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Anivia Build Guide by OhItsCredit

Support OhImSuppnivia

By OhItsCredit | Updated on June 1, 2020

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Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter


+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


General Build
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Middle Lane
Ranked #19 in
Middle Lane
Win 49%
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Champion Build Guide


By OhItsCredit
Oh um, lets see. This is my first time making a guide, Please bear with me, But ill be adding synergies as i go along with this. Usually, You will want to be a agressive support, So you need the speed. Now you ask. "Why do you put domination on Anivia. Why Suppnivia? What happens if i'm on my back and how am i meant to aid my team as a suppnivia?" Well. I'll answer those along the way.
Why Suppnivia? Back to Top
Before you complain midnivia is better suited i want to note. Im bad at mid, especially with Anivia, sooooooooo. what i pulled is "Hey so I'm going to try Support to see how this goes." Hence why i now main Anivia as a Support type.

So I looked up guides and only found the one. But this was for walling mainly. And im like. Hmmm, perhaps i could make a few tweaks to this. So here we are, i took the runes from that guide. Put them in my own and made my own item sets and ability guides.
Losing games. Back to Top
Suppnivia is mainly offensive, but if you are losing, Then go for defensive gear with a lot of stats. Like Righteous Glory or Gargoyle stoneplate.

Sometimes the best offensive is the best defensive right? so if you want to go for a damage build. Then put offensive items that affect AP on.
Jungle Support Back to Top
At times your jungle will need support. During these times your combos are Neccesary. Be cautious of ambushes. You are probably going to be the weakest person in your team, Warding is useful for suppnivia, so warding bot side of the river is important. Ultimate the Epic monsters to deal damage over time to them, as mentioned. E combos still work on monsters, nothing else.
Synergy Strategies - Miss Fortune Back to Top
Miss Fortune has a good synergy with Anivia and because of this. You can pull off a variety of combs, Utilize each other's strengths to trap and slow people. Luring them into traps as you proceed forward in your lane.
Synergy Strategies - Charming. Back to Top
Using charms from allied champions. You can pull a enemy champion into a full force ult or maybe a stun (if you are lucky of course) though most champions with the charm effect aren't adc material. But if you roam it certainly is possible. But do remember to watch the bot lane, 1v2 can be very difficult and if you don't do it correctly it can be seen as a faliure. For these kinds of situations you can rely on Ahri.
Something Important. Back to Top
Note that you need to have at least some knowledge with the character, A Q can explode if you tap the Q button mid-cast. MOST PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW THIS. CANCELING IT TO SURPRISE THEM IS IMPORTANT. I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH.

Wall utility, Using W to block all movement directed at you is a very useful ability, use it in a tight space for maximum usage out of it, or if you need to prevent them from escaping, Wall into cancel Q or Ult will work.

Escaping. Anivia is slow. We know. So the reason these exact runes were picked is for her speed, especially when you are halfway across the map. Using predator boots, you can significantly fly half the map (From spawn) with it. Getting away as said. WALL AND Q. Those are your best allies with anivia. R will poof away if your trying to escape. Use ultimate if your cornered.

Team Balance. Anivia is a severe early game as support, though, she can retain this momentum, if she can buy ring and boots before the 10th min, Set up at 15, Necessary at 23. Add those last 2 whenever you can but as soon as possible. Remember though. Anivia is AP. So focus on the AP items. AP means ability power for the newbies I teach.
About Me - Why I play Suppnivia. Back to Top
OH! You want to know me, well um, my name is OhItsCredit. I am a NA1 and OCE player, Im not really a master yet, but i can play, exceptionally well. Why i chose to make a suppnivia guide for beginners is because Anivia in my eyes isn't well a great person in mid, I feel she is more a supporter or a Jungler. Plus she can be a escape artist. Yes and I mean it! Though my mastery with her is level 4. Believe it or not she's my first champion I really played (Ignoring the tutorial), Im a support player usually and someone showed me this, Since she doesn't get banned, I chose to go off meta and make my mark as this ice cold avian, I have been successful quite a lot with this character. I made this guide for any newbies who seek a challenge, or any exalted players who wish to change things up. Or anywhere in between, I am a level 29 summoner on my NA, but i have absorbed a lot of information from the game and now here i am. A noob making a suppnivia guide. How fun. Though i was introduced to the concept by Viktor. One of my friends in discord.
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