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Warwick Build Guide by Odhinn

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Odhinn

Odhinn's Warwick guide

Odhinn Last updated on February 23, 2012
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Hello everyone, I'm Odhinn and this is my Warwick guide. I've been playing Warwick a long time and he is my FAVORITE champ next to Olaf. This is my first guide so if I make mistakes or you have advice feel free to comment. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps fellow Warwick players.

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Why play Warwick?

I chose him for a couple of reasons. 1) Hes a boss. 2) Warwick is a very solid jungler, safe to use and learn and capable of being a huge threat to the enemy. People that say Warwick is a bad jungler are just used to playing easy junglers like Nocturne and Udyr. Build Warwick right and play him smart and he is just as awesome a jungler as any other. 3) Warwick doesnt have to jungle. He is a boss solo top and very capable laner. Make a few adjustments to his build and he is as dangerous outside the jungle as he is in it. 4) WW is an excellent bruiser and I love playing bruisers.

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Masteries and Runes


For jungle Warwick I use a 21/0/9 mastery build. Summoner's Wrath , Brute Force and Alacrity obvious first picks. From there I focus on magic damage. Sorcery, Arcane Knowledge and Havoc give me the magic damage boost. Butcher and Demolitionist help clear the jungle and take down towers faster. I take the point in Weapon Expertise as a filler and because it helps early in the jungle and even an on-hit WW does some physical damage. Executioner is awesome on WW and syncronizes really well with his Blood Scent making him an awesome chaser and post team fight clean up man. Swiftness and Runic Affinity are a must on WW as well cause his move speed is uber slow and buff duration is very important. Runes are attack speed marks, CDR glyphs, armor seals and movement speed quints.


When lanning Warwick I use a 9/0/21 build. This build focuses on mana regen and CDR which are VERY IMPORTANT to a lanewick. Q spamming is key to winning your lane as Warwick. This build gives you 15% CDR at level one which is pretty awesome. Mastermind is nice because a lot of WW's damage comes from Ignite so you want that up as much as possible. Runes for lanning are magic pen marks, gold per 5 seals (you can put whatever you want here, I just like more gold), CDR glyphs and movement speed quints.

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Item build and gameplay

As I said before Warwick makes an excellent bruiser. He can be played as an AD champ but he must sacrifice his tankyness to do so and that usually doesnt work out in my experience. So I build tanky with on-hit effects. This lets him put out a lot of damage while still being able to shrug off all but the hardest hits. Building tanky combined with his ridiculous sustain and the passive from Guardian Angel pretty much guaranties his survival in any fight. And if he lives that means he can easily clean up surviving enemies.

In the jungle I start with Long Sword and 1 Health Potion. Start at blue then do wolves, wraiths, golems, red, wraiths, wolves, blue pill and buy your Madred's Razors. Keep clearing and ganking until you can buy your Recurve Bow. Once you have that you can solo dragon if you have blue buff. Why no Boots of Speed you ask? You need the extra attack speed to do dragon alone and you already have good movement speed from Swiftness and quints. Keep farming and gank whenever you see a good opportunity. If your target is low health (below 45%) make sure to turn off your E until they see you so you dont scare them off. Build your Mercury's Treads and finish your Madred's Bloodrazor ASAP. After that build Malady, its a great item because it gives damage, 50% attack speed and shreds enemy MR. WW does mostly magic damage so I think this item is a no brainer. After that build your Spirit Visage. At this point you start building situational. If the enemy is heavy AD build items like Sunfire Cape, Guardian Angel and Thornmail. Heavy magic damage needs items like Wit's End, Banshee's Veil and Guardian Angel. If the enemy team is balanced (as most teams with any experience or coordination are) then use the item build I listed at the top.

If your are lanning Warwick is a pretty boss solo top or when paired with a high burst champ in bottom lane. The second build option in this guide is the Lane build. You can also use the masteries and runes for jungling If you like, I've found they still work pretty well. Start with a Doran's Ring. This gives you health, AP for your Hungering Strike and mana regen so you can spam your Hungering Strike to farm and harass. Warwick has one of the best sustains in the game so abuse that power. Force your enemies to trade hits with you, you can just Q and auto attack a few times and your back to full health. If they try to farm harass and kill them. If they are too scared to farm force them out of EXP range and get the lvl advantage. A fed or over leveled WW is extreamly deadly. If you push the enemy out of lane completely or force them back to base, check for MIAs and if its safe go ahead and steal the enemy jungle. If your solo top try to snatch golems or red buff, if your bottom try to steal blue buff and wolves. Buy wards and set them at the enemy red and blue buffs so you can gank their jungler and steal buffs that way too. As a lanewick you should be a bully and a roamer. Once you bully your lane into submission run off and bully someone else, either mid lane or the enemy jungle.

The thing that separates the good Warwick players from the bad is knowing how and when to use your Infinite Duress. An inexperienced Warwick player will use their ult first chance they get on the first person they see. Warwick can melt squishies, in a team fight use your ult on the squishy enemy carry or support. Or if an particular enemy is smashing your team with an ability that they can be knocked out of with CC use it on them. Malz and Kat are good examples of this, they have devastating ults that can be shut down with CC. Also if you use your ult too early in a fight your prey might escape. Timing and positioning is everything.

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And thats about it. Sorry the guide is short, I will be adding more to it down the line and I'll keep up with patch changes as often as possible. Good luck to all Warwick players out there, I hope you play awesome cause as we all know, "Its more fun when they run."