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Nunu Build Guide by oj07

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author oj07

Nunu Jungle - All Your Buffs Are Belong To Me

oj07 Last updated on August 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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With this build you will Ice Blast your way through both jungles all day Consumeing everything in your path! Their jungler will be put on ice! Not to mention, with Nunu you really have 6 people on your team.

If you don't understand the title - The phrase as it appears in the introduction to Zero Wing.

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Nunu's counters in the jungle

Champions that nunu does not like to go against:
Nocturne: his Shroud of Darkness combo with his Unspeakable Horror will: A. Prevent him from being slowed by nunu's Ice Blast and B. Undoubtedly get nunu feared since Duskbringer will close the gap and killed since nunu cannot compete with Nocturne in a melee match-up.
The only way to really counter a Nocturne assault is to flash over a wall and hope he doesn't have flash with him. Invading on Nocturne will be tough.

Vi: Because of her Vault Breaker Vi can keep up with nunu allowing her to deal massive amounts of damage to him. A successful Vault Breaker combo'd with the damage of Denting Blows + Excessive Force will allow vi to Assault and Battery for a little more damage and finish.
Countering Vi can be done with quick maneuvering. Basically Ice Blast and get to a bush, move at awkward angles and hope she misses her Vault Breaker if she misses that she may attempt to Assault and Battery which shouldn't be enough to get you killed unless your alone and she has help.

Rammus: Although you would think Ice Blast should be enough to get away from Rammus Powerball, It isn't enough to help you clear his jungle enough to not get caught out by him. His Powerball allows him to move through the jungle and lanes at an extremely quick pace. Powerball also allows him to go back to base and heal up frequently so he will be in good shape most of the time. puncturing taunt of course will ruin your day especially if he maxes that abilities first. Your going to find it hard to get through his jungle without getting caught out by him.
Rammus weakness is his clear speed, it is slower then yours. If you find it daunting to go into his jungle early game, clear your jungle fast, gank a few times, then start warding his blue and red and keep timers on them. He has a lot stronger ganks by lvl 4-5 then you will so by then you will want to start keeping him occupied in his jungle.. Just make sure your team is on board and ready to help if needs be.

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Masteries can be played a number of ways. Sometimes it might be better to go 0/21/9 if you think your going to be taking a lot of damage. Explorers ward isn't necessary if your team is going to invade with you.

If you prefer to steal it on your own you will need to buy a ward which gets you boots, 1 ward and 2 hp pots.

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Pros / Cons

- Good all game long
- Strong slows and attack speed from Blood Boil increase for ADC
- Absolute Zero allows quick lane clearing for objectives.
- Easily out level and out farm enemy jungler
- Don't allow enemy middle to ever have Ancient Golem
- Good Chaser
- Can solo Dragon easily early game with Consume.
- Extremely helpful when taking Baron Nashor

- Team fights are single target unless you can get Absolute Zero off well.
- Can get caught and killed if team doesn't watch
- Must have timers on all jungle
- Not so tanky early on
- Not the best at peeling for adc

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Runes and Masteries

Since you'll be counter jungling all game and helping lanes, you want move speed and vision. Wards are necessary. You won't want to be tanking turrets til a bit later on so tank masteries aren't extremely important. Your biggest strength is consume.

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A Quick Guide To Jungle Control

Step 1 - stealing blue buff: This is by far the hardest step. When placing your explorers ward make sure that you wait til about 1 minute so that it doesn't expire. I failed hard when i first tried doing it because i ran straight there and through it down. Flashed over the wall blind to try and steal and they hadn't got it low enough. I just had to run away having wasted my flash with nothing but my teams sarcastic comments about a waste of flash.

By step 11 you should be thoroughly in control. Take their big wolf too why don't ya.
Although early Consume was nerfed to control Smite, level advantage will allow the consume to deal greater damage then your enemies smite.
Map Key:
Red: Invasion into their jungle
Green: Ganking a lane.
Blue: Clearing your Jungle

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Early Game

In this stage you have a few things on your mind which should be on any junglers mind. You need to make sure lanes don't have a lot of pressure from anyone but you.
Keeping the enemy jungler on their feet is a must. With Blood Boil and Consume this isn't too difficult because quick clearing of big creeps comes natural to Nunu.
You do not want your team to help you steal blue. Do this on your own. If your whole team comes then it will be looked on as an invasion and the jungler will either just go take your buff or will go take their red.
By using your explorers ward to ward their blue you simply Flash over the wall and Consume Smite that Ancient Golem beast dead. If everyone is in lane you will have to deal with enemy champions at most. Since you have boots and Blood Boil you can easily escape.
Now you run straight around and go to their red. They will be annoyed and start clearing wolves and wraiths . This gives you time to get in position to steal red. This is where having your team with you will help. Let them know what your intentions are so they can be there in-case middle or bottom decide to join in.
After you steal red it the rest is easy. Clear your jungle. Head around again.

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Mid Game

Mid game isn't nearly as important as early game. If early game went well you could have dragon ed by yourself at lvl 6 and been back in time to steal their blue buff again. Buying wards is crucial. Ward their blue every time you steal it so you can get the timer on it when they finish the lesser minions that you so graciously leave behind for them.
It might be tempting when your killing their big golem or big wolf to take the smaller ones. Don't bother. Leave them there. The enemy jungler will waste more time and effort cleaning up after you then the experience and gold is worth it.

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Late Game (if it gets this far)

At this point you should be a good few maybe 5 levels ahead of their jungler while their team is raging at them.. Of course it could be the other way around and your team could be raging at you. Make sure you talk with your team and let them know your plan step by step. If they don't know your intentions they can't help you and by late game you will be losing.

As for item build throughout the game, the greatest thing you can ever do is learn to counter-build. Choose items that will help you play against your enemies that are doing the best or that have the potential to be the biggest pain but items that will also benefit your damage output or your team.

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Full Game Play #1 (not perfect still successful.)


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Nunu although slightly nerfed in his early game is still an extremely powerful jungler in the right hands. I enjoyed making this guide because it allowed me to really analyze my jungling with Nunu. Send me a PM if you think this guide can be improved on! Also if you found success and have a video let me know and I'll add it to this tutorial!

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Oh ya, end game screen -

When the game is over, win or lose, give due credit where credit is due. If someone played amazingly well despite rough circumstances throw them an honor and a few kind words. And leave sarcasm and insults in your head. You'll have a lot more enjoyable experience if you just enjoy the game win or lose. after all, "summoners who follow the summoners code win 33.33333 repeating" more games.. or something like that.

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Inspiration From Some of your Fav's

Nasus: "Your legacy shall drift away, blown into eternity, like the sands of the desert."

Hecarim: "Behold, the might of the shadow isles"

Malzahar: "Come mortal, witness your demise"

And then there is always....

Draven: "Welcome to the League of Draven."
Draven: "Not Draven; Draaaaaaven."
Draven: "Draven's makin' an exit."