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Fiora Build Guide by Tcr18

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tcr18


Tcr18 Last updated on May 27, 2012
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Balanced/AD Heavy/AP Heavy/AS

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello and welcome to my Fiora build, the duelist.

Fiora is an AD carry with some quite unique abilities. She is roughly played like Master Yi but, with less aim for attack speed and more aim for crit and damage. She has a good chase, a good sustain, and a epic damage output. Throughout my build I will describe the ways that she can and cannot be played.

--Guide will be updated regularly and suggested changes will be honored--

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-=Pros / Cons=-


-Very high damage output
-Fun to play
-Easy to master
-Great in team fights
-Excellent jungler


-Very Squishy
-Teamate dependant
-Item dependant
-Can be focus'd very well

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-=Masteries in Description=-

Out of all builds I tried, this offensive tree gave me the best overall damage. I do not tend to see the lifesteal talent worth grabbing since blood thirster comes so early in game.



in the offensive tree



in the defense tree.

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The rune setup I use is:

Greater Mark of Desolation
To be able deal full damage avoiding champions basic armor.
Greater Seal of Armor
To give you good early game damage reduction against physical damage.
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
To give you good early game damage reduction against magic damage.
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
For good early game damage.
Greater Quintessence of Desolation
For more armor avoidance, good against tanky champions.

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-=Summoner Spells=-

Summoner Spells that should be considered are:


This spell is everything you need: A getaway, a chase, or an initiate.


Spell that helps out majorly early game, but late game with Frozen Mallet exhaust becomes nothing but a damage reduction.


A spell used to pick off champions running away with no health or have a annoying heal Dr.Mundo, Volibear,etc


Good for clearing up those pesky slows, Dots, and other CCs.


An excellent chase.


Can't go wrong with heal. Will be called a noob for such a summoner spell, but hey it wins team fights right?

Spells not to pick:

Anything that is not listed above.


is a good spell but not better than the above listed.

Surge IS NOT PRO!!!!

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-=Fiora's Skills w/Description=-


Duelist- on each auto attack on a champion she can regen health, this stacks up to 4 times. If auto attack is on a minion this ability only stacks once.

When facing Fiora: Try to stop her from keeping her stacks too high on this early game. The regen is considerably high for early game.


Lunge- This ability cause Fiora to lunge at her selected target inflicting attack damage. This skill can be used a second time before going on cooldown. Try timing charges to either jump to target to target in order to catch lower health champions or initiate the same target twice to deal more damage.

When facing Fiora: Always consider she has this spell up, if you see her use it try to time the cooldown just in case you initiate on her and you need to get away.


Riposte- This ability is Fiora's sustain. This causes the next enemies attack to be parried and inflict magical damage to the target. Use this wisely timing it with heavy damaging attacks or attacks that benefit the enemy greatly.

When facing Fiora: If you see her proc this spell, attempt to keep distance that way you do not waste an attack/spell and take damage. The spell appears as a large blueish-white shield in front of her.


Burst of Speed- This ability grants Fiora a large amount of attack speed for 3 seconds and with each auto attack during the ability increases her movement speed. This cooldown will reset on a champion kill!!!

When facing Fiora: Keeping distance when she uses this spell will cause her to not gain anything from using it and will be easier to down her when it fades. If she has this up she will be a large threat.


Blade Waltz- This ability causes Fiora to damage multiple targets or deal multiple hits to one target. Damage to the same target causes your ult to do 25% total damage!!! Consider dealing damage to multiple targets is what you want to use your ultimate in a team fight. Be sure you be wary of where and when you use your ult. Your ult will put you on the champion you targeted and where this champion runs to will be your destination. THIS CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS!!!

When facing Fiora: When she uses this try to run back towards something dangerous (Turret, Dragon, or teammates with full health) this can lead to her very death and a clearing of their team. She will most likely pop this cooldown if: you or any teammate are low on health, more than one of your teammates are below half health and she has a teammate/s present.


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-=Skill Order and Sequence=-

My skill sequence starts off with Riposte, Riposte will help with initiating and coming out on top with a parry and decent damage output. then by maxing Burst of Speed or Riposte that all depends on if you want to go for attack speed or lower cooldown/damage on you parry. Finish off by maxing Lunge last. Obviously grab Blade Waltz at lvls 6, 11, 16. ITS YOUR ULTIMATE and an EPIC one.

Maxing order is: Burst of Speed, Riposte, and finally Lunge.

The order in which to use your skills

Start with Burst of Speed, using Riposte when you can either predict a heavy inflicting attack, you are being focus'd or taking severe damage. Using your Lunge to keep up with your target until you have Frozen Mallet. You can also use Lunge to deal damage but, try to do this if you know this will get you a kill! You can throw your ultimate in to evade damage from enemy champions or spread damage across multiple champs.

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-=Items For All Situations=-

I chose to start off with a

Doran's Blade

but, a good alternative is

Boots of Speed


Health Potion


Vampiric Scepter

Items that should be grabbed in a even fight:

- Mercury's TreadsFor magic resist and CC reduction.

- The Bloodthirster]Pushing this item early in the game helps boost your damage and have better lane/team fight sustain.

- Infinity EdgeThis item speaks for itself, 250% crit damage, 80 attack damage, and 25% critical strike chance. Great for on hit and Fiora's ultimate.

- Phantom DancerGrabbing this item puts you close to attack speed cap with Burst of Speedmaxed out and the crit scales greatly with Infinity Edge

- Frozen MalletThis item will help chasing even more, help you sustain better, and adds little damage.

- Atma's ImpalerThis item will work well with Frozen Malletgiving you a good attack damage boost and we cannot forget about the crit and armor. This item should put you at 73% crit. You will be critting 3/4ths of the time.

Items to grab when against AD heavy teams:

- Ninja Tabi can replace Mercury's Treads

- Thornmail can replace Atma's Impaler.(Only if needed)

Items to grab when against AP heavy teams:

- Banshee's Veil can replace Atma's Impaler

Items that can be considered:

- The Black Cleaver can replace Phantom Dancer for a bit of armor penn when it comes to more tanky champions but you sacrifice crit and attack speed)more suitable choice than Last Whisper to me.

- Madred's Bloodrazor can be put in place of Infinity Edge if you have The Black Cleaver for Phantom Dancer. Best for doing more damage and not intending to crit. Best against high Health champions. Very reliable item combo for Fiora.

- Wriggle's Lantern is a VERY GOOD item to purchase early game. If you need the early game armor, damage, and lifesteal instead of rushing a bloodthirster it is viable. Situations I personally have used wriggle's for is: early game dragon and faster jungle or minion kills.

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-=Team Work, What and What Not to Do.=-

Fiora in a team fight would be like any other AD carry with a little jazz thrown in.

During a teamfight try to initiate when at least one other healthy teamate is present(Of course). Deal your base damage by bobbing in and out of combat for a quick strike. Only use your Burst of Speed for a turret push or a champion kill. When a enemy champion attempts to attack you, always resort to your Riposte. NEVER LEAVE YOURSELF OPEN and VULNERABLE! Time your Lunge to chase an enemy, initiate a teamfight, get out of a teamfight, or if you know for sure you don't need it for any of the other reasons, use it to deal maximum damage! Using your ultimate in a team fight can easily turn the tables if planned appropriately. Simply initiating with your ultimate will possibly get you killed thus leading to a loss in a teamfight without you present. So always be wary!!!

When jungling as fiora always initiate a jungle node with your Riposte up! This will initiate your fight without you taking no damage, your CD coming back sooner, and a good initial damage. Use your Burst of Speed afterward to kill each node at the fastest pace, but be wary that this wastes your mana for Riposte!!!!

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I Built this guide using nothing but quick chapters, general champion testing, and time.

Thank you for reading my guide and leave suggestions please!!