crowd control effects, as well as armor and magic resistance shred effects.

He has 3030 + (220 * highest champion level) HP, 190 AD, 21 armor, and 30 magic resist.

These stats are summarized, and they do repeat some information that is shown above.

Gold: 190 (Global) (+25 to killer)
Experience: 400 (Global)
Health: 3030 (+220 * highest champion's level)
Attack Damage: 190
Range: ~500
Armor: 21
Magic Resist: 30
Critical Strike Chance: 0%
Attack Speed: 0.658/sec
Movement Speed: 330
Initial Spawn Time: 2:30
Respawn Time: 6:00

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Baron Nashor Dance

This is something that you will need to get used to for ranked play. I call it the Baron Nashor dance becasue you are either trying to force a team fight or take Baron buff yourself gaining a late game advantage.

You will need to make sure you clear all wards with an an Oracle's Elixir or just a pink ward can do so you dont get caught.

Your best bet is have your support ward the brushes all around Baron and then camp in the brush right outside for about 15 to 20 seconds. If the enemy team dosent respond then start on Baron. Have your AP carry and/or Support try to keep the enemy team at bay without getting caught. Always make sure you have your smite ready to finnish off Baron so it dose not get stolen.

SPAWNS: It spawns at 15:00, and it respawns 7 minutes after slain.

- The whole team who landed the last hit gets 300 gold and 900 experience.
- The champ that landed the last hit gets 25 gold.
- Every alive member of the team gains the Exalted with Baron Nashor buff, which grants Attack Damage, Ability Power and bonus Health/Mana regeneration.

These stats are summarized, and they do repeat some information that is shown above.

Gold: 300 (Global)
Experience: 900 (Global)
Health: 8852 (+125 every minute)
Attack Damage: 600
Range: ~955
Armor: 120
Magic Resist: 70
Critical Strike Chance: 0%
Attack Speed: 0.208/sec
Movement Speed: 0
Initial Spawn Time: 15:00
Respawn Time: 7:00