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Nunu Build Guide by DestinyIce

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DestinyIce

Nom Nom Nunu Guide [5.10] [Jungle/Top]

DestinyIce Last updated on May 31, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, I'm Destiny Ice and currently I am a Gold 5 player that that has a 71% win rate and a KDA of 5/2/21.

I play Nunu because of the way she can put the enemy jungler SO far behind if played right in the jungle, and just wrecks top lane due to her sustain as she can get her passive with 5 autos, then e. If you repeat this you can poke the enemy laner without having to worry about your mana.

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Early Jungle

So how you play for me depends slightly on which side you start on, as it's a bit easier on red side rather than blue side.

I'm gonna start with red side. When you play this side you want to first do your blue and not gromp. Preferably not smiting the blue if you get a good enough leash, this allows you to then just walk up to the enemy's red buff. And sit in the bush waiting for them to come, when they do walk up to the red and consume + smite and run away. this stops their level 3. Also if it's a jungler that has bad early game, you can then do wraiths or wolves for level 3. And go to their blue.

Blue side, is roughly the same. But you'll have to smite the blue because top laners won't want to give such a strong leash as it will ruin their lane. So DON'T expect them to. However when your on blue side you want to just take their red. But drop a ward in the bush by wraiths before. If the enemy jungler decides to do gromp --> blue --> wolves. You can take their wraiths but make sure to leave ONE little one. Denying him more xp.

By this point they should be level 2 (3 if they did gromp --> blue --> wolves) but either way. You will have an xp advantage. Now you want to go down to your red and secure it.

When you gank you want to check for any overextended lanes, if there are none back for a pink ward. Then go do the dragon because 5 drakes = win. You want to make sure you take MOST of his reds. But don't die for it. Then just carry on doing your camps and his and gank any overextended lanes. This should man that early game is won.

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Mid Jungle

Just go for the objectives and if you fight remember to blood boil your adc. That's pretty much it, just make sure you get every drake and don't give away free kills while your in there jungle, you need to look at the map.

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Early Top

Top lane is easy enough, just don't get poked down too hard. If you are then put a few points into consume early. Too win you just hit the minions 5 times, then e the enemy. Rinse and repeat which will force them out of lane, or give you a kill. The problem with nunu top is her TERRIBLE pushing, the only way she can is if she ults it. Which is only worth if the other top laner tps down bot or something and you don't have yours up. Also, you might want to roam down to bot/mid and if you get a few kill go on drake.

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Mid Top

You want to carry on poking, and poking. If you can get to 6 before they are, and they have no flash. Go for a kill on them by using your e to slow them down once or twice. Then flash on top and ult. If you can get a 1/2 charged ult you should be able to kill them. Also you want to always roam down for the drakes.

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Late Game / Teamfights

You can play this two ways. You can play it as a sort of 2nd support for the mid and adc, or you can just go full ham and run at their backline. I personally prefer to play as more of a support and blood boil the adc, while just slowing anyone that jumps on them. By this point you should be very tanky, so you can go full ham. But still protect your adc.