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Talon Build Guide by IceHound

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IceHound

Noxian Diplomacy Focused Build

IceHound Last updated on March 3, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Dear readers! Lend me your eyes for today I bring you my guide on talon. I am IceHound and I have played talon since around level 15, he was the first 6300 champion I've ever bought and I've learned just about everything there is to know about him.

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Pros / Cons

Can kill just about any carry(let it be an AP or AD)
Can't be killed easily due to stealth

Very squishy(aka glass cannon)
If an enemy gets high armor(E.x Omen) early game you'll have some trouble killing them until bringing in armor pen.

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Passive: Talon deals 10% more damage with his basic attack to enemies under a disable effect(slows, snares, bleeds, etc.)
Noxian Diplomacy-Q: Talon's next basic attack deals bonus damage and leaves the target with a bleed effect.
Rake-W: Talon sends out three blades which deal damage to and from their way back to talon, they also slow the target.
Cutthroat-E: Talon blinks to target champion, silencing them and allowing him to deal more damage to them.
Shadow Assault-R: Talon enters stealth leaving a ring of blades around him, Talon gains bonus movement speed and the blades will return to him once his stealth ends, enemies are damaged by each blade that passes though them.

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BT stacking vs this build(OUTDATED)

Ignore this section, I'll come back to it later...
Combo as follows- E>W>Q>R>Q
Alright so your average BT stacking build is this
BT x4
Boots of Ionia
Which will deal as follow at level 18
Q- 1856

So a full ArP build
Q-2766(assuming Crit landed on both Qs)
You will overall deal more damage with full ArP build because of the crits from your Q, on top of this you will have ghostblade's active to utterly destroy anyone that still stands!

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Farming on talon is something else, you start off weak early game, there go if you try to get close in for minions you might just end up dying and no CS gained, most of the time you'll end up using your W just to get some pretty low creeps.

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Summoner Spells

Good choices for Talon is flash, ignite, teleport and ghost. For the most part I go teleport for bot lane ganking, ignite is kinda meh for me, as I find it's not too useful late game as you'll be bursting down champions and have no need to ignite them.

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Skill Combo

Alright, so you can't really attack until at least level 3, once you're level 3 use E>Q>W and once level 6 do R>E>Q>W. Your Ultimate(shadow assault) allows you to reach the target without anyone being able to attack you. If you're in a bush and about to gank someone, don't start out with your ult, just E>Q>W and if they're still alive but trying to run, use your ultimate to catch up and finish them off.

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Item Choices

So many people are probably wondering why such strange items

"Wow no BT Stacking?"
"such lame"
"So weaksauce"


As you (should of) seen in the title, this build is focused on Talon's Q, classic builds usually don't build items with crit like IE and ghostblade because they try to have balance in their damage,


building into his Q damage so far for me has been my favorite way of going, you'll crit for roughly 1k+ in late game, so instead of staying in the fight for that rake nonsense you can shadow assault out and be able to rejoin it when the enemy team isn't trying to focus you down.

Originally I used TF but then I realized how much better LW is better, I suggest buying it after you pickup your BF sword, so in other words

Build Brut first, pickup some speed boots, BF sword, then go straight for LW, then go back to finish IE and ghostblade.

Hydra or BT is your personal choice, some people prefer the AoE others prefer the +25 damage, so it's your choice on what cup of tea to choose.

Finally, let's talk about manamoomoo, there's a reason I don't build it here, muramask utterly takes forever to charge, and while it's still in it's tear form it's not helping in any way possible. So I avoid it, because overall I don't think it's final form, murameanie is worth the amount of time you have to put into charging it, it'll roughly be the end of the game by time you'll be done with it, overall, I might revisit it sometime and have different thoughts about muramugic, but for now I don't approve of it's building.

After revisiting MM I still don't like it that much, maybe it would be good for some sort of hipster-bulk build but reality is I still think it's a waste of time, if rushed MM can charge by around the 30 minute mark, in which the game is mid-late, so once again! Can't recommend building it.

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True Sight

In season 4 Riot decided Talon needed to have an easier time killing and escaping then a robber stealing candy, so they removed his bane, the oracles elixir and made pink wards visable. They replaced it with oracles lenses, but frankly it's not going to stop you, this build gives you high movement speed so overall by time they use it they'll just have a small glace of you as you flee from the corpse of their dead carry, and you shall chuckle at their sad attempts in catching you, and they shall curse Riot for making you the slippery banana you've become!--Unless they've upgraded the lens, in which case they will be able to spot you, of course though, Talon is suppose to flee the fight the second he does his combo, overall from personal experience it isn't a problem so long you kill the carry and flee instantly, to later rejoin your team.