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League of Legends Build Guide Author AppleBomb


AppleBomb Last updated on June 11, 2012
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Welcome to my Second Ever Build FEATURING!!!!!
Irelia!! The will of the blades
The Off-tank(ish) build! Even though she has been nerfed to heck, she is still a hero to be reckoned with!

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

Greater Quintessence of Health Regeneration
  • greater mark of desolation I chose this mark because it helps with the armor penetration. It helps because it makes it so you can ignore their armor (if they dont have too much) against tanks it helps considerably.
  • I like this one personally because when your top lane your against another AD carry more often than not so it makes it able for you to take less damage.
  • Ugh the im going to get trolled part of my guide..... Let me explain. It allows you to hit with your more often. It allows you to use all your abilities at your pleasure and not have to wait on those pesky 1 second cooldowns and such.
  • Because you are off-tank you want to be able to have survivability and taking max damage from an opposing teams AP carry it kinda hurts.... alot.
  • .... Well it helps you move faster... Ok let me put you in a scenario really quick. Your down 1 kill from an ace and Nidalee is running with a quarter of a bar of health left and you need to kill her. She is a fast runner. You barely cant catch her. Your team gets mad. What could have solved that? THIS QUINT!!!
  • It helps with your life gaining and lane survivability.
  • greater quintessence of vigor it helps with your life gaining and lane regeneration. It will help you get max life faster.

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Warning Text Heavy! there will be a TL;DR at the end.
I chose this mastery because it helps with your and your . It makes your exhaust reduce your target's armor and magic resist by 10 along with all the other nice abilities.
and You are going to be an Off-Tank hero, you need armor and magic resist along with damage and all that.
This helps with your life total so you wont die and can have that maximum auto-attack time.
This helps with your life regeneration. You want to have lots of health regeneration by the end of the game. You want to have enough to be able to tank a turret than go and auto-attack a wave of minions and have more than 1/2 of your life back.
It helps give you that extra boost early game and helps alot.
This helps with cooldowns because almost every time I get a death it's because I have like 0.3 seconds left on a cooldown that could save my life.
This stacks with your and allows you to have alot of damage reduction. It also helps with disables so stacking with your passive(i would have an icon here but strangely it isn't working...)

It helps you get back to the battles! I take it because after a team fight I like to get right back out there and kill any survivors. If you don't usually die I would put the points in to help with mana issues.
This helps you get back to your base faster I suggest keeping it.
This along with your Quint, , and means you can zoom around the map killing and tower diving whenever you feel like it.

TL;DR The masteries are all based on being tanky and having maximum lane time. I suggest changing Good Hands if you dont die alot.

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  • Start with cloth armor and 5 hp pots. It helps with sustain and whatnot top lane.
  • What I do next is i get . I sometimes rush a sheen if i need more damage and my life is usually full.
  • Boots are where I usually look at the game. I usually get ninja tabi because it helps with the laning phase. You can get mercury treads or berserker greaves. Treads if you are going against an AP team, Ninja tabi is a solid choice if your going against an AD team. Berserkers is good if you need more damage output.
  • Get Wriggle's here if you rushed sheen. Or just get sheen and if you have leftover gold get the for
  • Then get . If you dont have the gold to just purchase it in 1 shot, get first, get second, and get last.
  • Then get . It helps alot. Especially if its passive goes off on a person trying to kill you ^.^.
  • Then Force of Nature is next. It helps with your Magic Resist, and usually makes your HP regeneration go up to about 140 ish depending on level and whatnot.
  • I then get a Randuin's Omen for survivability and to give you some slow on them especially with the active.
  • I then finish off with a The Bloodthirster or an Infinity Edge and if they stacked life a Madred's Bloodrazor. This is to up your damage output and to decimate the end game.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Every Irelia Build and Irelia player that ive seen uses this sequence(so im going to use it also, ive also tested and it works for me). It levels your which helps with the life gaining and allows you to spend as much time in the lane to get as much Experience as possible.
  • Because you are going to be top laning you need to not have to go back to base so often to be able to win your lane over. This sequence accomplishes that.
  • We level your last because you don't really use it to often, you use your and more often.
  • Also your scales of AP and your scales of AD so that means your will deal more damage. The reason we put a point in the is because it slows/stuns.

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Summoner Spells

  • Ok what I've found is that exhaust helps considerably. Like I mentioned in the Runes section. In top lane you are more than likely going to be against an AD carry so I chose exhaust to reduce their damage and slow them. It helps alot, it allows you to hit longer (because they cant run fast if their slowed) and it usually allows you to get a kill.
  • Ignite is the most common summoner spell. It does alot of damage and gives them a Grevious Wound. It makes it so healing is reduced by %50. It is a good finishing move if you can barely not reach them with a or a .
Other viable options of summoner spells are...
This one allows you to move faster. Helps with chasing the reason I didn't choose it was because of your Quints and Masteries.
This one lets you flash forward. It helps getting the last hit to kill them but I didn't choose it because I usually don't use it when I'm playing.
But that's just me choose whatever one suits your playing style.

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Well thanks for reading this isn't completely done I have a couple things to do after I get some votes and comments so I'm not doing those things in vayne. Anyway have fun with Irelia. Thanks JhoiJhoi with some help from the Getting Started guide. I hope you enjoyed this guide and the cool color combos I did.

Austrailia forever

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To do list...

  • Finish the build
  • Get a signature
  • Get a reviewer to review it
  • insert pictures
  • insert videos
  • get atleast 1000 views
  • Celebrate with some nachos if i finish (i love me my nachos :D)