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Shaco Build Guide by hellsm0ke

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hellsm0ke

Now you see me now you don't...Shaco AD

hellsm0ke Last updated on April 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Shaco 'The Demon Jester'

Shaco is a character that can be played either Ability Power either Attack Damage.I personally prefer attack damage way of playing him.Shaco as a real assassin can take advantage of the confusion the time of the team fight and slain some enemies.His job becoming easier if his attack damage and attack speed help him.

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First time Shaco!

When you try shaco for first time is good enough to choose doran's blade for starting item just for having a little bit bigger amount of health and damage.Also instead of buying infinity you can first buy youmuu's ghostblade but only if you are going to remember the unique active.

When you play shaco AD you have to:

    Remember farming because it's very important to take enough gold because all the items I had
    Try to hit from behind using shaco's passive.You had to combine that with deceive...

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More life assasin!

If you want to try something uncommon with the 'Clown' you can try to build him with a way giving him more life.You could start with Doran's Blade and buing the attack speed boots again.But you can buy instead of phantom dancer and infinity..Trinity force and Frozen Mallet.In addition you can replace second bloodthirster with guardian angel following the recommended items.

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There is a part that a lot of summoners are disagreeing for shaco.Some guys say that you have to buy boots of mobility for more speed early game but when your build includes 2 phantom dancers you dont need boots of mobility.Although boots of mobility can be bought either on a junglers build or on an early game effective build followed by Wriggle's lattern.

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Why these items?!

I have already explained you why bearseker's boots.Now...i prefer to buy vampiric scepter with the first come-back(except the case of having enough gold for buying Bf sword) because with lifesteal you will not have the neccessity of returning to your base every 2 minutes.After that you have to be effective with a lot of damage and if we coclude the fact that infinity's passive is just created for shaco that will be the first item.Secondly, shaco is an assasin so he needs to be quick and with a lot of attack speed as well.Also if we are aware of the critical strike chance that the phantom dancer is giving we have definately to buy it.Finally, you have to complete the bloodthirster and then you have to duplicate phantom dancer and bloodthirster..(no inifinity cause the passives do NOT stuck)

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Summoner Spells

In my point of view shaco has to use flash and ignite.
FLASH:The best way of escaping or chasing the lucky opponent.
IGNITE:Very good way to slain and the most resistant guys from the enemy team
Also you can use
EXHAUST:Its a very good choice for shaco to slow his opponent and with his attack speed slain him easily
HEAL:If it is one of your first times playing shaco you can also use heal just for be sure that you are not gonna die easily.Avoid it after 4-5 games

Avoid every other summoners spell
Avoid also GHOST because you will be very quick with 2 phantom dancers

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Pros / Cons

With this build you are going to have a lot of attack damage and you are going to take advantage of your deceive.You are not going to damage so much with your ultimate attack but it still remaining a good build.Try AD shaco and comment.Have fun guys!

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Shaco 'The absolute jungler'

When you want to play Shaco jungler you have to follow different masteries, summoner's spells and build.Firstly, if you want to give it a shot you have to choose either a ignite or flash for the one summoner's spell but the other summoner's spell must be Smite .Then you have to change your masteries a little bit. instead of some attack damage masteries like .Lastly,you have to change the skill sequence.You have to start with 'Jack in the box' helps you take blue buff the other skills should be updated just like the attack damage Shaco.

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Jungler's Items

The jungler's items differ from Attack Damage Shaco's.
When you play Shaco jungler...

Then you can sell the lantern and buy

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Why these items for Jungler Shaco?!

First and foremost every jungler has to take Madred's Razors as a rersult of its passive.In my point of view you have to prefer Cloth Armor more than Vampiric Scepter or Boots of Speed as the starting jungling item.You also have to take 3 or 4 health potions so as not to need any push or help.When I return to the base for first time I complete Madred's Razors and I buy boots of speed.Even if I have not enough gold for both I choose Madred's because it's early game and I need to slain the minions easily.After that you have to complete your boots.You must choose Boots of Mobility because Shaco as a jungler needs to be quick from the start of the game and then completing the lantern you are going to beat every opponent 1v1.Our character needs to slain the opponent silencely and quick.So zeal will be a perfect item to continue with.Extra movement, extra attack speed.Nobody has any chance against you now!After completing the Phantom dancer you have to be a little bit more effective so I suggest you to buy Infinity Edge that fits perfectly on shaco instead of trinity or Madred's Bloodrazor.Now being in late game you need to have more health.In my opinion Frozen mallet costs a lot contrary to Ionic spark that it is cheap and it gives you extra attack speed and a passive allows you damage whole the enemy team with magic damage in every team fight.The last item will be madreds bloodrazor because of the bonus magic damage equal to 4% of the target's maximum health.Now if you are too fed and you have more gold you can replace lantern with bloodthirster.Lantern is a very effective item in the beggining and the unique active helps you understand where the enemies are but in late game is not so effective except of the lifesteal.So you can replace it with bloodthirster and use its damage and stucks.

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Team work

In a team fight the role of shaco is clear..Kill as many as you can.The assasin damager or jungler has to slain his enemies with every way and every time.If you have the requiring support the team's victory is definately sure.Shaco takes advantage of the solo game (no all the enemy team together) killing his enemies with his damage and attack speed.The only thing you have to be careful is not to killsteal a lot..!

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Those were the builds I use for Shaco and they are effective.Give them a shot.I have done some excellent scores with them such as 39/7 and 38/8 (photos of them I am going to conclude in the guide soon).Greetings from Greece

Hellsm0ke,level 30