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Nocturne Build Guide by Soul826

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Soul826

Nocturne - What health bar?

Soul826 Last updated on September 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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So, on the 3/20/2012 rotation I saw that Nocturne was one of the Champions on rotation so I decided to go and play him as a jungler. I decided that I was gonna build what I think would be best for him and surprisingly the results were off the charts.

This build is an approved Baron killer.

I honestly think the only thing that the Trinity Force would of done here is ended the battle a bit faster.

Soloing Baron without Thornmail - HUGE DIFFERENCE

Check out my tank Nocturne build!
Clicky clicky c:

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3/21/12 -
The Wriggle's Lantern now takes place of the Thornmail.
Removed Trinity Force
Added The Bloodthirster
Added The Black Cleaver
Added Phantom Dancer

Removed The Black Cleaver
Added Sunfire Cape

Removed Phantom Dancer
Re-added The Black Cleaver
The Black Cleaver now takes place of the Wriggle's Lantern and finishes the build.
The Black Cleaver comes before the Infinity Edge
Fixed many coding / grammar errors.
Added link for my tank Nocturne build.
Finally got off of school for the week so I Added the Situational Items chapter as suggested by Knives4meKnives4me.
9/4 - 5/12
Fixed Banshee's Veil text and icon not displaying correctly in the Situational Items chapter due to not adding the ' in Banshee's.

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Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation

While choosing my Runes I kept in mind that I was going to be jungling with Nocturne so I thought about the early jungling essentials and added in 9 Greater Seal of Armor and 9 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist to help you out while jungling. The reason I added in so much Armor Penetration is because when you hit mid-late game and start getting your items it will help out a lot.

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While doing the Masteries I made sure i put full points into the Masteries that help out with Attack Damage and Armor Penetration. I made sure that I put full points into Butcher so I can get through my jungle quickly and as well made sure I put full points in Demolitionist so I can quickly kill a structure and run out without any harm done to me. While doing a lot of damage I made sure to put full points in Tough Skin and Bladed Armor so early game jungling wont be as painful.

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Situational Items

As recommended by a rater of my build here is a Situational Items chapter! :)

A Banshee's Veil can always help you out when you want to block out that pesky Darius ult or silly Sion stun.

If the enemy team is just doing the naughty on you too much I a Maw of Malmortius will make you more tanky and give you this real pimp shield that makes you live longer! I mean come on, who wouldn't want a pimpy-stay-alive-longer-shield?

Want attack speed and resistance from Ahri's Charm? Then the Wit's End is for you. It has the perfect balance between damage (from being able to attack more) and resistance from magic dealing spells for and AD champion.

Do you walk too slow? Do you die too fast? Do you have too little health regen? Why not Force of Nature?

Force of Nature they said. It will make you go faster, last longer, and get back up they said. But it sure doesn't let you cheat death doesn't? If you want to sacrifice the movement speed and and health regen for less magic resist but armor and magic resist together plus the ability to cheat death then why not go pick up a Guardian Angel? Only ~2600 gold, some restrictions may apply. Such as the ability to not die once its passive is gone.

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To start of your jungle you're gonna wanna put your first point into Duskbringer and then get a leash on blue. While its following your ally basic attack it until the agro gets put on you then use your Duskbringer and continue to basic attack. Once blue gets to about 200-500 HP smite it, after that you should be at level 2 go ahead and put your point into your Unspeakable Horror and head to the Wolf camp. Once there put your Duskbringer right down the middle of the wolves and start basic attacking, if you feel its necessary you can put your Unspeakable Horror on the orange Wolf. Once you clear out the Wolf camp head over to the Wraith camp and again put your Duskbringer right in the middle of the Wraiths, if you feel its necessary you can put your Unspeakable Horror on the blue Wraith. Once you have cleared out the Wraith camp head over to the Golem camp. Before you turn the corner to get vision of the cast your Duskbringer through the wall and hit the Golems with it and then start to attack the bigger Golem. Once he gets to about 200-500 HP smite him then finish off the small Golem with basic attacks. Do that same route once more and then as soon as you kill the Golems for the second time your blue will wear off. (The buff may not wear off as soon as you kill the Golems the second time for players who are using Greater Mark of Desolation and Greater Quintessence of Desolation because at the moment I am only using Mark of Desolation and Lesser Quintessence of Desolation. The reason why I say this is because players using the Tier 3 Runes may kill the camps faster due to higher amounts of Armor Penetration.)

You will want to often take red so you can slow down your enemies and as well put some DPS on them, this will help out great when chasing an enemy that is faster than you.

You don't want to use your Smite on Wolves, Wraiths, or Golems past the time you get your Madred's Razors because when you get them you'll have enough armor and attack damage to kill red or blue without smite as long as you use your abilities while you are attacking. Smite is best used on Dragon so you can quickly secure the gold for you team and have a very lesser chance of it being stolen, Smite is also great to quickly secure Baron Nashor. Smite is your best friend when it comes to stealing buffs, its best to wait in a bush just to where you have vision of the buff and are in range to smite it. Once the buff gets to about 500 HP and smite it then lay down your Dustbringer for a quick getaway.

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Chasing / Running / Ganking


When chasing its good to do Duskbringer > Unspeakable Horror > Basic Attack and make sure that your enemy is in the damage range of your Sunfire Cape. If everything goes well you will fear them and do lots of damage with your basic attack and Duskbringer along with the DPS of your Sunfire Cape and you'll have a kill.

When running its in your best interest too lay down Duskbringer in front of you and turn on your Shroud of Darkness so you can't be stunned or slowed and can quickly get away.

When ganking, if you have your ultimate its best to wait for a champion to get to low health and then use it on them. However, if you don't have your ultimate simply lead in with Duskbringer and then Unspeakable Horror and then just basic attack them to death.

Getting Ganked
When being ganked use your Unspeakable Horror to fear one of the enemies and then lay down your Duskbringer to catch up and basic attack the enemy to death. If you can activate your Shurelya's Reverie so you teammates can get away from the gank.

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The best way to farm is while the minion wave is still in a line put down your Duskbringer from the front to the back of the line of minions and then basic attack them.

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Team Work

When fighting with your team you're going to want to wisely use your Unspeakable Horror as for fearing an enemy can be very crucial. You in particular want to use it when an enemy is trying to run or when an enemy is chasing after a low health teammate.

Your Shurelya's Reverie is also great for speeding up your teammates so they can quickly run in and get a kill or two and then run back out or quickly get away from their pursuers.

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Pros / Cons


  • You do LOADS of damage.
  • You can solo Baron.
  • Its an easy getaway if you use your Duskbringer.
  • Your Shurelya's Reverie regenerates your your HP and Mana in the blink of an eye.
  • Massive amounts of crits, largest I've gotten is 1040 but regularly does 800-900+.


  • You are very squishy and will need to know when to run.
  • You are greatly affected by stuns and slows.