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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shade Popping


Shade Popping Last updated on January 25, 2011
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So I'm actually going to tryyyyyy to write a full build for
I'll probably update it and make it look nicer with pictures and everything.

He really is the Terror of the Void, a fully stacked Cho will scare mostly everyone in a 1v5...
Also with this build you really should be living in most 1v5s......

Yay tank jungle builds...
Before the jungle patch it was possible to clear the entire jungle with a similar jungle style... Now I've figured out Cho never needs to back for items in the jungle...

But this build is for tank cho.

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Pros / Cons

You are a tank.
You will usually carry.
You have insane health regen with this build.
You will usually never die.
You are a tank.
You jungle giving your team solo lanes.
You are a great sustained jungler who requires no health potions to actually jungle.
You do not require those blue/red buffs in jungle, your team can take them.
You have a knock up.
You have a slow.
You have a silence.
You deal true damage.
People fear you when you are big.
You are a tank.

When you are huge, you will be focused because the other team can't click your team.
You are squishy at start.
You carry smite, be prepared for ganks.
Bloodrazors before magic resist.
Blinds make you useless after you use all your abilities.

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These are pretty much your basic jungling runes, I'm substituting some magic pen (although jungle was buffed recently so creeps that had negative magic resist now have 0 magic resist...) for more armor which will allow you to jungle for longer and tank more dmg in case of counter-jungling... plus you are a tank.

Also since your ult does true damage, you won't need any pen runes for it.

I'm actually using the Halloween HP quints which are only 30 HP flat each...

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You will require Plentiful Bounty ... 1 because of cooldown reduction, 2 because of the extra 5 gold when jungling/creeping, 3 stealing buffs, dragon, baron, 4 it will keep you alive if there is something around to kill...

14 points in the defense tree to tank some more, also makes jungling much easier as you aren't squishy early game.

15 points in utility, all junglers SHOULD take Awareness for the EXP boost, even if you have a Zilean on your team. It is debatable if you want to put your last 2 points into quickness. I only do this for chasing or running purposes with ghost. Also helps to go through the jungle faster.

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You should always start with a Cloth Armor, you will be able to build this into a Guardian Angel later in the game. Cho is unique for jungling because I find that he does not require any Health Potion. The only time you should be taking health pots are that if you are unsure if you will die in the jungle, or if they have a jungler on their team, mainly Warwick. You might also want to carry one if you plan on ganking at low health. The Vision Ward is also optional, this can help you counter jungle, give your team map awareness, and avoid possible jungle ganks so your team won't be facechecked if they come to gank you in jungle before minions spawn.

GET Mercury's Treads. I don't care if the other team is AD because they will usually build a Madred's Bloodrazor which deals MAGIC DMG. Also Mercury's Treads helps a lot for running from 1v5 ganks as a CC reducer. 35% does a lot.

Guardian Angel is for never dying, if you still die after you get your GA, you are doing something wrong. Either your team is terribad and leaves you to die when you are baiting the other team into a teamfight, or you are pushing too far alone without any means to escape because you are a noob. My GA is usually only popped once per game. GA will also give you a lot of tankability. This will be your major source of ARMOR.

You can build either your GA first or your merc treads first, although get [[boots of speed] before you finish your GA if you decide to get it first.

Next up is Warmog's Armor, how you decided to build your warmogs is up to you, the faster you get it the better because kills or assists will help farm the stats on your warmogs MUCH MUCH FASTER. It will give you much needed HP so you never die as well as HIGH HP REGEN. That means even if your bar looks low, you still have probably 1k HP and are regenerating it super fast.

Force of Nature, bloodrazors are a joke to you now, you should have tons of magic resist so they deal less damage... also casters shouldn't be doing much to you. Those AD Teemo, Noxious Trap do nothing to you. Period. You can walk through teemo mushrooms and not care. You will regen more if you have more HP, if you have 6 stacks and a fully farmed warmogs, you should have over 120 HP regen per 5 easy. Godly. (I will have to check my numbers but I believe you should be able to hit 150). Add a Heimerdinger in there and you'll have even more regen.

Banshee' veil, having trouble with CC? Fear no more, more magic resist, more hp, more mana. It will most likely save you if they focus you when you are tanking towers, running in to Feast a squishy, or just fighting someone who is stupid enough to go after you.

Last item... you have a choice.... I prefer........ either get a Thornmail, Spirit Visage, or Randuin's Omen. Normally you would never get to your last item in a real game since it would be over before that....... You should get a thornmail if you are really taking a lot of physical damage and are DYING from physical damage. That will also make those auto-attack champions kill themselves.... Spirit visage on the other hand will give you even more MR, HP, and COOLDOWNS for letting you use that 800 true damage ult. Spirit visage will also make you heal more from killing creeps... and also make your health regen godly. 158 regen. Now if you still want cooldowns but would rather slow the other team down while having hp regen and armor, get that Randuin's Omen. You are more than welcome to get any other item but those two are my preferences.

You will get 195 health regen with Zeke's Harbinger aura, 226 if you swap your Mercury's Treads for Randuin's Omen

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Skill Sequence

You will only require Lv 1 Vorpal Spikes for jungling. This will let you hit all the creeps in each camp with each auto attack.

Focus on maxing out Rupture first because it will be your source of damage, get aways, slows. Since jungle creeps don't move, you should not be missing with your rupture at all.


You will then be maxing out Feral Scream. Another source of damage. Also at max level it's a 3 second silence which will help your team not get owned by other team abilities. Also it should prevent the other team from doing any sources of CC on you.

And yes, get Feast at 6, 11, and 16. True damage does a lot more than you think. Just make sure that if you are going to use it on an enemy, they do not have a shield up and that they have less hp than the amount your ult shows. 300, 550, 800. It will kill those tryndameres who don't endless rage at 799 HP. TRUE DAMAGE WILL EAT THROUGH ALL ARMOR AND MAGIC RESIST. But it won't eat through shields or invulnerabilities.

Then max Vorpal Spikes. You are not playing dps.

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Summoner Spells

Smite. Because you need it to jungle faster. Because it will help you heal if creeps are around. Because you can steal buffs, dragon, baron. Because you will be smiting big wraith in the enemy's jungle as soon as it spawns.

Ghost. To run. To gank. To chase. To bait. To run to your towers if someone backed on their solo lane.

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Creeping / Jungling

Start at enemy wraiths. EVEN IF THEY HAVE A JUNGLER. Most junglers will not start at wraiths so you can counter jungle easily. Also this usually helps prevent early ganks BECAUSE THEY DO NOT EXPECT YOU THERE.

1. Smite big wraith and kill the others making sure vorpal spikes is hitting all of them.
2. Your wolves, focus down big wolf then kill the small ones. You can use a rupture here.
3. Your wraiths, smite big wraith again, it should be back up. Kill the small ones same strategy. You can use a rupture here.
4. Your golem camp, focus down one. Keep using rupture to knock them up so you take less damage. IF YOU FEAR DYING HERE, USE A HEALTH POT.
5. Back to their wraiths and continue the same jungle path.
6. Look for potential ganks or anyone who is low. If someone is low, knock them up before you show yourself. If you are seen and they are running, rupture where they will be running because of the delay. SILENCE THEM when they are in mid-air.
7. Run back into jungle and keep farming.
8. You should have farmed xxxx Gold, buy your boots/merc and/or GA.
9. Continue to jungle swapping with solo lane if they need to back.
10. If you have hit 6, feast those minions when they are less than 1k HP. YOU CAN TAKE BLUE IF YOU WANT. You probably should also feast 3+ stacks before you gank.
11. If you have 6 stacks, only feast if you are killing buffs, or killing dragon. Else save it for champions who are low enough. Normally a rupture, silence, then a feast shall kill them if they are already low.

13. If you are in lanes, make sure rupture hits as many creeps as you can. ALSO BECAUSE YOU ARE A TANK THAT HEALS WHEN YOU KILL A UNIT, YOU CAN TANK ALL INCOMING CREEPS NO MATTER HOW MANY THERE ARE. Say there are 15, tank it, kill them, heal from kills, push.

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Team Work

As I stated before, Cho'Gath will usually carry if you know how to time your ruptures and feasts for last hits. In team fights make sure you are focused as you can walk into the center of any fight and live. Block all skill shots for your team. If you are alone and are being ganked, run towards your team. If they pop your GA and your team is around then you should still live while your team can pick off the chasers.

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I'm actually just only getting the Cloth Armor when I'm jungling now while keeping to the pattern I suggested above. Once I get that 1200 gold, I'll back for my Mercury's Treads and go gank the solo lane. By that time you will be level 5 and the solo lane 6. Most of the time either me or my team will get the kills on the gank. After that I will just stay in the lane and push until that their tower is dead or hold the lane if they need to buy. Rupture, Feral Scream, and Vorpal Spikes make Cho a great farmer and pusher so you will probably be getting more exp and gold laning now than when you're in the jungle. However if your team doesn't need your help, continue to jungle.